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Virgin Double Status Credit Promotion (Public Offer) | Book before November 24th for Travel until October 13th, 2020


Targeted offer, but seems pretty widespread in frequent flyer circles.

Great for families that only travel a couple times a year but want to maintain status with Virgin for Domestic lounge access.

  • Activate offer in app or online )Any velocity number can be added to the link below to sign up):


  • Book flight this week before 24/11/19
  • Flights qualify if flown between today and 13/10/2020

Further T&C:
To be eligible for the Double Status Credits promotion you must (1) Activate this offer through the activation link contained in this email or via www.velocityfrequentflyer.com within a members dashboard under ‘Activated Offers’ between 12.01am AEST 18 November 2019 and 11.59pm 24 November 2019 inclusive (Promotion Period); (2) after offer activation, book and ticket an Eligible Flight during the Promotion Period and enter a valid Velocity membership number at the time of booking; and (3) complete travel on an Eligible Flight.

An Eligible Flight is any Virgin Australia marketed and operated flight and fare class for travel between 18 November 2019 and 13 October 2020 (inclusive) that normally earns Status Credits. See here for further details. Changes to existing bookings made prior to the Promotion Period are not eligible for this offer. Status Credits cannot be earned on Velocity Reward Seat bookings.

Bonus Status Credits will be applied to the originally purchased fare class and any upgrades will not attract bonus Status Credits. Eligible Flights that satisfy the above eligibility criteria are eligible to earn 100% more Status Credits than the Status Credits that would normally be earned for that flight and fare class. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Where multiple guests are listed on the same booking, only those guests who satisfy the above eligibility criteria are eligible for this offer. You should allow up to 4 weeks after satisfying the above eligibility criteria for the bonus Status Credits to be allocated.

To earn and redeem Velocity Points you must be a Velocity member. Velocity membership and Status Credit earn are subject to the Member Terms and Conditions, as amended from time to time.

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  • +3 votes

    Point 2 - Before 24/8/19? Might be a bit tricky


    Just wondering does the flight have to be booked directly on the VA site to qualify?

    • +2 votes

      No, just need to use your velocity number at time of booking.


        Cool thanks for that, just worried about booking it through third parties and they forget to enter the number at the time so would those flights qualify



      No promises can be made on this one. Unless we can get evidence from someone who has done it.


      I have done on my account.

      Simply log in to your Velocity account and scroll down to "Offers".

      If it is there, click Activate.



      For Qantas offer back then, I can confirm that Qantas double status credit worked on my bookings made on Amex Travel

      Haven't tried for VA flights - will be good to know


        I booked overseas travel last year during the same promotion through Flight centre and earned double credit for travel in September this year.Hope this helps .You just need to ensure that the offer is listed and activated before you book the travel in your velocity account

  • +2 votes

    This article says that it is a public offering:



    It's a public offer, not targeted like the Qantas ones.


      Awesome. My family member that didn’t have the link could sign up via the link I’ve posted above.

      Updated the title


    I'm well on track to retain platinum so doesn't help me much. Though I have asked work to book any upcoming flights before 24/11.
    I'm more interested in Qantas double credit status promotions, I see from comments above that they are targetted.
    Anyone have more info?


      It is not targeted, just activate the offer via the link, you'll see its active then for your Velocity account.


    I read "book and ticket an eligible flight", does it mean you get double status credit on just one flight out of your booking or all the flights on that booking could earn double status credit (as it normally is); also can you book multiple trips? ie: not confined to only one booking per offer period per account? I just don't seem to see any clauses there.


      I believe that any eligible flight you book during the promotion should earn double status credits.


      Any flight with a VA number is eligible within the applicable dates ("Travel between 18 November 2019 and 13 October 2020.")
      There really are no catches. Just read the terms, they aren't long ;)


    Can you book a flight through a travel agent or must it be on their site?


    I'm looking for 100 status credit points to get to Gold and want to take advantage of this offer.
    To achieve this, I think booking a return freedom ticket is the best way to go.
    Is the Melb-Adl return weekend day trip the tightArsiest ozbargainiest option at $700ish

    • +2 votes

      Do you live in Melbourne or Adelaide? If in Melbourne there are far cheaper ways to get 100 points.
      Eg Business Saver (business class) to Mildura is $299 one way = 100 status points. Then fly back on a getaway for another 14 status credits. Done.
      Just an option ;)

      • +3 votes

        Live in Melb.
        Didn't know there were flights to Mildura - ozbargain is an amazing source of wisdom and knowledge.
        Thanks simmomelb. And still have a balance of $100 Amex travel credit with this option.

        • +3 votes

          Bonus :)
          If you want to fly up and back on the same plane, immediately afterwards (instead of staying) just book 2 one way flights (2 transactions), as it won't let you book the return on the same plane in a single transaction, as the flight times are so close (The same plane will fly back to Melbourne about 45 minutes later).

          Don't forget to go via Cash Rewards for a little bonus, as small as it is :)

  • -1 vote

    Status newbie.

    I've been trying to build my points etc but have no major trips planned (already booked with other airlines not linked to Velocity), only a few domestic trips here and there.

    When would it be 'worth' doing a status run? I have no status btw.

    Only worth it if you're a frequent flyer or have a big trip? Halp…!!

    • +1 vote

      Going for status only makes sense if you fly regularly with the same airline or their partners.
      No point having Gold or Platinum status if you never use it.


        Yeah that was my thinking too

        I guess the better question would be - if i start flying with Virgin and their partners and slowly try to build up on it - still probably not achievable for a not-so-frequent flyer?

        Unless I do a status run flight lol


    Hi, anyone with suggestions for business status run from Adelaide? Cheers.


    Nice, have booked all of my business travel through until June. Double status credits might mean I make it to Platinum.

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