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JUSTSIM Black Friday Promo – 25% off Storewide & Extra Data Promotion


Hi, OzBargainers.

Home is JUST a SIM away!
Christmas is on our doorstep. I believe all of you are now planning Christmas shopping and of course, where to go in this long Christmas/New Year break. Whether you are thinking of the best way to stay connected while you are overseas or a gift to your loved ones who also plan to travel, JustSim is always keen to help.

We are happy to announce JustSim will join this Black Friday Super Sale on Nov 29, 2019. The time will be the whole week prior to the Big Day, starting from Nov 23 till Nov 29, 2019.

Our Deal
Nov 23 – 29, 2019
Coupon Code – BLACK25

The current EXTRA DATA promotion will continue. This means that while you enjoy this BLACK FRIDAY 25% discount, you also enjoy DOUBLE DATA for Europe and South America 5GB SIM until end of 2019. Extra 2GB data for most Asian SIMs will now extend to Mar 31, 2020! Let JustSim contribute to and share your joy in this festive season.

Our Products
All JustSim SIMs are easy to use and cover most popular travel destinations globally. Our most popular SIMs include the UK & Europe, Japan, USA and Australia/NZ while China and Southeast Asia are also growing rapidly.
* Plug and Play, no registration needed.
* Prepaid sim, no hidden cost and free shipment.
* Great value for money, started from less than $19 and some are less than $0.9 a day (after discount).
* 100% Money back guarantee
* Live chat on our site or by email at support@justsim.com.au

We use AusPost in shipping the orders and shipment is FREE. AusPost is usually very reliable. However, during this Black Friday promotion week and pre-Christmas busy days, we expect that there could be some delay. Please allow some extra time for delivery or order what you need earlier. Should you have any urgent need, please let us know to see what we can possibly do to help.

We are JustSim, your one-stop shop of travel SIM cards. Like most Aussies, our team members love to travel! We know how important it is to always stay connected with our loved ones whilst overseas. That’s why we started JustSim hoping to help Aussie travellers with the easiest and most convenient mobile connection options!

We just celebrated our Grand Opening with enormous good feedback from our happy customers including you guys from OzBargain. We chatted with our customers on our website and emails providing opinions relating to their communication needs during their overseas travelling. At the same time we are also pleased to receive a lot of recommendation and feedback helping us to improve our services. JustSim extends our sincere thanks to all of you, not only in your purchases and support to JustSim, but also your valuable opinions which we learnt a lot from.

When we planned to start JustSim, we set our core objective – customer satisfaction. No matter you are travelling for fun or for business, your needs will always be our No. 1 priority. We tested and screened the best and most value for money travel SIMs available in the market before including them in our product list. This will be an ongoing process and we keep updating our SIMs in order to provide the best option to fit your communication needs. To make this work, we love to hear from you about using JustSim travel SIMs. So please do share your travel experiences as well as your lovely pics on your trip with us and all JustSim fans.

JustSim now serves Australia and New Zealand. Please visit :

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    which network does it use on NZ? have planned a trip to NZ during xmas


    At singapore atm using justsim, nice and easy setup process, fast network, stayed LTE the whole time, would recommend


    Nice to know that. Enjoy.

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    Your 3 UK sim cards don't work in Colombia.

    Source: I'm here right now and it doesn't work.


      The roaming partner in Colombia is Telefonica.
      It should work but the coverage is not in whole country. As in most countries, signal may not be available in some area particularly in rural area. Can you please contact our support chat direct or send us email with your 3UK phone number or SIM number so we can check for you. By the way where are you at in Colombia?


        Telefonica is generally called Movistar. It doesn't work at all - not in Bogota (the capital) or on the coast. Right now I'm in Santa Marta.

        It's not your fault and not necessarily 3 UK's fault either - it's just Movistar being crappy. I can see the network but Movistar won't let the sim connect to it, even if I manually specify it.

        But I'm just letting you know because it might be worth having a disclaimer or something specifically for Colombia.


          Fully understood. It happens in countries not like Aust or the US. Also I can see the coverage of the country is far worse than home even our area is much larger. I have the coverage map. Even in the covered area the signal may not be strong enough or too busy for us to get on. Sorry about this but don't think any other SIM can do better because of the local network itself. Surely will reflect to 3UK. However, they have already stated that all services will depend on the local network provider. Think they know already. According to the coverage map, while some are not covered, some are still in 2G……
          Many thanks for letting us know anyway. Appreciate it.


    So no double data for USA and the biggest call sim you have is 8gig ?


    Hi OP, with Japan sim card, is there any data limit usage per day?


    The FUP is 6GB (8GB if activated before Mar 31, 2020). That's the limit in the 15 days. No limited per day but once it's reached, no speed shaping and the SIM is finished.


    Any calls and data SIMs for Singapore 12 days?


    If you want calls and data, this will suit you : https://www.justsim.com.au/product/uk-and-europe-30-days-5g-..., $35, 25% applies.


    Hi where do I find the coverage maps for Japan? I have not heard of that Chinese company. Seems strange that the japan SIM can have both data and calls given that Japan is strict on this and usually you have to show a decent amount of id to get one once you are there?


    Hi, there.
    No one telecom can cover every country globally, be US, EU, Japan or China. The solution is roaming - using your phone on other countries' network by the cooperation between telecoms, including data and calls. China Unicom is one of the 3 largest telecom in China and her key strength is all over Asia. JustSim has screened and tested the SIMs making sure they work before we list in our stores. We also choose the most stable and best value for money SIMs for each destination. One member of our team loves Japan so much and travels to Japan two times a year. This SIM never failed him. Because the SIM roams in Japan, you will enjoy the same network as local Japanese users. The roaming partner in Japan is Softbank, which should give you enough confidence.
    Any further quesiton, feel free to let us know.


    When will the "USA – 30 Days 5GB* Data Sim" expire? As I am planning to travel to Hawaii in Oct 20.



    End 2020


    how do you check your remaining balance with these sim cards???

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