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Tiger Air - Move Me - Catch an Earlier or Later Flight by Paying an Additional Nominal Fee


Hi all,

Just wanted to share this in case people weren't aware of this nifty feature - wasn't sure whether to post in deal or forums, please be nice I'm new to posting deals!

You can add the 'move me' feature to a booking (estimate cost is around $11 that they quoted for a MEL to BNE flight), in order to be put on an earlier or later flight subject to the info and conditions via the link :)


Move me

If you're an early bird, or a late bird, then add MoveMe to your flight booking for a small fee (when purchased or added to an existing booking more than 72 hours prior to the flight departure)

If you arrive at the airport too early then jump on an earlier service; or if you arrive after the check-in time has closed but arrive no later than 15 minutes after the flights scheduled departure time, then you will be moved to the next available service. If you choose to move to an earlier or later flight, and then fail to travel on the new flight, your booking will then be forfeited and you will not be entitled to a refund of your flight booking or the MoveMe fee.

MoveMe is only available for purchase from selected destinations and departure ports and is only valid for use once on the day of travel. You can do this for a fee during the booking process, via manage my booking, or by contacting our customer contact centre

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    How is this a bargain?

    It'd be the same as saying 'I heard department stores have a nifty bargain called layby where you pay a small fee and then get to pay off your items over time???'

    It's a purchased service/function. Not a bargain.

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      If I arrive at a flight early and want to catch an earlier flight, I would pay more. Isn’t it a bargain?

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        Not when its a product you pre-purchase

        If you pay for the service, and then don't use it. Then you just paid money for nothing…

        I've heard of this nifty little bargain called car insurance, if you crash your car you get a new car… what a bargain


        Move me is not free. Plus they only put you if they have a spare seat (i.e. less wattage and potential to sell a seat on the next flight)


        This is a service that is offered for free by China southern for example. Not sure it’s a deal either.

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        If you fail to check in and be transferred to the next available flight within 15 mins after your scheduled flight has departed, you will forfeit your ticket. You will not be entitled to a refund of your fare or the MoveMe fee. You will be required to purchase a new ticket.


        If you wish to move to an earlier flight the flight must be closed for sale to the public (flights close for sale to the public 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the flight).

        Note check in closes 45 minutes before the flight.

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      Use Report for a Mod to decide!

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    This is another example of low cost carriers nickel-and-diming. Flying on an earlier flight or being rebooked on the next available seat if you were a few minutes late used to be free. It was called basic customer service.

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      For early i think that’s ok if there’s a spare seat, but if you’re late they shouldn’t need to slot you in for free. They had no opportunity to sell the seat of the flight you missed and now give you free travel on the next flight. You paid for one seat not two.


        Over the years I've missed a few flights. Only once was I forced to buy a new ticket.

        Low cost carriers are only cheap if everything goes to plan - your dates don't change, your bags aren't too heavy, you get there on time, they don't have IROPs etc.

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          your dates don't change, your bags aren't too heavy, you get there on time

          None of which is the airlines problem.

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      This is 100% not true anymore flying domestically with QF and VA. There are exceptions to the rule (eg Platinums for VA, bad weather), but basically if you rock up to the airport early and expect to get on an earlier flight you’re told to wait to the one you booked.

      Agree it isn’t a bargain per se but it is good to know if considering flying tiger


        Not always true. With Virgin, if you have Gold status and you haven't booked on the cheapest fares you can move to an earlier flight on the day. With Qantas, their operations centre will sometimes turn on a feature called "flow forwarding" when delays are expected later in the day - meaning that if you arrive at the airport and check in early, their systems will try and place you on an earlier flight.


          With Virgin, if you have Gold status … you can move to an earlier flight on the day

          Yeah so only if you have status and have bought a semi-flexible fare, which cost $$$ (for my usual commute across east coast destinations, Elevate or above are $300+ o/w). I'm gold, have had an 'elevate' fare but have nonetheless denied a fly ahead despite seats being available for sale but marketed only as full flex. I have heard though VA do this for platinums regardless of fare type, which is a nice benefit for those lucky enough to be so.

