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Current Members - Free Trial of Multi-City Membership @ Entertainment Book


Something to consider if you have the book, and are travelling over Christmas, this could be very handy :)

Are you an Entertainment Book member?
You will have the chance to trial our Multi City Membership for FREE before the current membership season concludes.

Free Trial invitations will be sent out from December 1st to registered book members.

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  • Sounds like you have to have the physical book to get access?

  • I'm still rocking the book. Love it.

  • Entertainment Book is now 12-months from date of purchase.

  • No more books next year. Only digital version from now on.

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    *To redeem offers, you will need to purchase an Entertainment Digital Membership.

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    I hate their app and they way they've changed the website.

    It was way better before.

  • I put + by mistake, how do I remove it?

  • Physical book vouchers >> virtual vouchers. I won’t renew.

    • Agreed. And in an age where we are getting Groupon deals, deals to village and hoyts cinemas, promotix, apps like the fork and eat now offering deals, Amex shop small, they want to go app only? I barely bought the book this year. Thanks entertainment book, you've saved me your 55 or 60 (or whatever it is) on annual costs.

  • No more physical books is a real bummer. Not happy. Won't be purchasing.

  • This is odd. If you use the app which saves them money printing books you miss out on this perk. Was in doubt about continuing next year anyway.

    • It's intentionally targetted this way, an incentive to move to app if you're still on paper book.

      Apparently paper book is disconnected next year so they want the subscribers to switch over (rather than unsubscribing)

    • Living in Vic, we travelled to the Gold coast earlier this year and bought the Gold coast 'book', was half price because of subscribing to our local.
      Saved over $100 on top of the 1/2 priced sub, not sure if it was a special offer or just any extra cities are 1/2 price?

  • They should offer multi-city this to digital subscribers as well……this isn't PHI for **** sake.
    Will reconsider buying next year,
    Don't bite the hand that feeds you!

  • This sounds like a great idea. Don't currently have an Entertainment Book at the moment, but have had them in the past. Would definitely purchase again if this is introduced.

  • Hmm. Link mentions that digital membership are for 12 months regardless of purchase date. I am afraid this is not the case with mine which was purchased in September yet still expires 1 June 2020.

  • Hopefully this won’t make it harder to double up or do trifectas on deals. I rarely use the entertainment book by itself these days.

  • Oooh just saw this on their website:

    Entertainment is now 100% digital…
    Choose a Subscription right for you -

    Single City
    $69.99 / 1 Year
    * Single City Membership
    * 1 year Digital Membership
    * 20% goes to your fundraiser

    Multi City
    $119.99 / 1 Year
    * Unlock all 21 Cities
    * All Australia, New Zealand, Bali
    * 1 year Digital Membership
    * 20% goes to your fundraiser

    Multi Plus
    $229.99 ($115 yr) / 2 Years
    * Unlock all 21 Cities
    * All Australia, New Zealand, Bali
    * 2 year Digital Membership
    * Offers will refresh each year
    * 20% goes to your fundraiser


    Also doesn't look like you can buy it as a book anymore. May have to change the name lol.
    EDIT: Lol looks like they're referring to it now as Entertainment only, not Entertainment Book. Only reference to Entertainment Book is in Google search. Times a changin. Fast forward 20 years… I remember sonny when they had books! Lol

  • Why do I need this when I have OZB?

    • If you eat out, you'll save more money than the cost of the book on a couple of meals.
      Constant flow of 25%/30% off up to $40 in my area, usually for places we eat anyway.

  • Only digital memberships from next year? Guess this is the last year I'll be buying. Have saved easily 10x the value of the book but won't get the same value from a digital membership unfortunately. Bring back the book!

  • I used it mainly for the Woolies egift vouchers. Anywhere else to get it? (union shopper charges surcharge so not interested )

  • Received the email offer this morning.
    One bonus mentioned in the email is that this effectively gives you a new book (in the app) for all of Aust/NZ/Bali.
    This means that any of the book vouchers you have previously used will be available in the app to use again.

  • I have the app but didn't get the email offer. Is this only for existing physical book owners?

  • I am holding out for a better offer.

  • Absolute shocker, they should offer multi-city upgrade to existing subscribers!
    Is anyone else with me on this???