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POWERTECH 1000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter + Solar Regulator $349 (Was $499) @ Jaycar



The built in solar charge controller means you can connect solar panels (without regulator) directly to the inverter to recharge suited batteries or battery banks. This is achieved by a single battery connection to the inverter that allows a charge and draw simultaneously or independently. The pure sine wave AC output makes them suitable to power most mains appliances within their continuous power output. All models feature 2 x standard 230VAC mains outlets, two USB ports for powering or charging USB devices and an LCD on the unit and on the included remote control that provides important information such as Battery Voltage, DC Input Current, Output Power, Battery Level and DC Charging Current.

MI-5722 - 1000 Watt 12VDC to 230VAC Pure Sine Wave Inverter with 30A PWM Solar Regulator

• Output power continuous: 1000W
• Output power Surge: 2000W
• Standby current: 750mA
• Input voltage: 12VDC
• Output voltage: 230VAC
• Output wave form: Pure sine wave
• Efficiency: >90%
• 2 x USB ports output: 5VDC, 1A + 2A
• Battery connection: Heavy duty screw terminals
• Solar charge controller load current: 30A max
• Protections: Reverse polarity, battery over/under voltage, output short circuit, overload, over temperature

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    Pure Sine Wave Inverter $349 (Was $499)

    I don't want to go on a tangent but are there any good deals on a Cosine Wave Inverter

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    Kinda off topic, but worked at Jaycar up until recently. Their "2000W 12V Pure Sine Wave" doesn't even have any wires connected to the ground. Don't get it.


      Was that 2000w model superseded by these newer PSUs with digital remote? The one above only comes in a 1500 or 2200w


      I'm guessing thats why you don't work there anymore?

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        I don't work there anymore because I decided I'd rather be unemployed than work in the most boring place on earth, selling cheap Chinese shit at ridiculous prices.

        They buy their raspberry pi's from element14. So they cost $90 despite being $50 at element.

        Don't even get me started on MicroSD cards. We can all agree that 128gb Samsung Evo Plus MicroSDs go for around $30. Transcend 128gb, $150 dollars at Jaycar.

        Their whole business model seems to be:
        1: Buy shit that will work for more than 3 weeks and hope people either throw out the receipt or couldn't be bothered returning it.

        2: Offer 7 day change of mind so people don't complain about how shit your products are.

        On some things they are quite cheap. And most of the people there genuinely do care about the customer's experience. But I like to think of them as an Australian AliExpress that's priced at a premium and instead of Blitzwolf and Xiaomi, only sold home brands (Digitech, Powertech, Concord, etc.)

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      They tried to fire him, but there weren't any grounds…………. for dismissal.

      Their powerplay had failed!

      So he purely re-sined instead, uttering "watteva" with a transient wave goodbye on his way out the door.

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    Seems odd to go to the trouble of making it pure sine wave, but the solar controller is only pwm.


    Nothing wrong with PWM on low voltage panels, just as good as MPPT.

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    FYI: Can be had for $319.00 using code PRINCE200

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