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A4 Copy Paper $2, SanDisk USB $2, Cygnett Mount $7, Google Home Mini $36, Fitbit Charge 3 $118, Canon 1500D 18-55mm Kit $427 @HN

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    16GB USB $2

    At this price they are almost disposable lol.
    USB 2.0. Yep. Definitely disposable.

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      it'll take 2 days to fill that 16g

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        Oh I don't think you'll be putting on anything permanent there.
        This is for when you have to hand something in on a USB.

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        And yet only microseconds to land fill it.

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      Shows 7$ on the website…
      hows it 2$ where is the ad?

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        When does the big blue box say it will go live?
        Still gotta wait until Black Friday for Black Friday specials..

    • I still remember paying $50 for a 512MB USB drive thinking that was larger than life back then in the early 2000's.

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        Woah, look at you.

        Back when Offieworks felt relatively new I got a Sony USB for $85 marked down from $99.95 and it was only 128MB!

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        I remember paying $250,000 for a 4 x 630MB drives many many years ago

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          Ahhh, there's always one.
          "I remember paying $2,000,000 for a 1 byte USB"

          • @pennypincher98: Odd, I remember wanting $2,000,000 AND a USB drive of any capacity.

            Where were you..

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          That's still the price for PS Vita memory.

      • I remember HN having a $1 per MB special on their memory cards and sticks many years ago, then over charging for the high capacity cards as their normal price was lower than $1 a MB. I still remember arguing with the sales guy why I would be charged $128 for a 128MB card when the price sticker on the packaging is $99.99.
        I don't trust HN and only ever buy from them if it's a throughly researched bargain/clearance product.

        • The bigger issue could well be with the HN franchisee. I'm on a chatty level with our local HN and he complains that HN decide the specials and the franchisee shop has to at times wear a loss or provide a product for zero gain to them.
          I find the best way to do it is order online and specify your shop of collection, that way you can avoid any discussion over price. Sounds as if in your case it's the franchisee's salesperson you had a blue with.

          • @philart: This was about 15 years ago and the shop has changed franchisee at least once since then and they still employ a bunch of tools dressed up as sales people.
            I recently picked up an online order and the sales guy was chatting up a sales woman and took a good 2-3 minutes to acknowledge the fact I was there. I even popped my head into the sales office and not even the manager was there.

        • That sounds very Harvey Norman

      • I remember when things were more on the floppy side ;) good old 1.2mb of storage

      • my frist 256MB transcend USB cost me over $100 in 2004, before that I was using floppy in Uni so from 1.44MB to 256MB I was so happy by then.

    • ordered my 3 for local pickup :) $6 nice

  • That might be lowest price ever on fitbit chrg 3

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      Fitbit been sold to Google. If you want your health metrics private don't buy

      • Heard in a podcast that the US government is trying to block the sale because of this.

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          Any intention on acquisition success or not should stay away

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    You're on a roll OP. Keep them coming!

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    Hope Amazon price matches the mini, free shipping with prime!

  • Google Home Mini $36 any good? new one coming out right?

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      New one is out, not much different

      Only real difference is the sound is better on the nest mini

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      We didn't aspire to home automation or voice control but got one as a gift. Previous experience with voice recognition was a disaster - I had fights with a Satnav. The Mini turned around our opinion. Voice recognition is excellent. The voice of the device sounds human.

      One issue. To get the most out of it, you need to allow Mr Google access to all your data. It records everything. You can clear it but that only clears your access, not Google's access.

      When you get one, "OK Google, what's that smell".

    • Grabbed two new nests for $40 each, just have to hunt

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    Clear copy a4 paper limit of 1 per customer.

    • Where u see that i see no limits on that deal, limits on the sandisks tho, It's ok i found it on the website :) All good just bring some family if u want more :)

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      Use those daigou's tactics. Go out & back in, for more baby milk.

  • Could you upload the full catalogue as an image OP? :)

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    Got excited at the Acer monitor until I realised it wasn't UHD and it retails at $220 elsewhere

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    The Sandisk 64GB MicroSD is currently $13 if any one cares

  • Realised the sale starts in 4 days. Please ignore

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    Little bit off topic but, does anybody know if there are any deals for mirrorless cameras for black friday? Seen quite a few DSLRs but not mirrorless

  • That's cheap for the ns51 package, currently listed at $1897 lol

  • More interested in the car mount. Anyone know the quality?

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      I had one, and it wasn't great. I have a heavy duty UAG case. I stuck a magnet on the back, and it kept flopping , so I bought a spring loaded vent one. Currently $19 at HN, but I couldn't see it on the site.

  • Can not add more than 2 paper to cart?

