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Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm BT $298 (OOS), T5 1TB SSD $198, Logitech M185 $5, MX Master 2S $74, Sony A7 III $2198 @ Harvey Norman


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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • The Samsung Galaxy Watch is showing as $348 in their Black Friday Catalogue, starting in a few days. 😛

  • Sony A7III out of stock according to the website. Hopefully they change this before it starts

  • Was thinking of price match at office works, but it seems out of stock at every stores in Sydney

    • PBG @ OW via phone 1300 OFFICE (1300 633 423) mate. It's much easier and without jumping through the store manager made-up excuses. So long as they process it over the phone, you are good to pick up. Just tell them this is the price at Harvey Norman and it should be sweet…they shouldn't put a radius around you like they claim in-store.

      • Too late if you're in Victoria, not a single store with stock.

        • as in at OW or HN? you aren't tied to state with PBG dude…they will factor in usual delivery fees. If OW have it in their network of stores and warehouses they will get it to your pickup location (local OW store)

    • Just called them, no stock at all.

  • Costo needs to get on board with Black Friday…

  • Smartwatches……if ever there was a solution looking for a problem, these are it.

    • Not sure what you mean by this, they're extremely convenient, it's nice to listen to music while working out without having to carry a phone.

      • Glance at a message without getting your phone out.

        Pay without getting your phone/wallet out.

        I suppose we could just use cash and pay phones?

        • Glance at a message without getting your phone out.

          Pointless if the phone comes out of pocket most of the time after a notification. I know some people love having their lives interrupted every few seconds with trivial notifications so I guess if your that way then sure.

          Pay without getting your phone/wallet out.

          I make a point of paying with cash where possible to save money. The easier it is to pay the more money people lose. Not to mention the further losses caused by data collection.

          Music without a phone sounds good.

  • Will JB price match today? I have a JB voucher and would rather not risk missing out come Friday…

  • Would have been great if Samsung Rosegold 42mm model goes half price.


  • Not sure how you'll go price matching at Officeworks.

    In SA they are showing no stock at all

  • Thanks, finally caved and got one. Wanted it for ages.

  • $1 cheaper galaxy watch by HN

  • +1 vote

    $298 Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel For Xbox One And PC


  • Logitech G Pro Wireless is $178

  • it looks like the spend $600, get $100 back at sony is still up for enrolment at AMEX.

    Price match at sony.com.au for the a7III and get a further $100 off, decent but not all time greatest price. :)
    Also stack your choice of cashback vendor.

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    Re the watch, with the wireless charging, can you do it while it's still on your wrist? Reason is to have continuous measure of your HR.

    • Lol you serious?

      • Garmin FR235 etc. can do it - uses clip charger.

        • Then it's not wireless?

          • @Ryanek: You don't get the point. Whether it's wireless or not is irrelevant. Can you place the watch side on (as in pic) on your wrist to charge - that is, there is enough contact? If you don't know, no worries.

            • @ihbh: wow…ok no need to get so upset….your theory with wireless charging is bonkers tbh. I think you are explaining how NFC works but wanting it to work with via wireless charging. Comparing it to the Garmin clip is totally irrelevant and you wouldn't want to be physically tied down to your desk because you are charging your watch.

              Also being the owner of a Galaxy Smartwatch, i'd suggest not taking HR readings as bond. If you really need 24hr accurate HR readings, you might want to get a dedicated device tbh.

  • Galaxy watch my first item bought through this year's black friday sales. Thanks OP. Now to find a sweet deal on a Mavic Mini with fly more combo.

  • Ah if only they had a sale on the 4G version…

  • Great post ;)

  • Cheers op, got the wireless mouse 👍🏼

  • is the samsung watch phasing out for a new one?

  • Wait til actual BF? Or buy this week?

  • Will the TRS discount me by 10% of the original price or this price?

  • So pulled the plug on HN after it went out of stock so quickly on Amazon…Couldn't be bothered waiting until Friday….

  • Price matched at JB Hifi without any problem.

  • Returned my Fossil gen 4 last week for a full refund coz the charging rings were coming off 😳 and this deal on Galaxy watch came as a blessing!

    Went to Harvey Norman City West and picked it up. The guy there didn't know the watch had gone down to $298 and was amazed himself, haha.

    For the few hours I've used it, I like it more than Wear OS on Fossil gen 4. The fossil was slow, had a poor battery life and when I got a call on my phone, the watch would take ages to display the name of the caller. I was quite disappointed with wear OS to say the least. Never thought I'd like Tizen more than Wear OS!

    Thanks op!

  • I just bought bought the Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm from Harvey Norman Chadstone. They have plenty of stock. Thanks for sharing!

    • All stores in Victoria including Chadstone are showing out of stock. Online delivery is still available but not sure for how long.
      I just went to Jb HiFi to get it price matched without any issue. Doncaster had 8 socks left.

  • OW appear to be matching the Logitech Master 2S price in-store now (Glen Waverley store at least). Which makes it cheaper than the Anywhere 2S, still at $99.

  • Mx anywhere 2s is a great portable mice, but recently I'm having difficulty connecting it to macbook pro (I've tried to different MBP too) through Bluetooth, contacted Logitech support and they couldn't figure it out. Using their supplied USB dongle works fine though.

  • Officeworks likely to price match the SSD?

  • Warning Don't buy any more galaxy watch from Harvey Norman especially online. Every stores is no stock. They can't even give ETA or even by Christmas. So why give your money for free loan to the rich sucker Greg Harvey. Best way go to JB, they are the only one who have plenty stock and they will still give same price 298. Bloody Harvey they should take down the online order when they know they have no stock at all, what a rip off.

    • Harvey Norman and Dick Smith biggest crook in Australia history ripping off Australians for so many years before internet was a thing

      Don't buy from them

      • Dick smith website is owned by Kogan now. Dick Smith had not been owned by "Dick Smith" for a very long time before that also. Kogan on the other hand keeps evading GST selling prepaid mobile phone plans now with no GST it seems. In the past no gst on grey imports. So Kogan seems to be evading paying for our roads and infrastructure while benefiting from it all to run his business. But yeah big business is all about charging as much as possible and paying as little tax as they can get away with. Amazon ebay and all the other big players have similar accounting tricks to pay almost no tax compared to what they should. You don't get that rich by playing by the rules. Buy local and from small business if you can.