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Samsung 82" SERIES 8 UA82RU8000 4K UHD TV $2680 + Delivery @ Appliance Central eBay


Cheapest price till date. (as far as I could find).

Refresh Rate 200Hz

Energy Rating 4.5 Stars
Energy Consumption 773 kWh

Manufacturer Warranty (Years) 1 year


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    hope my 70incher stops working.

    • +12

      For a second I read "7 incher"

      • -17

        Username checked out

  • good for pick up, but shipping (melb) at $190 higher than usual

    • +3

      How you going to pick this up, it's the size of a small house :)

  • Significant difference between this and Q90R 72" (or is it 75"?) to justify price difference?

    • +1

      Q90R would be significantly superior to this.

  • whats the weight? would something like this be wall mountable or table preferable?

    • Net Weight without Stand:
      46.8 kg

    • I have seen wall mounts that can handle up to 90" at JB Hi-Fi. Obviously on brick.

      • +2

        Supposedly these things will hold up to 60kg on plaster https://www.gripitfixings.com.au/

        • +1

          I've used similar and the long term results are bad. Temperature and humidity changes result in the plaster popping out around the screw. It doesn't burst, it just kinda swells under the weight. Eventually it won't go well for the section of plaster that bears the weight - it's not a structural material.
          Lower cost and fewer worries if you just find the stud under the plaster and hang anything from the stud.

  • +5

    In my price range in 2 years baby!

  • Energy Consumption
    773 kWh

    • +11

      Is that good or bad lol..

      • The figure is how much electricity will TV use over the year with normal use. 1 kWh in Australia costs 20-30 cents.

        • $144 per hour? that is crazy!

          • +2

            @hishaken: not sure if that was a joke, but the energy rating is an estimation over a year.

          • @hishaken: nah just means the TV will use 773 kWh "kilowatt hours" per YEAR with normal use.

            • @freo: Not normal use. If that's the number taken off the star rating sticker, it's based on 10 hours of viewing a day. Hardly normal.

    • It's like the old days of the plasma…

    • jesus christ

    • Wow more than double energy consumption of a 75"

  • Damn that's big.

    • +12

      That’s what she said.

      Unoriginal but timeless.

      • aaarrrghh I wanted to say that haha

      • Damn that's too big!…maybe she said that!

      • And then you woke up from your dream. ;)

  • Bigger is better apparently

    • +2

      Depends how you use it.

    • +6

      That's what my wife tells me :(

    • +2

      After using a projector as a daily for 4 years…I can confirm this is true 😆

      • How? and when I wanna watch free tv ?

        • Are you suggesting you can't watch FTA on a projector? If so… You can with a set top box.

          • -1

            @hypie: Not sure but I want to watch FTA on ceiling in my room on projector..
            Don't think my room has the Antenna hole either? Any cheapish solution?

            • @capslock janitor: Buy this 82inch TV and hang it on your roof, right above your head where you sleep.

              What could go wrong.

  • Dam, screen goes this big now eh.

  • just 1 year warranty really?

    • +1

      You're covered for at least 5 years under ACL ;)

      • +2

        yeah though it's annoying going through that pathway..i mean even laptops have 2 years warranty, cars 7 years, why the heck are they holding out on tv

        • -1

          How does cars have 7 year warranty works? VW only offer 3 years warranty?

          • +3

            @Aerith-Waifu: Some car manufacturers do 7 year warranties. Our Honda is 7 years and a quick search shows that Kia and Hyundai do it as well amongst others too. Sometimes it's only for certain models and sometimes it's offered as a free bonus incentive along with 7 year roadside assist.

            • @particle: Guess my question is how hard is it for the ACL to enforce the warranty on cars? Say a $50k car having problem just after 5 years?

          • +2

            @Aerith-Waifu: VW (along with all top 10 car sellers) offer 5 years across the range with the exception of Kia with 7. Most companies made the change in 2018 following the ACCC crackdown on vehicle manufacturers breaching consumer rights.

            • +4

              @Viper8: the whole point im making is that we've evolved from the 90s, from giving out 0or 1 year warranties. it's just a pure insult to customers to give only 1 year for items that are >$2000.

              Yes there's ACL, but what about common decency and respect

              • @funnysht: Back in the 90's tv's had this thing called decent profit margins, so the makers could easily cover the cost to replace/repair them. Now those margins are thinner than Trumps golden locks each claim is a real expense to them.

          • @Aerith-Waifu: Since Jan 1 2019 VW is offering 5 years unlimited KM warranty.

            • @carlJack: Based on my experience. Don't expect them to honour it without trying to sneak a few dollars out of you "Labour costs".

        • But in NSW high rise apartments only have 2 years now.

      • +1

        how do you claim warranty under ACL? Do you go to Samsung or to the online seller?

        • Technically your contract is with the retailer. But I always go through the manufacturer first. Easier to deal with.

    • +1

      Samsung are not too bad when it comes to getting stuff fixed outside of warranty. I have had my 65” series 8 for about 7 years now. 3 years in the screen kept failing (lines down it and all sorts) - Samsung have fixed it under warranty 3 times with not much fuss. Been going strong the last 4 years.

      Secretly hoping it dies in the ass soon because of this deal.

  • +2

    Sometimes quality is more important than size.
    This one is big, but has quite low brightness therefore its HDR underperforms heavily.
    I guess for those who only want the size the quality won’t matter much - at this price still a lot of value.

    • I have stood in front of the 8000 82" right beside the Q60R 82" and the difference is there, but it is not massive. Yes the jump to higher end units (eg the Q90R) becomes more obvious, but you are talking 2-3x the price. Remember highly rated OLED screens from 2-3 years back were less bright than the 8000 82" (but with far better blacks). In a darker room the 8000 should be fine for brightness.

