Should I Dob in and Send Dashcam Footage to The Police? Also extremely minor insurance claim.

So I bought a new car a few weeks ago and also installed a front and back dashcam.

I was stopped in traffic and I see this woman completely not paying attention and I thought she was on her phone ran up the back of me. She wasn't going to stop initially and I had to chase her for awhile beeping and she eventually pulled over.

So when she gets out she seems a little bit sorry but after she saw there was no damage to her car and it was just mine which had damage on the bumper trim caused by the screws in her number plate she changed her tune somewhat. She then was telling me how she didn't feel like she hit me and the only reason she stopped was because her proximity sensor went off but didn't feel a bump.

I didn't really care and I was like fine whatever just give me your details which she still refused. I just said it's all been recorded and I will just send the footage to the police if she doesn't.

So anyway she still refuses until I show her the dashcam footage. Sure enough after about 40 minutes of dicking around and connecting wifi and downloading there was the footage of her driving into the back of me. She gives her license and we head off.

Now watching the footage on your phone in the glare of the sun didn't really show just how much of a liar she was. You can see she was on the phone as well as her head jolt on impact. She reverses after the impact as well. She was just trying to gauge how much evidence I had.

So anyway should I report her to the police? If so how do you do it? Is there an email(NSW)?

Also this is an insanely small claim it is literally just a tiny scratch on the trim. Providing there was nothing damaged functionally do you think they would replace the trim to make it good as new as the car was new? If they could hide it etc and it was functional I would probably accept that but this lady was such a bitch about the whole process I think she needs a bloody lesson taught to her.

Edit. Simulation of the crash here


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              @uk3000: Yep rego alone is enough for police/insurance to find the owner.

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              @uk3000: The licence plate is enough.

              The police (shouldn't) give you owner details directly, due to privacy. That's why you make the police report and pass the event number to the insurer, who then obtain the relevant records from police via a formal request.

              And yes, it takes longer but better than getting done for street racing trying to catch up with the offender after the accident.

              Dashcams for the win.

              • @gth: How do I install parking cam? Or should I outsource the job?

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                  @capslock janitor: I got a blackvue 750S front and back camera setup with a power magic pro (That is what connects into your battery)

                  I did it myself but it is a bit of a bitch of a job for the first time. I think I could do it pretty quickly now though. Running the cable to the rear window was just annoying. Pulling apart trims etc.

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    As a recent victim of an accident coz some numbskull was on the phone, take the footage to police. Hopefully it will get thru to her insurance people and they will make a note that she was at fault and on the phone!

    Wi don't understand why people don't use hands-free or bluetooth in the car.

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      Because you can't do Bookface or Insta hands-free or over bluetooth.

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    Get the Police involved. She's a liar. Imagine if she was looking down at her phone and hit a kid crossing the road? Without her learning a lesson, she'll do it again. Just go to your local station.

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      Hopefully they’d be able to ping her with mobile phone use and negligent driving.

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      On that note, has anyone who noticed a driver behind own car looking at the phone, hit the brakes a bit harder than usual?
      I did, and I can tell, they drop the phone immediately. Of course my car is not the newest any more, and has a few bumps from hitching the trailer.

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        That's when it pays to have a towbar fitted on your car!

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          Yep I put my towbar back on after receiving a love tap at the lights 4 years ago. Hasn't happened since but got a good laugh when a drunk nearly broke his leg on it trying to cross the road behind my car

          • @LikeMike: Why the downvotes? I was waiting at the lights and the drunken idiot decides its better for him to cut across behind my car instead of the crossing.

            • @LikeMike: I didn't downvote but it's probably the joy in someone hurting themselves doing something technically wrong but pretty harmless.

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    Feeling uneasy about dobbing her in? I'd love to be on 10% commission in a scheme in which dashcam footage submitted to Police led to fines. I think I could accumulate a fortune very quickly!

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    Go to the police station, this time it was only a car, next time it's a family crossing the road!

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      Next time she'll hit a parked car and won't leave a note

      • The worst

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          Happened to me a few weeks ago. But thankfully a witness took pics!

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            @CVonC: Good samaritan! pheww

            • @capslock janitor: Yep so grateful! I wanted to thank them personally but my boss said they didn't want to be involved further which is fair enough. Just picked up my car today actually. Looks great :D

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    Given you (eventually) exchanged details, in NSW there's no requirement for police to investigate.

