Tyrrell's Variety Chips $2 Each or 3 for $5 @ The Reject Shop


This popular deal is back. Original credit to summithunter.

I missed out on the deal last time and saw most flavours disappear from the website, but now it's back.

To repeat the first deal, these are usually over
$2.50 each when on special or half price at Woolies or Coles.

Flavours are honey soy chicken, curry night korma, tomato salsa, sweet chill & red pepper and worcestershire sauce & sun-dried tomato. The ones I bought expire in May 2020.

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The Reject Shop
The Reject Shop


  • +1 vote

    Love these flavours


      Sweet chilli and red pepper is one of the best flavours of crisp I've ever had. (Second only to Red Rock Deli Red Wine and Tuscan Herbs).

  • +1 vote

    They have the best salt and vinegar flavour! Sadly not part of this deal but was half price at Woolies the other week