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50% off New PO Box Leases Small $38.13, Medium $51.67, Large $76.46 @ Australia Post


Another day, another round of AusPost running a 50% off leasing a new PO BOX in participating locations.

Please note you're paying to lease the PO BOX for 5 months (between 18th to 30th November 2019 - 31st March 2020)

PO Boxes subject to availability at participating outlets

Establishment fees included

Please note that there's a $30 cancellation fee if you wish to cancel the lease.

Usual price Special offer price
Small $76.25 $38.13
Medium $103.33 $51.67
A4 $130.83 $65.42
Large $152.92 $76.46

Why use a PO Box
Store your parcels securely for 30 days
Collect your parcels whenever it suits you
Choose to be notified by email whenever there’s an item in your PO Box
Keep your home address and online shopping deliveries private
Get free 6-month mail redirection when you apply for your first PO Box lease

Bonus FREE 6-month mail redirection
First time leasing a PO Box? Simply lodge a mail redirection application in-store when you collect your PO Box Keys and receive 6 months mail redirection on us.

Free 6-month mail redirection for new leases from your street address to your new PO Box (not from one PO Box to another PO Box). Lodge your mail redirection application in store when you collect your new PO Box keys.

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  • +4 votes

    These are much better than POO Box. Those just stink.

    • +1 vote

      Haha 10/10


      Serious question, may I know what are the other options? Cheers :)

      • +2 votes

        If you are after an address to send parcels to, you can use the free parcel collect service.


      • +1 vote

        None, your letterbox.
        Main point of a non business PO box is security from mail theft.

        For packages you can use Parcel Collect, or Locker if nearby. But when packages are small (eg if you buy one USB drive) they will usually redirect them to letterbox instead.

        Sometimes you get the epic runaround where a ParcelCollect is sent to letterbox, which then cards it and takes it back to a post office for collection, but that post office has 10am to 3pm hours which nobody who works can possibly get to, which was the whole reason you sent it to the Parcel Collect near work to start with.

  • +3 votes

    So the price is reduced by 50% but I only get 5/12 months. That means I am actually paying more than getting a full year.

    There’s also a establishment fee of $20 (included) and a cancellation fee of $30.

    • +1 vote

      The usual price in the table isn't the usual price for 12 months. It's the usual 5 months pro-rata price


    Can i renew my existing at a reduced rate?


    Do they accept service of documents/goods?


    Shouldn't this service provided free? Since we are reducing their manual delivery workload.


      It is, parcel lockers are free and save them delivering larger things. Letters are relatively cheap to deliver compared to a parcel


      A PO box is still a fairly expensive locker door and limited space on the wall.
      Putting the letter into the locker (usually from the open back, but not always) still takes almost as long as street postie who rides past your letterbox regardless.

      For Parcel Collect it is saving them money, since postie bike can't carry hundreds of parcels, the driver has to stop and walk to door and most delivery attempts have nobody home so it was wasted effort.


        You forgot about all the allowances that posties get. They get allowances you wouldn't even dream of.



      But won't happen.

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