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    Has anyone had a skin rash from the Fitbit Charge 3?
    I've currently got a Garmin Vivosport and pretty much can't wear it because it destroys my skin. I've tried so many different rash creams, including the strongest thing my GP said he was able to prescribe.

    Garmin have been pretty good about it, they asked for my proof of purchase and said they'd give me a full refund. I bought it from Amazon US via AU. Waiting for the guy to get back to me. I know the Fitbit has interchangable bands and there are some made of different materials, so I am planning on buying one of these when they go on sale Friday.

    • +1

      I stopped wearing my Fitbit because of the same reason. Forget the model but it's the most basic one with just a couple of lights and no screen. It was fine initially but a few months in, I started to get a reaction even though I took it off to shower/wash dishes/etc so it didn't get wet. Maybe the sweat and the material caused a reaction.

      I wear an Apple watch daily (and have for the past five years) and funnily enough both the Sports plastic (forgot the fancy Apple name for it) and the fabric are fine for me and have no rash/issues.

    • +1

      Bought a garmin for the Mrs and she ended up with skin problems after a few weeks. Unfortunately she just stopped wearing it so now it's basically an expensive paperweight. I don't think the band was the trouble with hers seemed to be around the actual sensor area. Did some research and found that it was a fairly common issue

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      Does it contain nickel? can be a common cause of rashes/allergy

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      My Charge3 stops syncing after 25 days of use, got full refund. Using garmin vivosmart4 now. But i prefer fitbit app over garmin.
      I got no skin issue on both, use them for jogging, swimming, gym, sleeping (but not showering).

  • Merged from SanDisk Cruzer Blade 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive $2 (Free C&C/$7.95 delivery) @ Harvey Norman
    Go to Deal

    *******Please note this memory is USB 2.0

    Back up, share, and transfer files even when you’re on the move with the SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB 2.0 Flash Drive. Featuring a sleek and compact design, it fits easily inside your bag or purse.

    Key Features
    Thanks to its 16GB capacity, the SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB 2.0 Flash Drive provides generous space for storing documents, software, multimedia, and more.
    With support for drag-and-drop file backup, this USB flash drive lets you transfer data to and from a compatible device without hassle.
    Showcasing a sleek red and black design, this SanDisk flash drive coordinates well aesthetically with many electronic devices.

    • Reliable drive. Used one daily for a few years now

      • One plugged into my PC right now.

    • +1

      There are 4 different colors of it: pink, green…got 2 of each!

    • +2

      Good for kids assignments

    • +1

      The only issue I've found with these is the outer shield of the plug is all plastic rather than steel and mine has cracked. I have to be a little careful inserting it into the port now.

      • It’s 2 bucks!

        • +1

          It's a great price. Just be aware that the plug has potential to break off inside your USB port.

      • Same. The casing is thin plastic and can crack/break easily. Just need to be careful when using.

        • Damn I was tempted to buy 4 and stick them all into my PC for time being..!

          A lot of unused USB ports hahahahaha good usage

      • I've 3D printed new housings for them before. Not the prettiest, but they're functional.

    • +1

      Max. 3 per person.

      • +2

        3 of each colour - there's 4 colours :)

    • Perfect for storing Windows or Linux ISOs!

    • Great for school when children in my class have a computer wig out and quickly need to back things up before IT get to it.
      Also great for Windows installs and Bios flashes.

      Thanks heaps OP.

    • +2

      Christmas and birthdays sorted, thanks, got 3 of each

      • My wife will be stoked!

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    Sale had started. Pls update deal OP

  • Any link for the cygnett magnet?

  • Price beat the GHM at bunnings for additional 10% off!

  • Can only add one paper?
    Some of the products cannot be ordered in requested quantity. Contact us if you need help

    • "Limit of 1 per customer"

      • +1

        Comon Gerry!

  • Any camera gurus. Is the nikon d7500 a good price? I'd probably sell the lenses and buy primes.

    Mainly want 4k video and good quality images. Plus low light capabilities

    Wondering if there is anything else to look at around $1200. I'd love FF but it might be too much a stretch as $1200 is already stretching. I was looking at a7 ii on special though but the lenses might be the killer for me.

  • Tried buying 1 pack of the $2 paper online. After a few hours my order was rejected and refunded XD

    • Ordered 1 pack of the $2 paper in my name and 1 in partners name , got an SMS ready to pickup for both.

  • I just went in and picked up a dozen of the USB sticks… The person did not care about any limits.

    Available in multiple colours by the way… Pink, Black, Green, Blue

    • Well IF you bought 3 of each colour, that's the limit

  • Just picked up a Fitbit Charge 3 and 3x 16GB USB sticks. No issues at the register, they all scanned as per the sale prices on the website.