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First Month Free @ Aussie Broadband (New Customers Only, Excludes NBN 150/250)


Was looking for a code for a new sign up and found this one on Whirlpool thanks to user "ziogref".

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Aussie Broadband
Aussie Broadband

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    Thank you my current provider for my shops suck :(

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      Who you with?

      If the connection to the demarc isn't great
      Won't matter what ISP you choose

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        I was with MyRepublic .. I suspect they fake traffic destined to speedtest.net .. while downloads clock at 1mbps, speedtest results were 95mpbs .. when u complain they bump the speed up and downloads from large corps (ex. google, microsoft) would be 90 to 95 mbps, then it drops back down in 2 to 4 days. Since switching to ABB I'm on 50mbps plan and consistently get 40 to 45mbps. Their support is brilliant too.

        Edit: Sorry if this sounds like a paid advert ;) couldn't help.

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          Always run Speedtests to a specified server of your choice, not their default.

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          Ah that's cool

          If your connection is more stable that's a win

          I liked Aussie.
          But when they decided to have weekend changes and everyone abused me cause I had the nerve to question it.
          I decided I didn't think they were for me.

          When problems emerged from the change, as they can do, I called up their support to check if it was wide spread or just me and tried to school him, he gave me attitude and wanted me to work on my side of the network?
          (profanity) that

          Not paying a hundred a month for no internet on a sat /sun night and to be talked down to

          All worked out though

          I asked them for 2 months and an apology.
          I didn't get the apology but I did get my months


          I have suspected the same with MR. You might be on to something. I recently cancelled them because of this.

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          They absolutely do, and it wouldn't surprise me if they're not the only provider to do so. This is the reason netflix provide fast.com hosted on the same IPs etc as netflix - either a provider prioritises traffic to both netflix and fast.com, or it gives you a true test of the speed.
          I provided many sources of speed tests to MR a long time back as evidence that their connection sucked (and every one disagreed with speedtest.net), took quite a bit of proving, but ended up having them allow me out of my contract with no penalties and refund 3 or so months of service (out of the 4 months I was with them).

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    You could always take a 100Mbps connection free for one month and upgrade to 250Mbps. :-)

    AussieBroadband should be supported for being the only national RSP to offer plans faster than 100Mbps.

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      They should also be supported for being fkn awesome.

      Their transparency on link stats, great support team and excellent service makes them one of my favorite Australian companies to deal with.

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        Guess I caught them at a bad time then.

        Worse stuff I've ever dealt with and I had to deal with ibog


          Who are you with now? Are ABB CS that bad?


            @OzBoganYeah: They're fine as long as you don't know anything.

            I tried belong because I knew the connection to my place was fine so I thought, start cheap and go through all the ISPs.
            I also wanted the $80 sim
            After waiting a month to be connected , I spoke to nbnco and asked whose fault it was, I applied for Superloop and was connected in 6mins.

            So far, only difference is my lower speed cause I went down from 100

            So I guess
            Superloop are good, they show you the poi and cvc so they are at least pretending to be legit, they'll probably be twats too but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it

            avoid telsta /optus /tpgiinet /belong and you'll be fine

            Best thing to do, see if you can establish how good the layer 1 connection is to the demarc and how close to the exchange you are.

            So don't pay for any modems or sign any contracts with the companies and do some testing - Establish a baseline and make sure you're side is working properly.

            I can't tell you the amount of times people tell me "their internet is slow" and they're using the ISP's $10 router they were conned into taking, with about 5 people using 20 devices all connected to an overcrowded channel on the 2.4 spectrum


            Remove as many variables as possible and then see what the ISP can do

            Aussie are good but if you get a perfect connection from them, you may want to see if you get something cheaper

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        Aussie Broadband are about to list on the ASX.

        That means a endless thirst for profit growth.

        Higher prices, crapper service. They will never be as good as they once were.


    Any free upgrade to 100M?


    Still not eligible if previous customer. Ever.

    Blah Blah:
    Hi there,
    I was wondering if you could please confirm if I am eligible for the 1 month free code "FacebookFree" - I am not currently with ABB, but have previously being with ABB. If you could please confirm, that would be great. Thanks

    ABB Support:
    Good news Blah Blah, this code is available until 31/12/2019. You can use this to score a month free.

    Blah Blah:
    Can you re-read my question mate? Just need confirmation I would be eligible as a previous customer. Cheers

    ABB Support:
    If you're a previous customer of Aussie Broadband and were the legal lessee of the account, you will not be able to use this code.

    Blah Blah:
    Thought as much. Cheers


      Does your address count as a previous customer or the name on the account?


        They only mentioned legal lessee, so if you have moved, you should be fine. Obviously you could live chat and ask them also.

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          Ah damn

          So your hamster "hammy" can't ring and say he is sick of telstra and wants a different ISP?


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      You are considered a new customer if it had been more than 6 months since you left them. Blah blah blah


      It used to be a 6 month cooling off period. That what I was hoping to do. I cancelled my ABB service in May when I moved out for renovations. I’ve moved back in and connected with Superloop but I was still hoping to head to ABB as a new customer soon.


    How long is the contract, and how much /month is it, for the first month free deal?