      But at the same time the difference between a 82" TV and a 65" TV is obvious to everyone :-)

      • 2016 OLEDs could hit 650nits which is a lot brighter than the RU8000 and Q60R (which is also too dim to have a passable HDR presentation).

        • +1

          The RU8000 does not have great peak brightness when presenting some HDR content, I will give you that, but it holds up well in normal SDR viewing that most people watch most of the time. It actually has a higher brightness in SDR than last years LG OLEDs, and in some instances (large % of the image bright) it outperforms the OLED in HDR content as well.

          Samsung RU8000
          SDR Real Scene Peak Brightness : 347 cd/m²

          LG C8 OLED
          SDR Real Scene Peak Brightness : 318 cd/m²


          Not saying you are wrong, you want brighter highlights than the RU8000 offers if you want excellent HDR performance, but most people won't notice. You are up for a lot more money to get a significantly brighter OLED where 90% of viewers won't notice the difference, where 100% of people will be able to see the difference between a 55/65" screen and a 82" screen.

          • @dtpearson: Perhaps it's not quite fair to compare with LG's OLED… C9 has 780 nits and HDMI 2.1 with Dolby Vision. A very future proof model.

            Besides, we shouldn't compare LCD/QLED with OLED anyway. The quality is night and day (OLED C9 beats any other panel).
            I think there're only two real benefits of LCD/QLED vs LG's OLED panels 1) very bright rooms will benefit from backlight available in LCD/QLED 2) top models from Samsung have anti-reflective coating that is quite good and LG/Sony's OLED TV's don't have it.

            I think it is only fair to compare RU8000 with top-of-the-line models from Samsungs - OLED C9 is in totally different league.

    • Truth. I was recently looking at small bedroom TVs under $600. Could’ve got a 42” 4K for $450 but only 50hz refresh and dual core. I ended up buying a Samsung 32” for $499 and I reckon the picture will stay better for far longer

  • I have a 2014 Samsung 48" TV still going strong but been thinking of upgrading to 65" (wall mount). I don't want to spend more than $1500 and mainly for watching Netflix and Kodi. I'm so confused with all these new TVs: UHD, OLED, QLED. Can anyone recommend what type I should look for? Hoping Black Friday sales will have some good deals.

    • +1

      You can forget OLED if your looking under $1500 for a 65"

    • If you pay peanuts…

  • everyone with a projector sees 82" and laughs

    !remindme 200"

    • +19

      And then someone turns on the lights :-(

      • If it's a dedicated theatre room, there's less reason to turn on the lights as you're in there to watch a movie or gaming etc.. if it's in the lounge, then an 82" would definitely be a better option. I've got a 120" screen with projector, and a 55" next to it.. We use the 55" for daily watching, and the 120" comes out for night movies mainly (don't have the luxury of a dedicated home theatre room.. yet!) 200" sounds amazing, though!

  • Thought 55 inch was enough for ppl?

    • For "ppl" who sit two metres away from their TV, sure.

      However most people sit around 3.5-4m away for which this size TV is perfect for.

  • +2

    I have this TV and it's superb. When you see people write 'it isn't as good as the blah, blah (at three times the price)' just ignore. I watch Amazon Prine, Netflix, 4K DVDs, and X-Box One X all at the highest settings and the picture is excellent, really bloody good.

    At absolute steal at this price.

    • and here I am looking for a cheap TV with DVD player on Gumtree

  • Nothing to comment on the TV really. Just here for the 'sexual in nature taken out of context jokes' comments. :Popcorn:

  • I wish I had the space for this. I think I could barely fit a 65"

    • +1

      are you telling me your wall is smaller than 65 inches? jks

  • Hmm Interesting offer

  • so nice want one but dont think i need one

  • Hang out for the 85"

  • Good seller

  • +1

    Aside from size, does anyone have an opinion on this vs the 86" LG?

  • Damn it, i really want this TV but the powers that be are only allowing 75" max :(

    • quote the size in mm and confuse them with a conversion factor

  • Just tried this - discount code wasn't accepted. it says "this code cannot be applied to your order"

    Anyone know why?

    • +1

      works for me. i just tested

      • hmmmm - strange. did you have it set up to pay via pay pal? It does say there are t&c's but I don't even know where to find them.

        • nah. I just clicked Buy It Now - then at the checkout screen… under: Gift cards, vouchers, coupons
          I just typed PLOTS20 - Hit apply - then the price changed.

  • Insurance confirmed they will replace my TV with a Hisense 65R7 or I can get a payout of $1050. Currently the TV is advertised for about $1400 (It was on special for $1100 2 days ago.) What do you guys think.. Take the cash and hope I can get something better for like $200 more or at least the same TV for the same price.. Or just get the replacement tv.

    • Get the 65R7 from this seller with the same code for Around $950 and save $100!!!

      Or add $300 more and get 65R8!!!

      Take the money!!

      • I don't have an actual quote so I can't go somewhere and try to price match :) and the 65R7 is now around $1400 at all the places :(

        The 65R8 is going for $2000. I would gladly add $300 for the R8 :)

  • +1

    If you spend $2680 on a TV it ought to last more than 1 year.
    If you buy this in Australia you will have more than the 1 year manufacturers warrantee.

    • well it would be nice for samsung to increase the warranty to 2-3years…to show that they believe in their product.

      • if everyone else did it they would.

  • With these eBay deals on large Tv's, if it's delivered from another state and you find its faulty or damaged, would it be covered?

    I'm scared to buy this expensive stuff online if it's from another state for this reason, but maybe I shouldn't be?

    Anyone had a bad experience with something like this?

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