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Large Value Range Pizzas $3.95 @ Domino's


Seems like this offer has been moved now to 30/11 only.

Greetings everyone, Domino's are offering Large Value Range Pizzas for $3.95 until on 30/11 :)

Just click through to the linked page, and press "Order Online Now" and the offer will be automatically applied to your cart.

Not valid with any other coupon or offer. Valid until 30/11/2019. 10% surcharge applies on Sundays.15% surcharge applies on public holidays. Valid at selected stores and online orders only. Minimum delivery order $22.

As always, enjoy!

Mod: Alternate codes - 414835, 915716, 806922

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  • yosh! dayum right traditional is the best deal for tonight

  • You surely mean their "small" value range pizza?

    • I didn't have Domino's in a few years and couldn't resist $3 for a value pepperoni pizza the other week. Thinking I was about to exploit a store, it was much smaller than I anticipated and is apparently now smaller than a US Domino's "small", which is apparently 10 in. I didn't measure my pizza but I've seen reports elsewhere that they received a 22 cm pizza (less than 9 in). And of course the toppings were sparse.

      The junkfood benchmark is now the McDonalds $1 hamburger and I think 3.95 x hamburgers would still provide more carbs and carion for my moneys.

      • Read it as carion for my monkeys!

      • They made their large "small", then a little while later introduced the "extra large" aka large for 3 dollars more.

        • -11 votes

          WHY BUY MACCA's?!?

          The last MACCA I visited
          (in 2019) was Cluttered,
          Messy & NOISY

          Then you tell me THAT?

          Subway's look & taste HEALTHY
          Uncluttered, & you can even get
          Fresh NON-WHITE BREAD

          Be a little bit Multi-Cultural…
          or at least Multi-Grainial…
          or was that Multi-Cranial…? ;~)

          As they say: "2 heads are better than 1"

          • @IVI:

            Then you tell me THAT?

            Well if lots of people were at Subway then it would also be cluttered, messy and noisy.

            Taste healthy? So it tastes like crap? Anyway, you don't go to Maccas to get something that tastes healthy.

      • US Dominoes is way more expensive though.

        • Yeah we've always had disproportionately cheap Domino's, especially compared to our income. Same goes for New Zealand.

          However, the gap has closed off considerably if pizza area and equivalent US vouchers (although based on number of toppings) are taken into account. Our large is reportedly more than 4 inches smaller than the US large, making it about 50% of the pizza area, so we're no longer leagues ahead despite the AUD dropping against the USD. Either way I prefer to pay proportionately less for smaller portions so we win anyway.

          When I lived in the UK I initially thought the printed prices were a pricing error. Even with their regular 50% off vouchers I couldn't be bothered when their other junk food is so cheap.

          • @peterpeterpumpkin:

            so we're no longer leagues ahead despite the AUD dropping against the USD

            Why would that have anything to do with making a pizza though?

            • @Diji1: That wasn't in the discussion. I don't even know the source or costs of raw materials in the US vs Australia, let alone labour and rental costs, but I assume the relative profits in Australia would drop even further.

              I assumed he was just comparing in a normalised currency value. So if the AUD currency dropped 15% against the USD in 2 years and the respective prices remained the same then the US Domino's will now be 15% greater (which is why it's so hard to compare international prices these days since we normally see discrete compensatory price rises or product shrinkage in packaged goods, as opposed to fuel and fruit).

          • @peterpeterpumpkin: Most deals in the US are only for 1-2 topping pizzas.

      • Dollar hamburgers are over now aren't they?

    • Like eveything else size gets smaller every 6 months.

      The govt doesnt pick this up in their inflation index.

  • normally 5 dollars and now it is 4 dollars, people get crazy. unbelievable.

  • +9 votes

    Buying 4 of these pizzas is worse value then buying 1 good $15-$20 pizza.

  • Beef and Onion not too bad at all. Thanks OP.

  • Wow, my locals are actually offering traditional range for 5 bucks. That's better value than the 'value range' imo.

  • That metallic aftertaste of Domino's pizzas is unbearable. I used to make the mistake of buying Domino's every 5-6 months only to be reminded of how awful they taste 10-15 minutes after I've had them. Never again Dominos.

    • Literally me every time. I’m always reeled in by their low prices and every time I buy it, just tastes so gross. All the pizzas have this weird taste to it that’s just disgusting.