      It's this weekend.


      Hi there. There is no lock in contract on any of our plans.

      You can use this promo code on any plan on our nbn25, nbn50, or nbn100 plans.

      Cheers, Nicole

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        Any upcoming rewards for existing customers?

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          Hi there.

          Sorry I'm not really sure what is in the pipeline, but I think it is something we are working on.

          Once it has been finalised, I'm sure it will be communicated to you all.

          Cheers, Nicole

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            @iamhurtin: I called up about a connection issue and was told "nobody else has reported this, so I'm not really sure I can do anything"


              @teninchdk: Yeah same here

              I told him about a similar issue I had at with a customer at tpg on the castle Hill dslam, but he didn't want to listen.

              I said you may want to test everything on their side cause after a major change like that, could be be problems.

              He said he wouldn't bother

              Of course, 5mins later, most of nsw went down
              Wait time for support went from 30 seconds to 90mins

              Hopefully he got some irate customers


    Is there any other ISP apart from ABB and Superloop that offers a free month?


      Telstra for new customers.

      Vodafone has a 30 day network guarantee so if you arent happy you can disconnect and be refunded the fees you've paid.

      I just signed up for ABB under this deal - thanks OP.

      On their 100/40 plan. It took them less than 1 hour to activate a spare Uni-D port on my FTTP NTD.

      So far I would say in non-peak times their speeds are about on par with Telstra 100/40 - not materially better or worse.


    What ever happened to their rewards for existing customers system that their founder was spruiking in his AMA?


    Yeah, I'm quite happy with their service.

    But pricing isn't very attractive for existing customers. Tempted so sign up with Suporloop's $20 off promotion for 6 months, then come back to Aussie for a free month as a new customer…

    Considering that quite a few people will do the same, and that every churn costs them, I wonder where the existing customer promo is.

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      In my limited experience with them, their performance is close to identical to Telstra for me.

      Aussie is $99 with 100/40. Australian support.

      Telstra is $90 with 100/40, plus home phone. Plus discounted movie tickets, NRL streaming and a variety of other things you may or may not value. Mainly Filipino support.

      Is Australian support worth $9 per month?
      I am not sure. It depends how often you need it IMHO. Telstra are good at refunding when they make mistakes or performance is poor. Also I dont anticipate too many issues on my connection going forward.

      Not sure refunds for poor service would be easy to come with ABB - particularly with them looking to boost their user and financial numbers pre the IPO….

      Call me a cynic, but I wouldn't be surprised if these free subscriptions are primarily motivated by the need to swell their "subscriber" numbers for the prospectus they are preparing….

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    Credit to ABB for being the first ISP to publish CVC graphs. Superloop do the same now.
    Not sure how many others will follow suit. The crap oversubscribed ones (Optus, Vodafone, Kogan to name a few) won't ever publish them unless they are forced to.

    I would love to see my Telstra CVC graph!

    They have been innovative and have forced some market changes, so hats off for that.

    I just wish they'd stay privately owned rather than listing on the ASX….

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    How's their reliability these days? I still follow their page and I see frequent downtimes/problems?

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      Not sure that's a valid downvote reason when you say it's NBN outage. It would happen no matter which provider, and NBN only compensate when there's a long lasting fault.


        Yeah but Telstra will often compensate you for an extended outage - maybe not 8.5 hours, but definitely 24 hours if you push them….

        That is regardless of whether the fault is with Telstra or NBN Co….


    Thanks for posting this guys.. and thank you ABB for putting this on my account, install is today :)


    So which other companies/providers would everyone recommend besides ABB and superloop? I'd like decent speeds, reasonable price (<$90 a month) and good CS support.

    Do ABB arrange for the NBN company to come out and install the NBN box at your house, before ABB come to install their modem? I need to get NBN box installed, modem and a phone + phone line.

    I'm reading through the comments and most say that they're good but I'm concerned with the few saying their CS support isn't that great. Are ABB really that bad? Someone said they called up to report and issue and was basically told 'you're the only one who has reported that problem, so I can't really help you'.

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    Existing Customer Here: Give me $49.95 a month for 500GB 50/20 or Im going to Superloop


      Superloop's 500GB 50/20 500GB plan is $69.95/m. So, as a current customer you're demanding that Aussie drop their price 25% cheaper than their competitor in order to keep your oh-so-precious business.

      I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that this strategy has zero chance of working for you.

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    One thing to observe here. Understand I might be a minority here.

    The price almost doubled for 100/40 to 150/100 plan BUT there is no mention of typical speed which means it is possible (if not likely) the typical speed for 150 and 100 in say, an evening would be the same.

    They therefore will not guarantee effective speed once beyond 100/40 since they don't advertise the typical speed.


    Is this right? Does this mean you need to cancel on the first day if you just want to churn for the free month?
    • If you need to cancel your service, we require 30 days notice by calling us on 1300 880 905 (we don't pro-rata monthly access fees).


    Been with AB for over 18 months. They always offer good deals to "NEW" members but never to "Existing" Members. Planning to leave in a week for a better deal elsewhere. IT's a shame most companies dont reward loyal members anymore. No incentive to stay

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