    Having said that, there nothing stopping a police officer from investigating and proceeding with the mobile phone offence, if you decide to report it.

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    I had a guy run up the back of my car that claimed he just miss-judged the distance. Details exchanged, apologetic etc.
    Reviewed cam footage and he was on the mobile. Thought about sending the footage in, but insurance called and advised he admitted at fault, copy of the drivers licence so i wasn't really bothered. Had there been deny of at fault or an issue with the claim, i would have taken it well further and sent it to the cops.
    It was a light scratch, but still cost $2k + rental car costs to the guy and turns out his car had dealer plates…. so i'm guessing that would've gone down well at their work too.
    Was given an update after a few months post the claim that it'd been referred to debt collectors and heard nothing more.

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    I'd love to see the footage, not sure why just curious to see this entitled person. Also I'm very keen on getting a front and rear camera for my car want to see what expectations I should have.

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    Dob the "Bi#@h" in. Show the cops the footage… it was because of her phone usage that she caused an accident (hid and run)… and could have been a child - laying helpless on the road.
    You have the evidence… you have the duty as an upstanding citizen. Do it…do it…doooo itttt

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    Police won't do a thing! Been through many situations like this even with stolen, damaged property and footage etc. They are useless. Better off taking a little revenge yourself like deflating a tyre :)

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    Have little hope the police would care, but definitely try… This is exactly how motorcyclists get severely injured or killed.

    • Probably because it involved using a phone while driving they'd be right on it.

  • Absolutely report her! Plus post it on social media and tag @nswpolice and @ACurrentAffair9

    If you were on a motorcycle or push-bike she could easily have killed you.

    If she admitted fault, apologised and offered to pay the damages it, then I would cut her some slack.

    But given her behaviour, she deserves to have the book thrown at her.

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    If I sent my rear dash cam footage to the cops every time it picked up someone behind me using their phone in traffic it would be my full time job.

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      Lots of under employed people with an axe to grind in this country. Maybe you can ask them for assistance?

    • Haha yeah. I get how people stuck at lights etc might glance at their phone but they aren't moving. She was in traffic it's so dumb.

    • Wouldn't be surprised if it's their next big idea. Send us your dash cam footage, win a prize if a conviction is made…

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    Video link it, or it didnt happen.

    • Yeah I was going to post it to dashcams australia

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    Yes, how is this even a question

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      Snitches get stitches yo

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        Bitches cause other people to get stitches yo

        On a serious note, new cars have padding under the metal shell, and when it undergoes the first impact it crumbles to disperse the kinetic energy, thus taking away the force and saving the occupants. You should get it inspected, because if it crumbled in your car, the next impact can seriously injure you.

        Source: I got rear ended. I gave the local police a USB stick with the footage. Video shows guy hitting me and speeding off, and eventually he pulls into a petrol station and crouches down checking the front of his car for damage (even though I haven't even confronted him yet).

        • Yep I am getting it fixed. It's a small scratch but given how hard she hit it is obvious it should have done more so I suspect that might be the case.

        • What's that mechanism called?

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    I would definitely report the other driver - her attitude towards you (and your family) following the accident was disgusting.

    The fact that it was a minor accident is just good luck.

    Considering the recent roll-out of mobile phone detection cameras, this should be picked up by the police as that driver needs a wake-up call that obviously the minor accident didn't quite achieve in view of her efforts to deny what had happened until you presented her with the dashcam evidence.

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    If you can spare the time, please go to the police with this?
    People shouldn't be using their phones like that while driving.
    What if she kills someone? You could be saving lives if the police do something about it and she changes her behaviour.

    • I rang the police assistance line and they weren't too interested.

      They said that my insurance should be telling the police. However my insurance company wasn't really interested in the footage.

      • I rang the police assistance line and they weren't too interested.

        I hate it when this happens. Makes me feel like they're a waste of money and want to avoid voting for governments who will increase their funding.

        I suppose they've got stabbings, etc to deal with first.

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          Being uninterested because they have too many "stabbings etc" means they're under-staffed.

          They've implied "we don't have enough resources to investigate these minor things", and your response is "that's outrageous! You should investigate! Therefore I will ensure you receive no more resources."

          Does this sound like a logically sound strategy to you?

          • @abb: That was not my response at all. Pay more attention before blurting out a knee-jerk reaction like this.

