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GL.inet GL-AR750S-EXT (Slate) Travel Router $83.71 GL-MV1000 (Brume) Edge Router $158.10 Delivered @ Amazon AU


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GL-AR750S Slate Normally $98.48

Small, flexible and low power requirements.

See some of the other deals for this unit for comments about usage and common questions :)

Powered by Qualcomm QCA9563 SoC, 775MHz CPU 300Mbps(2.4G) + 433Mbps(5G) high speed Wi-Fi DDR2 128MB RAM
Support external MicroSD card storage up to 128GB
16MB Nor flash + 128 Nand flash
Small, light, easy to use
LEDE/OpenWRT pre-installed
Support WireGuard, OpenVPN, Cloudflare DNS over TLS
3 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
2 External Antennas

GL-MV1000 Brume Normally $186

A bit different from all the other Gl.iNet products, rather than being an endpoint WiFi router, the GL-MV1000 is optimised for VPN performance on the edge of your network. There's no WiFi (currently) so it needs to integrate with the rest of your network.

I haven't had a change to play yet but Gl.iNet is quoting: OpenVPN client speeds of 97Mbps compare with the ar750S with speeds of 17Mbps (on a LAN). Will also run Ubuntu and Gl.iNet has just posted instructions to run it as a pi-hole.

Same Gl.iNet interface as all their other products.

See more details on the Gl.iNet site

CPU: Marvell Armada 88F3720, Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A53 @1.0GHz
Memory: / StorageDDR4 1GB / FLASH 16MB + EMMC 8GB
Ethernet Port: 3 x 10/100/1000Mbps Autosensing
LEDs: Power, WAN, VPN Status
Power Input: 1x USB3.0 Type-C Power Supply + Data Communication Working
Temperature: 0~40°C (32~104°F)Storage
Temperature: -20~70°C (-4~158°F)
Dimension / Weight: 88 x 68 x 24mm / 105g

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    I wish they listed power consumption in the specs for these units.

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    The slate is a great little unit. I use it when traveling so only 1 device needs to authenticate with the hotel wifi. It also makes it possible to use a Chromecast with the hotel TV. With the coupon it is about $5 cheaper than the normal deals.

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    I’m using AR750 and facing lots of drop outs and disconnection with both latest stable and test version firmware 3.027. Hoping they fix it soon.


    Cheers got one for an upcoming cruise


    Just found that AR750s already ship with firmware v3
    and it has a very handy feature that you can install plug-in with the widget
    Which also include the famous SSR (ShadowsocksR client)
    A must to have it install when travelling to China (to access facebook, youtube, google, twitter etc.)


    Using the lower model (mango) of this in Bali right now and its been great. First time with a travel router and will be taking this with me everywhere.

    The VPN security is great - never really been one to worry about this stuff much, but have then seen how easy it is for people to see what's being transmitted, and now think this is very important.

    Being able to chromecast is super useful, and having all wifi devices run off the one hotspot is very important when you have multiple devices (bypassing the device limit on some hotels WiFi policy).

    Being able to plug straight into the ethernet port to avoid the poor signal from the wifi is also very handy.


    I'm interest on the GL-MV1000 (Brume) but how's the GL-MV1000 (Brume) work?

    Connect the lan cable from modem/router to the Brume and just run the installed VPN client software?

    Do I need to have a subscription or plan to use the VPN client or it's free?



      Yes you need a subscription or you can use a free VPN - same as any other router. The Brume has better processing power to enable you to get better vpn speeds compared to the mango and slate


      But it has a down side, there is no wireless features.
      Meaning, if you are in a hotel which almost 99% of the time provides you a wireless login detail, you cannot use Brume.
      State will work with wire and wireless AC which is more than enough to have high speeds without cables, etc.

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    What is the difference between this and a normal router? Can it connect by wifi and broadcast on wifi at the same time?

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      Yes it can.

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      This one is portable and does not run crappy firmware while a normal router is bigger, have some weird firmware, and depending of the model is a pain to do the same as Slate does with very few clicks.
      Also, this one you can charge it with any 5V charger while normal routers require bigger chargers
      Commodity, simplicity, are ones of the main things while traveling no matter where you are.


        If connection requires authentication by logging in though a website, how is it done using this router?


          Two options

          1)connect to the WiFi using your phone, then login to the captive portal.

          Then connect to the router, and clone your phones MAC address. The server then sees the router as already authenticated.

          2) my preferred option, connect to the router, and then connect to the WiFi. The authentication page comes up (make sure VPN is off) and you just login there. Then turn VPN on. There is a switch on the mango (and I assume the others), that makes it really easy to turn vpn on and off.

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          Option 2 will do as "deeps" mentioned.
          From your mobile with the router already logged in, open the browser and try to open any website. That will trigger the captive portal.

          If you are using your mobile, the browser will load the captive portal automatically, if you close it, you won't be able to access anything until you open the browser and try to access a website which will trigger the captive portal again.
          Don't worry about this.

          Do a test somewhere like Westfield with an external battery and this Slate.
          You will see how it works :)


    Thanks OP!
    Just got one and since it works with OpenVPN, I can connect with my Pi-Hole at home which is also my VPN server.


      What are you using to run Pi-Hole and VPN server?


        @sav11 I am using a Raspberry 2 I think hahaha It was lost here in the office but I have plans to upgrade to the latest one which has usb 3.0 and it is much faster.

        I followed this https://blog.cryptoaustralia.org.au/instructions-for-setting...
        I don't remember where I saw about the OpenVPN but if you are familiar with Linux, command lines, you are fine.

        Since we all have dynamic IP addresses, I am using NO-IP so right now I am in the office but my mobile is connect to my home via VPN. 50/20 is not that bad so all good..

        Yep, don't forget about the security part, change everything, username, default ports, change everything and be happy and free :)

        OBS: To make my VPN to use Pi-Hole I just added its network port to the file settings. The "how to" over the internet tell you something different and or the pi-hole works local or it works with the VPN only. Right now it works in any way for me.

        You are welcome.


          What is the advantage in doing this over just using a regular vpn over openvpn?

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            @deeps: I'm not quite sure what you are asking.

            OpenVpn is a free VPN, you don't need anything over it, just a linux based system and voila. By having your own VPN, you know where your data is passing by.

            "This" I believe you are referring to Pi-Hole. It works like a personal DNS server which blocks ADs, some virus, spam, it blocks tracking such as your smart tv, windows computer, mobile from sending over information about you, what you do, etc.

            Pi-Hole + VPN is the best thing I have ever found.


          Thanks mate. I have a RPi3 lying around so will have a crack at Pi-Hole using that guide.

          I'm pretty much a noob on Linux/command line so if you do remember or find the guide you used/a decent one for OpenVPN and the settings you mentioned would appreciate a link.


    I got 2 and had incredibly bad disconnection issues, like nothing else, I tried everything. They've written a new firmware after we put in some bug reports.


    I don't know if the firmware will fix the issues :/ They suggested I buy another and try it, I want to like the device, but concerned, man the disconnects were bad (as in entire unit wifi turned off)

    Ok sigh, I try, again - fingers crossed……….


      How'd you go on the updated firmware?


        I think this connection issue is specific to certain wifi adaptors or environment. Other have reported no issues.


          Not true in the slightest, check the GL.INet forums.

          Also did you watch the video I made?

          The entire device DROPPED BROADCASTING ENTIRELY - no more SSID, wifi effectively turned off.

          It either rebooted or dropped itself into airplane mode (?!) and back on.
          I'm testing a new one now for them.

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