  • This voucher cannot be used this time of day. Wtf? Anyone else getting this?

    • Yup, very annoying

    • What time/date are you trying to book for? And did you click through the "Order Online Now" link rather than manually inputting the code?

      • Trying to order now and tried going through order online as you suggested. Tried entering code into app and also tried in website. Bugger…. Oh well

        • Ahh just tried a bunch of different variations and seems like they've just moved the offer until 30/11 only.. Will update.

  • Got it to work. Closed dominos offers app. Restarted phone then ordered through dominos offers app again and it automatically accepted without code. Thanks OP…. You bloody legend 😉
    And thanks doweyy for helping!

  • When I think of these deals I go back to that reddit post in Australia of a dominoes worker getting paid 7 dollars an hour cash in hand..surely head office knows of these exploits but turn a blind eye which force franchises to go that route

    • safer than working at 7/11 for low wages , who would try to steal,pizzas at knife point, but then they are ready in 10 minutes and would take longer then 10 minutes for police to get there so thief can’t still get away.
      “ stay stole all our dough”

    • I'm not sure why you are acting surprised, the largest businesses routinely rip off their workers and this has been the case for decades.

      This happened because the moronic Australian population voted to remove unions so that they have much less power compared to their employer. The idiots believed a fairy tale about them being better off because they had less power.

  • App won't load order details

  • Haven't had dominoes since they sneakily downsize the size of the pizza to a kid size. Even Costco pizza taste miles better. Don meij seems to be disposing his shares nowadays, who knows what's happening. Pity the franchise owners; half a million dollars franchise and the only innovative thing don can come up with is a race to the bottom for the cheapest shitty pizza title

  • How on earth can you make money selling 3.95 per pizza?

    • With the extras like $3.95 garlic bread that probably costs 50 cents to make.

    • The deal only applies to "value range" pizzas, which are normally around $5, so it's not really that much difference.

      • Thats right, I bought this a couple of hours ago and was thinking, this is not that great a deal at a $1 saving. Some of the other deals in the offers app look good. Like 2 traditional pizzas and 2 Thick Shakes $24 pick up. Or Large Traditional Pizzas $8 pick up. or 1 Traditional Pizza, Garlic Bread and 1.25L drink for $11 Pickup. + another one.

    • The only way is to use the cheapest possible ingredients, with the cheapest possible salaries for those making the pizzas. Plus industrial scale production of bases, toppings. Toppings made of masses of processed whatever mixed with filler and salt to make it taste like something.

      I eat this type of pizza from our local joint from time to time, with those rectangular sticks of 'ham'. But much prefer the local Italian restaurant that does real ingredients with quality cheese and tomato sauce.

  • Large Value range promo but exclude the following below.. So what is the promo 🤔

    Excludes Value Range & New Yorker Range.

  • Isnt this amazing?

    This post has more +ve votes then the other post https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/494318 which has a deal every day this month including a $3.95 value pizza.

    • Because originally this deal offered $3.95 value range pizzas for 12 straight days.

      The Daily app deals are fairly ordinary apart from maybe 2 or 3 days.

  • Back to not working again haha

  • I wonder how much more is missing from these pizzas ????

    Maybe just base and the pizza sauce to call it Napolitana

  • 56221 is my locals one (Woodford). It's running from 12.30pm to 9pm.

  • My local opens at 11.30am today. I opened the online-ordering page this morning, chose pick-up time for 12:00pm, entered the code, then chose four pizzas. It worked, I got 4 for $3.95 each, ordered before they are even open.

  • Could someone upload a photo of the pizza they got for $3.95?

  • Do pizzas in Australia have way less cheese compared to pizzas in US? Last time I got a dominos barely had a few grams of cheese on it! Like barely to even call it a pizza. Is this normal?

  • Can't make modifications yet but my code is:


  • Oakleigh is 507 957

  • Dinner sorted thanks!

  • Just $1 saved??

  • Dinner sorted guys

  • Adding bacon $2 and mayonnaise $1 to a beef and onion is very close to a double bacon cheeseburger pizza.
    (Although I skip the mayonnaise).

  • Thanks op, shame you can't stack with $7.95 premium range code- 2 separate orders it is ;)

  • Used to love Domino Pizza but lately the dough taste like cardboard paper. Not buying anything Domino for a while.

  • ordered 2 pizzas, barely any toppings…dodgy dominos pizzas. Better off going to my local

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