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$30 eBay Gift Card for Renewing eBay Plus Membership @ eBay


I recently went to cancel my Ebay Plus trial membership, Selecting too expensive as a reason. When I did it prompted this offer to give $30 gift card. With Ebay Plus being $49 per year this would bring it to $19 for the year. Also if you connect your flybuys account you can get double points.

P.S this is my first post, any mistakes or if this is not relevant please let me know to fix it up.

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    Pretty clear post. Good work!

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    Thanks alot!

  • What's the expiry date on the gift card? or none?

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      3 years from the date of issue

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      Thats if they issue you the gift card. I signed up to the $50 gift card offer, and 10business days later, still haven't received it.
      Contacted them multiple times, keep giving the following excuses:
      1. gift card team is busy, you are on the list
      2. We will escalate it, please wait another few more days,

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        Did you check your Ebay Messages (after you logged into your account?).
        There should be a message from them with the heading:

        From Subject
        eBay Don't Forget: Your $50 Digital Gift Card is here 😍 🎁

        You won't actual receive a personalised email from them.

      • I had the same, lots of excuses. In the end they gave me a discount code which amounted to the same thing but it took weeks.

        Anyone applying for this, make sure you screenshot everything.

        • Note that a discount code isn't as good as a giftcard as discounts don't stack.
          eBay did the same to me previously and took ages to use it as I almost always use a discount code when purchasing. lol.

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    Cool. Got it too.

    I think its worth mentioning that when you click to cancel, a new window pops up and you have to click cancel until the 2nd of 3 steps. Then it will offer you a $30 gift card (which expires in 3 years).

    • oh right, good point thanks for the update :)

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      Because you still pay them $49 and they have nice numbers to the shareholders.

      We have over a million subscribers and annual gain is 50 million from subscription alone!

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      how is it cheaper for them? It's better for ebay this way since you're forced to use that $30 on ebay while they take the full $49 instead of them only taking $19

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      It wouldn't be cheaper for them, since you will now have to spend that $30 with them, therefore they will get a % of that $30 that they give you.

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        sorry i take it back, didn't realise it was an ebay gift card,
        for some reason I thought it was a visa gift card or something..

      • Plus of course many people would use a $30 gift card on a more expensive item = more $

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      1st) you have to spend that $30 with them
      2nd) you will probably buy an item over $30
      3rd) sometimes people think that the $30 is "free" and say oh well this items $50 but im really getting it for $20 forgetting/the $30 they already sunk into it.

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    Be patient, people get 0.99/year, or pay 49 get 50 gift card.

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      Damn it, just accepted the $30…

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      that 49 get 50 gift card deal was for new members only. i checked with ebay chat to avoid the refund sagas.

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        Um, no… feeBay offered me the $50 gift card deal on an account which previously had the free trial. So, it is not limited to new members only.

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          Yes I got this offer too

          • @Mooshygil: I got free membership first time and just activated the $30 gift card too. They both work

        • Same, my account is several years old and I've used the trial and it worked. It also offered it on a newer account that I had used the trial on.

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          Lucky you.. the only feebay+ offer i got (outside the free trial) is always the same: "You don't have any offers now."

        • ok. the offer i was refering to was a advertisement banner in my ebay saying $49 ebay+ and get $50 gift card. i cancelled ebay+ a long time ago and did get a $30 offer to stay at the time. i guess since i rejected them they havent emailed me any ebay+ offer. my comment above was just a heads up in case any previous ebay+ member got the same advertisement on their ebay page. i did say to the ebay+ chat if im not eligible they shouldnt advertise it on my ebay while browsing.

      • I was a lapsed Plus member. I got the deal. Not rare for chat to get their facts wrong unfortunately. There was nothing in the T&Cs excluding people but you had to meet this criterion :
        "Customers who have an eBay account with a registration address in Australia and who have a relevant purchase history are eligible for this promotion."

    • Yes, I paid $0.99 for a year. Have yet to use it.

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        That just means you've missed out on a lot of deals, like all the stuff they had for 99c and free Vegemite

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    I just renewed couple of days ago. Was offered the same deal but was sent a $20 GC instead of $30…

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      Yep, same here! Was offered $30 received $20.

      • Do you plan to write to them?

        • Might wait for the 10 business days to be up then hit them up. I was actually second guessing if i had made the error/misread it but I'm certain they said $30!

