This was posted 2 years 2 months 5 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$30 eBay Gift Card for Renewing eBay Plus Membership @ eBay


I recently went to cancel my Ebay Plus trial membership, Selecting too expensive as a reason. When I did it prompted this offer to give $30 gift card. With Ebay Plus being $49 per year this would bring it to $19 for the year. Also if you connect your flybuys account you can get double points.

P.S this is my first post, any mistakes or if this is not relevant please let me know to fix it up.

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    • So did you cancel or turn off auto renew?

      Why would you cancel with 5mths to go?

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        The cancellation option and the turning off auto-renew seem to be the same thing - I couldn't see any immediate option to cancel and refund the remaining subscription balance

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        As there is no pro-rata refund for early cancellation, you retain your membership rights until renewal day Sam. Cancelling sends a message to Ebay that you need an incentive to continue and that you probably didn't see the value in the annual fee. Many of us cancelled last year after Ebay gave incentives to others and nothing to Plus members. Seems they got the message loud and clear.

      • Because it cancels the renewal, but remains active until your time expires.

  • Thanks OP. Got the $30!!

  • I got $50 too

  • This post reminded me of the $20 code I got last time from the cancellation flow. Thanks. Also got accepted the $30 offer for next year.

  • Thanks Op.

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    I got an email last week to join and get a $50 eBay digital card that's a no brainer. Already spent the $50.

  • Easy money….although have to wait til this time next year to get it.

  • Thanks OP. saved me $30

  • Still $19 too expensive per year

  • Good buy. Always worth it to try cancel subscriptions and see if you get freebies.

    Unfortunately, I don't know if ebay plus is even really worth $20. I got mine for the free google home. Bought a reasonable amount of stuff on ebay with it, don't think I ever got any particular postage savings, offers or deals that would have made the sub anywhere near worth it otherwise

  • Thanks OP!

  • Gift card delivered after membership payment?? I got this message. I already have paid.

  • Looks like the offer kind of stacks. I went to "cancel" my membership just after renewing it and received a $20 gift card. I went to "cancel" my membership moments ago and received a $30 gift card. Definitely worth looking into if you have already claimed the offer previously.

  • Dammit, renewed in August. Gonna be a long wait. Oh well. Thanks, OP.

  • Thanks op copped my gift card, good hack! :)

  • Not really good compare to $1 membership, never gotten that deal

    • I’m on the 99c deal and just tried cancelling. Got my $30 gift card, so therefore I am up $29.01.

  • Worked for me. Not sure where the giftcard goes - it sounds like they'll only release it once the membership renews, and even then it sounds like people have had problems. Still, no harm in doing it.

  • I missed out on the gift card when I canceled my trial and now when I go into the eBay plus page there is no trial period anymore just $49 for the year with the payment due instantly.

    Anyone think that EBay will be do another special trial deal now that Black Friday is approaching for those that had tried it in the past but never went through with it?

  • if i have finished my free trial some time ago, and i never pay to subscribe for a year membership, can i receive the $30 if i reactivate my ebayplus now

  • Oh 1 September 2020 Next Payment.

  • they should pay me to be a ebay plus member, the amount of stuff and yrs ive been a professional ebayer is redonkulous…

  • Can you stack this gift card with promo code?

  • Auto renewal went off on the 20th, my stupid mistake, they don't care to give me anything for it. FFS

  • Has anyone received the gift card?

  • i canceled a few weeks ago was offered $30.. Still $19 a year :) not sure you get much benefit.. Compare to Amazon Prime.
    The $50 deal was better although seems ebay not honouring it.
    It came up in my facebook feed with no terms and conditions.. I ping them they said you need to be qualified,
    I said you cannot see terms and conditions on Facebook, only a link to ebay plus sign up.
    Was we look at it..

    If I get a official ebay for $1 or something I might re join.

  • Auto renewal date didn't change, am i suppose to repurchase?

  • Just cancelled mine and received same offer. Didn't get it though as I'm not interested. Still valid though.

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    Got shafted. They sent me $20 Gift Card instead of the promised $30.

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      They did the same to me a couple weeks back, I contacted them via chat and got given another $20 voucher code.

      • Nice. I’ll send them an email and see what they says.

    • Me too. Have u sorted it out? Might jump on chat now

  • Good advice. I used it.

  • Got $30, cant seem to locate the bloody gift card. Is it an email?

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    Got a gift card emailed today. For 20……

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      Same. Jump on their online chat. They gave me another $20 gift but as a Price Beat gift (Expires in March instead of 3 years)

      • Thanks. I’ll give it a go.

        Well, the rep said they’d add another $20 voucher which I can use with my gift card.

        It’s the exact same code 🙄

        • My bad. There was actually a voucher that appeared on any listing I looked at.

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            @cb2540: Yeah it's not an emailed code. It appears at the top of your "My Summary" page. Glad you got it :D

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    I got emailed a $20 instead of the $30. I was hoping it was unrelated to the $30 and scored myself an extra $20 but it seems it’s not the case :(

    • same. pretty dodgy ebay..

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        Jump on chat, they said it’s a known issue and gave me another $20 voucher

        • cheers will do!

        • thanks, same thing happened to me, got an additional $20 voucher

  • Amazing - still working. Thanks OP.

    Existing sub expires in June. The trouble is I'll have forgotten about it by next June. Anybody know if we can renew early and get the gift card?

    Also interesting, in the terms and conditions it says
    "eBay Plus members can only redeem this Promotion one (1) time annually."

    Sounds like this may be a regular deal. Can but hope.

  • Instead of getting a $30 gift card, I got a $20 gift card from eBay after 2 days of renewing my subscription and accepted the $30 promotion. Anyone knows what’s happening and what shall I do?

    • Chat to them. Will give u an extra $20 for the stuff up.

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