BenQ W2700 4K Home Theatre Projector $2199 Delivered @ VideoPro


Free shipping to most locations.

Not listed on their ebay store.

Also known as HT3550 model.

Touted as best value/performance 4k projector.

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    Is it really true 4k?

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      No 1080p pixel shift


      Yes It is.

      Some people will say it is 1080p lol….try to run a game with a 580rx than….


      The image projected is 4k but the chip used to project it is 1080 with pixel shifting. Suppose a somewhat close analogy is a CRT TV that only has a gun painting 1 pixel at a time firing quick enough to make a whole large resolution to the human eye.

      I have this projector and the details are good. HDR doesn’t seem to get achieved for me when I compare it to my 4K LG LCD TV. I have this set up in a dedicated theatre room projecting at 150”. It makes a good movie experience.


    Does it have hdr?


      No it has something called tone mapping or something like that.


        Link above says HDR10 actually. I need to replace my old W1070 and I can't decide between a 4K projector or a big TV, but I know it has to have HDR because my bedroom TV has it and it looks brilliant. I read it makes a difference even on projectors.


          Just like the 4k it's marketing. It doesn't have the brightness, no entry level does. It takes the HDR info and adjusts the images to make it appear hdr by tone mapping and uses the dynamic iris to help.

          I think even the high-end projectors does this. Just like pixel shift I don't think it's a bad thing, still looks great to me. If you're all about image quality then no projector will ever beat a high-end tv but for me a larger screen is more enjoyable than these sort of details.

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    4k on a projector is bs

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    Lots of issues with this model on avforums so read up on it before purchases.

    Saying that I went from the w1070 to this and 4k at 120" is great. Overall image is much better than the 1070.

    It is quite noisy though so that may bother many especially if you're watching quiet scenes or tv. I only use mine to watch movies meaning the volume is up quite high so I don't mind it.


      still using the 1070 after 5 years or so …good brand


        Time for an upgrade :) but read through avforums first though, I didn't have as many issues as those guys so I've been happy.


    Actually the discount is offered by Benq instead of Videopro.


      I think it's from BenQ too, but can't find it on their webpage

      Your link seems to be a different promo, with different T&C

      1. Total number of BenQ W2700 projector units to be claimed as part of this promotion is one hundred (100).
      2. Participants requesting a discount code shall be deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions.
      3. Promotion will run from 00:00 11th November – 23:59 30th November 2019

      Whereas this deal, is instant cashback / straight off discount upon purchase until 31/01/2020


        If I buy within the date…but they already sold more than 100 units…


          After you submit the form on line, you will receive a discount code from Benq. You can get $400 discount with the code when you pay for the projector.


          this deal is different from what he posted

          you can buy straight from videopro at $2,199 at checkout

          no need mess around with cashback

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