        • Hey, just thought i would let you know, i contacted ebay via chat this morning and they said they are aware of the issue and are going to send me another $20 voucher in the next 20-48hrs.

          • @faded: Thanks mate. I contacted them last night via chat and was given a $20 discount code which is valid till 31/12/19.
            I didn't like that as I'm not sure if it can be stacked with other coupons nor if I'd be able to spend it by expiry date…but was assured that I can ask them to extend it incase I am unable to use it.

  • Keep in mind :
    To use this offer, you need to meet the minimum performance standards for sellers. See your Seller Dashboard for more info.
    Selling limits apply.

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    I've got offered this as well when I was on a 30 day trial.. I canceled 5 days before the trial end date. Can anyone confirm that they dont auto renew/add a extra year to your subscription if you accept the giftcard on a trial?

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      That doesn't quite add up. Normally, feeBay offer $20 or $30 gift card to continue feeBay Plus for 1 year if you elected to cancel feeBay Plus membership during the trial period (except if you signed up and cancelled right away, then they tend not to offer you anything).

      So, if you ended up cancelling the trial, you wouldn't get the gift card. If you let it continued, you would get that gift card. Check your PayPal or credit card statement to see if you got charged. Never heard of feeBay giving members on feeBay Plus trial a gift card without extending the membership.

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        That was my experience. I joined a year ago and cancelled the auto renew at the start so it lapsed a month ago.

        Despite spending over $1,000 a month, I was surprised that nothing had hit my inbox incentivizing me with one of the offers I've read about in here. On principle, I'm holding out and spending considerably less until something suitable is offered.

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      To my understanding if you accept the offer you are signing up to a year of eBay plus.

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    People still find value in eBay plus… 🤦‍♂️

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      free delivery is a huge bonus if you purchase a lot through eBay.

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        absolutely. I buy 90% of my items of ebay.

    • There's heaps of value for me on eBay, especially I have an ABN and whatever I purchase with 20% off code, I can claim about 60% of the cost of item (including deduction and GST).

      • What's the 20% off code?

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        Sorry, can you explain how having an ABN allows you to claim 60% of the cost?

        • Possibly the same way tradies, small business people etc claim things they buy for their own use.

        • Probably some business + private use expenses or depreciation for half private use and half business use.

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      I found value in getting it for theoretically free yes :P

    • Why wouldn't they…eBay plus is a great advantage for might pay a bit more for some items but free shipping and free returns is a great.fallback

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    I also got this offer. The on top of it a few weeks after I got a $20 voucher from ebay plus just for being a mad lad ;-)

    ……it was really a bamboozle by eBay as it just made me spend more money

    I thought it might have been due to ebay offering $50 vouchers for new signups but only $30 vouchers for customer retention….maybe…i dont know. Time for pork chops ;-)

  • Good job. It worked.

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    Nothing new they've been using this as last attempt to save you from cancelling for a while. Recently cancelled my trial after signing my wife's account on with a $1 per year deal. Surely there will be another similar deal to sign my account back on in one year time.

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    I cancelled mine because my husband had the $1 offer on his account,even though I initially selected the gift card option to stay. Few days after it expired, I got the $1 offer too.

  • whats good about ebay plus ?

    • +1

      Free delivery on select sellers

      Exclusive promotions

      Easy hassle free returns - Change of mind included

      Main reason I have it is that I buy a lot of electronics from places like Futu, Shopping express, wireless1. They have flat rate shipping of $15 without plus. If I had to pay the shipping fees for these places it would have cost me far more than my plus membership.

      I have also returned a few things because I either decided I didn't need it or I found a better deal elsewhere. Return postage was prepaid by the seller and I just slapped a label on it and got a refund within a few days.

      • Free returns is only for eBay Plus items, and not for everything.
        Unless you return heaps of things….

        Paypal offers: up to $45 per return and 8 returns each year.

    • Free delivery on some items.
      Free returns on items.
      The ability to get $30 when you threaten to leave.

    • I agree. I've been a member for 6 months (got it for $1) and I haven't used it once. Just went in to browse and see if I can find anything worthwhile and even when I do, the price is not even competitive in my opinion.

    • I signed up when they had those hourly deals, those were worth it alone for me as i got a couple of things from it.

  • sweet!

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    Thanks. Got the same offer of $30 GC when I tried to cancel.

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    I cancelled my my ebay plus membership some time ago (after being subscribed for 12 months) and recently was offered a $50 ebay voucher to reactivate.

