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Sony WH-XB900N Wireless Noise Cancelling Extra Bass Headphones, Black $212.54 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Not the most popular headphones.
Lowest price I have seen.

update: in stock on 22 Nov 2019

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    wasn't it just $230 like 3 hours ago?


    are these similar to xm3s?

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      This from Amazon reviews

      “SOUND QUALITY AND BASS, I own a pair of Sony 1000XM3 and QC35, these definitely have more bass. They definitely don't sound as clear as either of the two, but they still sound great. They are less “flat” sounding and more lively and fun. If you want your ears to vibrate like the Skullcady Crushers, set the equalizer to Exited and set the headphones to Arena mode, then crank up the volume, while nowhere near as much vibration as the skullcandys, its there if you’re into that.

      NOISE CANCELLING, I would say these headphones cancel about 60%-70% of the noise that the Bose QC35s and XM3s/Bose 700s cancel out (which is really good). I would definitely place these in the top 10 noise cancelling headphones out there. However if you only want noise cancelling then you might want to look into the Sony 1000XM3 or Bose 700. With the XB900N you will still be able to hear some outside noise such as loud fans, chatter, etc at low volumes (40% or so) if you want to block out noise fully it is possible but you will have to crank them up to 70-80% volume.

      I listen to them at about 40% volume and its loud enough for me, while other headphones i have to set them near 80% volume.

      BLUETOOTH AND APP, these are very easy to connect to your devices, hold the power button for 7 seconds then they go into pairing mode, then just connect to them using your device…no hastle. The app also works flawlessly and let me tell you this app is no joke!

      • You can change the noise cancelling level (20 levels).

      • You can set between amazon alexa or google assistant

      • You can change the sound to come from front, front left/right, or rear left/right.

      • The have an equalizer which lets you adjust bass, mids, highs, etc. It also comes with some presets if you want to just boost bass, vocals, trebble etc. This equalizer really changes the way these headphones sound, this aint no gimmick!

      • Surround VPT, I don’t know why this feature is not that popular but when you change it creates a feeling of surround sound, the settings are Arena, Concert Hall, Outdoor Stage, and Club.

      When you set the headphones to arena mode and you watch a movie it literally sounds like you have two soundbars in your ears, its insane that a simple setting on an app can make such a difference… these things sound like a movie theatre!

      I have owned many pair of headphones, and you get what you pay for. I would definitely say these are worth the $250 price tag.

      In a nutshell…

      Those who want a good pair of headphones and want to save $100 buy the XB900Ns.

      If you want basically double the noise cancelling, and a cleaner sound (less bass) get the Sony XM3s.

      Can’t go wrong with either, both are great”