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$5 off Your Rental @ Video Ezy Express Kiosks


Video Ezy Kiosk $5. off your rental use code KL649787,
expires 27 November

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    Thanks OP - it's been a while since we had such a deal!

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    Stay away from these, Video Ezy are dodgy and don't deserve your business.

    Rented a movie, got over an hour in, disc won't continue playing. Eject the disk to find its all scratched up. The overall result was a waste of 4 people's time.

    Go to return it the following day, the kiosk won't accept it as a Video Ezy DVD. I email support with proof, requesting a refund and instructions on what I'm meant to do with the DVD.

    A week later I get a response, with an offer for a free rental. No mention of returning the DVD. I respond, again asking about what I'm meant to do with the DVD. A day after that I'm slogged with a $35 dollar fee (10 days after the rental date). Still no response.

    I follow up a few days later, and to date it's been 3 weeks without a response. I gave them a call yesterday and they said they need 15 business days for an investigation to take place.


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    DVD rental service…OMG can't believe this business still exists in our century!

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    While its a dying experience, its still a much needed resource.
    The area that I work in supports underprivileged families and while some people put money into things they shouldn't, a lot do the appropriate thing and being able to rent a dvd overnight is affordable for them, rather than having the cost and access to a streaming service or similar, which is, lets face it a 'want' not a 'need'.

    Its also a shame that DVD stores have in general succumbed to extinction.
    As a kid it was fantastic wondering through the isles of dvd's etc.
    going in with mum n dad or a couple of friends, then later as an adult with a GF etc
    Its like pictures or books in a printed format, so much more depth to it than using just a screen.
    Don't get me wrong, we use plenty of digital age items etc, its just a shame.

    What annoys me is people that do not take care of the DVD'S and fingerprint, and scratch them, its not hard to do the right thing.

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      Agreed, perusing rental stores and borrowing items was a genuine 'experience', something lacking from perusing web sites. The same could be said for large bookstores like Borders.

      That said, DVDs are ancient technology considering all TVs sold now are 4k; they should be renting out Blurays. Public libraries in Brisbane only have DVDs for rental too.


    Thanks :) :)

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    I tried to hire a DVD and after I entered the promo code, the screen just froze on me. Started all over again, and when I after I got to promo code, it froze again! I thought it was just that kiosk, so I went to another one nearby, same thing! Anyone else have this problem?

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    I had a kiosk the other week do a similar thing, it was like it was running super slow.
    At the location there was another machine, so I used that and all was ok.

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