    Seemed like a no brainer since subscription is $49 even though I'm not a huge fan of ebay plus (amazon prime > ebay plus).

  • Thanks for sharing! Worked a treat

  • Great find! Much appreciated.


  • Does anyone know how long it takes to receive the $30 gift card after they deduct the $49?

    • 10 days

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    Not sure ebayPlus is even worth $19 a year…

    • What do you do with it? I got it for $1 but have never used it.

    • Doesn't suit everyone. Depends entirely on whether their special members offers and free delivery match your purchasing, and whether they actually continue said promos. The $49/$50 GC offer was a no-brainer really.

  • nice!

  • Thanks! I was set to automatically renew from my free trial in the next 5 days anyway. This way I get $30 out of it! :) … Cheers!

  • I never received mine

    • when did you do this? it is issued when payment for the membership is taken.

      • Months ago I registered for the $30 gift card about a week out from my membership renewal. Processed correctly but gift card never issued when the roll-over date happened.

        • that's odd… contact eBay!!!

          • +1

            @wellzi: Yeah I should do… Sounds like quite a few people on here are having issues.

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    Be aware, there was a $50.00 voucher issued for signing up. I and many who signed up, still have not received the vouchers! We are being told with each call, it’s being escalated with the promotions team. He also said sheepishly, many are ringing about the same issue. Yet, still nothing. I joined on the 6th of November. Tomorrow, that’s two weeks ago. Today he told me the promotions team stopped the $50.00 voucher. Now I see why. The customer service team are not Ebay. He basically said he has no control over what the "promotion team" are doing, or, not doing! Please don’t join solely for reasons of the voucher.

    • Yep, agree. Couple of years ago there was an ebay promo - spend $400 or more, get $50 voucher. Never got mine, only numerous reassurances the matter is being taken care of. They're almost as trustworthy as Shopback.

  • Thank you! Got mine!

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    I think the hit and miss between those who get it and those who don’t is even more alarming.

    • +1

      Yeah I never got anything like this :(

    • +4

      Yep. Mine lapsed a month ago and despite having a 500+ rating and spending a thousand a month with ebay previously, I've never been offered a cent to resubscribe.

      My Amazon account has been getting a workout in it's place…

      • The $49 membership with $50 Ebay voucher was open to (pretty much) anyone who saw and clicked the link. Only reqt was Au membership and a purchase history. Some got that offer via email, plenty of us who took it up only became aware of the Ebay banner link due to the good auspices of Ozbargain.

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    If I ‘cancel’ my sucscription now, which is before the expiry, will the membership still continues until it expires ? If it does, will ebay still offer the $30 giftcard and straight away charge me for the following year subscription ?

    • If you cancel now you keep the benefits of ebay plus up to the period you have already paid for. The $30 gift card is offered to you before the final cancellation acceptance step.

  • Nice!

  • Signed up last week - received $50 voucher, email as well about $5 off $50 every month for the next 12've months!
    Good deal.
    Expiry date on $5 off 50
    $50 gift card had 2-year expiry.

  • Can you stack with recent 50 ebay card paying 49\year with this?

  • Thanks Man!

  • cheers i was still on a trial and this worked. ill just 'renew' when i was due to pay anyway and will get the gift card emailed within 10 days. i think $19 for a year isnt too bad all things considered

  • Great work OP

  • What about existing plus subscribers?

    • Yes i got the $30 when i threaten to cancel. This is bad business. Those who are loyal and renew should get it cheaper but not like this at full price.

  • I cancelled mine before the end of trial and now it only gives me $10 discount to renew.

  • +2

    Holy crap it worked. Existing Plus subscriber, still had 5 months left on subscription. Right at the last stage it came up with the offer, I accepted, and then this

    Well lawdy, a free $30 is a great bargain for an idle threat. Thanks OP!

    EDIT: Should add, the T&Cs show the $30 will apply on renewal, not immediately. That means I likely won't get it until April, but hey.. it's still money:

    The $30 eBay Digital Gift Card will be sent to your registered email address on your eBay account within 10 days of payment of the annual Plus membership fee

    eBay Plus members can only redeem this Promotion one (1) time annually.

    For the avoidance of doubt, if you click “Keep my benefits and receive a $30 gift card” but do not continue to pay the eBay Plus annual fee, you will not be eligible to receive the eBay Digital Gift Card.

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