          Qantas will sometimes turn on a feature called "flow forwarding"

          Have come across this policy also but only been successful about 1 out of 10 times. Last time I tried they were indeed experiencing delays across the network but they wouldn't budge. Also the attitude I get from QF staff whenever I ask to fly ahead is insanely bad I simply just don't do it anymore. I'm gold for QFF and on FF forums I hear they give the same attitude to platinum and platinum one, which is incredible bad service for high revenue passengers.

          So yeah agree "not always true" but you definitely cannot rely on it as a benefit of flying a network carrier vs low cost - this is an interesting move by Tiger for sure


            @ajole: That's odd. I've done this about 4 times as a silver QFF member on those Red Saver fares and had no issues. Maybe I'm just lucky.


              @corza: Yeah I reckon I’ve tried about 10 times and only been successful a few. Rate of success would depend on times, flights and routes I’m sure as well but I definitely wouldn’t rely on it.


    This is not a deal.
    Firstly, it's subject to availability - flight may be full and you'll end up paying more for your ticket.
    Secondly, who's early enough to the airport to catch flight before?
    Thirdly, if you're late - you can just pay a small fee (sometimes waived) for them to put you on the next vacant flight?

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      who's early enough to the airport to catch flight before?

      I think it's a great idea. I've numerous times booked a later flight to ensure I get through what I need to in a worst case scenario. Then with hours to kill I either need to get a new ticket and forfeit the old, or find things to do where I'm at. The second option is what I normally do, and while it might be nice to catch up with an interstate friend for a few hours, honestly I'd often just much rather get home and relax with the clan.

      if you're late - you can just pay a small fee

      Last time with Virgin this was

      • +1 vote

        honestly I'd often just much rather get home and relax with the clan.

        But you still have to pay? It seems like you would be the one to take the uber home over the train because it gets you there a bit quicker.

        Last time with Virgin this was $150.

        Was this less than 15 mins after the flight had departed?

        Also, this is assuming there's availability. If you were at the airport waiting, you could try and get a standby flight for dirt cheap.

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          Was this less than 15 mins after the flight had departed?

          No, the plane was still on the ground. They would have let me on but I had luggage to check and that killed it for me. I asked them to let me on and send the luggage next flight - they refused because of security concerns. Ironically on my way to the destination the previous morning my luggage missed the flight I was on and was sent on the next.


          home over the train because it gets you there a bit quicker

          No, that's just minutes. Waiting at the airport can be hours.

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            @thevofa: Waiting at the airport because of a delay can be hours? Connecting flights can be hours? It can't be helped. I just find ways of filing in time easily I guess.

            It's all relative.
            Ubers generally don't shouldn't cost as much as a plane ticket lol.

            Public transport might take an hour, Uber takes 20 mins.

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    It's my understanding that Tiger don't have many flights to the same place in a day so I feel this would be of little benefit. It it was Qantas I understand as the have a lot of flights but next flight might be the next day


    Cheers mate.

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    Thanks OP. Although not a deal, this is useful to know. Tiger notoriously turns people away if you're just a little late, so the small fee might save you a larger cost overall. As long as they honour it and get you on the next flight available (and not some bullshit about waiting until the flight is close to flying and seeing if it's still got a seat to let you on).

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    This should be in the forum, not a bargain.


    It is a pity that Tiger are now quite as accommodating when they delay or cancel their flights. Rebooking you on to the 'next available' is not the same as the 'next flight'. It can be days later.


    Seems like a very cheap option if you think there is a chance you might be early or late (eg you have a connecting flight on a different airline).
    Whilst you might hope a full service airline would do this for you (especially if you have status) I think this is a first for a low cost airline.

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