Delonghi Pump Espresso Machine $99 @ ALDI


Plastic body

Limited information on the catalogue, but a google search led me to this UK model
ECP 31.21

Seems to be ok for $99
Hard to say what the RRP is though

Leave it for ozbargain to decide of it's a deal or not

Specs dump:
Coffee tamper: Accessory
Weight (Kg): 4
Rated voltage/Frequency (V~Hz): 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Input power (W): 1100
Choose your favourite colour: Black
Cup warmer: Passive
Auto shut-off: ✓
Milk system: Manual
1&2 cups filters: ✓
Cup holder: ✓
External dimensions (WxDxH) (mm): 185x240x305
Maximum cup height (cm): 90
On/off switch: ✓
Pump pressure (bar): 15
Removable drip tray: ✓
Removable water tank: ✓
Water Tank Capacity (l): 1,1
Body material: Plastic
ESE pods: ✓
Number of filter: 3

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    i never own an expresso machine… should this be my first ever one? I mean i don't really need a fancy one

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    Discussed in Black Friday Wednesday sale Deal (not a Dupe)
    Suggested to be this model - ECP 31.21 - matches photo in catalog

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    I wouldn't waste my money if you even think you might be semi-serious about coffee

  • +1 vote is your friend for machines tips hacks mods and everything in-between


    We relocated to Madrid, Spain earlier this year, where coffee machines are a lot more expensive than they are in AU.
    It was a downgrade from our Breville machine in AU (can't remember which model, but was around $600).
    We've had other cheaper machines also.
    We think this milk frother is about one of the best we've used.
    The espresso part is fine if not amazing - as said above, grind is more important at this price point.
    We paid about €110, so at $99, I reckon this machine is a go.


      Hi @jusrus . what is the size of the coffee part? (is it 58mm/commercial a la the sunbeam mini barista models, or smaller)? I see it comes with a plastic tamper but wondering what size heavy tamper to get to give a bit more compact power to the grind.


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        I have an older Icona machine and that uses a 51mm basket.


        Sorry I'm not sure - looks a little on the small size, but we don't have anything to measure it with!
        Yes, comes with plastic tamper.

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    90cm cup height! almost a yard of coffee!

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    Bob Hawke drank them when he had a hangover from his yard of ale.


    Is this better than the Aldi machine a few weeks ago for $149 that was selling at $89 at my local aldi the week after?

    better than a sunbeam mini barista?


    Better than an aeropress? or what about a pour over cone?


    Its on

    This should definitely be better than the Kmart $89 one?

    Whats an ESE Pod?

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    I was hoping this would be an ok machine to replace an aging breville of similar price. It’s a terrible machine, it drips everywhere the milk frother is rubber and plastic, you have to remove the drip tray to fit in a mug, it’s slow and you need a screwdriver to change the shot. Very disappointed in the design flaws in this one. Going to try and get a refund.


      I thought it may be okay also, admittedly, I haven't been able to use it yet though.

      My parents have this one:
      And they swear by it, since this Aldi one was similar I thought it would be okay.

      Do you think if it was full metal body construction it would be good?


      When I picked up the box - I put it back. Very light weight (4kg), so likely a lot of plastic. My basic pod coffee machine (no milk frother) is about the same weight.

      Easy refund with receipt within 60days. Have had no problem returning for refund within warranty period. That's the main advantage of buying at Aldi. And only reason I was tempted😉


        Do you know if you can still return if box was destroyed?… asking for a friend..

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          Ask Aldi. It has to be returned to the supplier.
          I always assume I will be returning so keep everything for 60days.


    Managed to grab one of these last Wednesday, can confirm the model is ECP31.21 (which oddly enough, doesn't appear to retail anywhere else in Australia, and isn't listed on DeLonghi's AU website).

    Minor nitpick, price was actually $99.99.

    Didn't get around to unpacking it until just now, but the supplied filter baskets are of the double-walled pressurised type. Not ideal, but pretty much expected for an entry-level machine. They measured at 51mm internal diameter. The included tamper is actually a little on the small side (around 50mm) so it seems like there's going to be a fair amount of "play", and since it's just thin flimsy plastic, I'm not sure it'll be possible to get a good solid tamp anyway.

    Good deal though, as I've never seen a proper (non-capsule) espresso machine anywhere near this price point before. Even the other Aldi machine from a month or so ago was $150.

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      I owned a delonghi a while back and there were some hacks to make it work better, could likely applies to this model also.

      The biggest upgrade was buying a depressurized basket. That was for the ec155 model though..


        Good call, did some searching and it looks like people have had success doing the same things with this model/series also (as in, the one in this deal). Non-pressurised filter basket replacement, steam wand replacement, cutting the portafilter with a hacksaw to get a DIY bottomless (!!)

        Just found a suitably sized non-pressurised basket on Amazon AU (for the princely sum of $6.61 w/ free shipping), looking forward to testing it out with this machine. If it works well and the machine can handle it, that'd be some pretty crazy price/performance ratio.


      Finally got it dialled in and pulling acceptable shots, took more than half a dozen rounds of testing.

      For anyone else who is having trouble with this machine, here are the observations I made:

      • Don't try to use a fine grind, the machine will choke. Use a much coarser grind than you normally would for espresso.
      • Standard tamping technique/pressure will also choke the machine. Instead, very lightly level the surface. The included "tamper" is sufficient for this.
      • Reduce the dosage by about half. The "double" filter basket only accepts about as much grind as you would normally do for a single shot. Haven't bothered testing the single basket.

      Good luck!


    I picked up this machine a few days ago - I'm an absolute beginner at making espresso and got some pre-ground coffee from the cafe, as I hadn't purchased a grinder yet. I think the machine doesn't have the pressure to push through finely ground coffee, as it's dripping out without much crema. This was even with quite a light tamp.


    For anyone who has owned this (I've borrowed a mates sunbeam EM7000 to see if I can be bothered but it's a bit tricky to get a decent crema).

    Will this give me (when skilled enough) a decent extract/crema? Compared to say the EM7000 I am currently using? They do feel light but an old couple in the store told me they owned one and were happy enough to be buying another as a 'spare' for their holiday/weekender, so that would seem a good recommendation.

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      If you're just using the included pressurised filter baskets, you'll get a reasonable extract with some crema, but not a lot. Results would be similar using this type of basket on practically any machine.

      In a few weeks I'll get to find out how well it does using an aftermarket non-pressurised basket. Slow shipping :(