            Makes me feel like they're a waste of money and want to avoid voting for governments who will increase their funding.

            Feeling something != coming up with a logically sound strategy.

            But I don't just take actions based on my feelings. I'm the one who implied that they're under-staffed by stating:

            I suppose they've got stabbings, etc to deal with first.

  • Was the woman in a Mercedes Benz?

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      nah a VW.

  • I don't mind people on their phones at lights, but I can't stand a liar. Dob her in.

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      I do - they constantly miss the lights turning green and often cause those behind to miss that phasing. They always seem to manage to get through, though (after being beeped).

      • They always seem to manage to get through, though (after being beeped).

        Yep, this makes it all the more annoying.

        I also hate it when we get a green light with no arrows, and the driver in front doesn't drive forward into the intersection, then doesn't go around when there are huge gaps in the oncoming traffic. They wait into the orange light and then go around, meaning they're the only car that manages to get though on that light cycle!

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    I'm going to chime in and +1 to all the people that are telling you to dob her in.

    She did damage to your brand new car and then tried to lie about it. You should be taking this further on principle alone, not to mention the property damage.

    There are ways to conduct yourself - if she was gracious about it, there was actually no damage, it was a old car etc then fine. None of this applies.

    And all cards on table, this has happened to me but I had no dash cam. I had to chase her down, had my phone secretly recording and managed to catch her daughter admitting there was an impact, she lied to the end. Police will not care, you have to file with insurance and then email your case manager. Mine was with NRMA and she was all over it as my video recording made things much easier.

    Edit: Also, if it's a new car your insurance will definitely sort you out with a new bumper

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      Username checks out.

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    F5in this thread until dash cam link.

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    Be aware that while your plastic bumper will spring back to shape like nothing happened, clips behind it can be broken. Can easily be a couple hundred dollars. It's worth it to you to make an insurance claim.

    • Have made a claim. Just gotta take it into the repairer now. Just annoying thats all too busy to deal with this shit.

      Also getting hire car with child seats sent out. :)

  • YES

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    Upload and publish the video in YouTube.

    Alternatively upload the video to Dash Cam Owners Australia @ and they will do all uploading.

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      Thanks /u/threadsummarybot!

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    report it, hand dash cam footage over.

    Essentially she's hit and tried to run. Imagine if she hit another car, harder, or a child.

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    Ken oath. What a piece of shit. Something similar happened to me, but the other driver approached me and was honest about it, so I let it go.

    Just think about it. If she stopped, it seems like you may have let her off.

    I can't stand dishonest scum like this.

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      Yeah I got the response I figured I would get from the assistance line. I was hoping there was somewhere I could just send the footage and her license and be done with it.

      But if I bring it into a police station that takes a decent amount of time on my behalf and they probably won't give a shit.

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    She sounds like a dangerous scumbag. Absolutely report her.

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    She deserves to loose her licence.
    Hit and run
    Failure to produce license details
    Using phone whilst driving

    I would complain about the whole lot

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    I've had the exact opposite experience. I got "tapped" from behind while stationary which resulted in just a mark into the plastic bumper. (Brand new car too)
    Pulled over and the guy was straight up honest and owed up. He was looking at this phone and had taken pressure off the brake pedal!
    Also disclosed they didnt have any property / comprehensive insurance and were struggling with money and on welfare.

    Ended up exchanging details and went home to review the dash cam footage and decided not to claim / file police report and just leave it.
    Partly I think cause of the polite honesty and that putting a claim in + police report would might have put him over the edge financially + taken away car for work etc.

    • Yeah I probably would be evaluating that option if she wasn't such a bitch about it trying to weasel out of it every opportunity she could.

    • Tell him to pay attention to the road! ALl the while being uninsured?? Next person he hits might not be so understanding.

  • Submit it to "Dash Cams Australia", it's a popular YouTube Channel

  • If you're ever involved in a accident and the other person doesn't want to give you their details you can just take a photo of their number plate so you can give it to the police.

  • What shit go from that person. Submit it to the cops.

  • Crush her, she deserves it.

  • Is the insurance company fixing the car without you paying the excess?

    They usually don't unless you have the other party's details.

    Always get their information

    • I did she was just being annoying about it.

      • Ah then all sorted. Good job.

  • dob her in

    teach her a lesson about being honest

  • +1 for dob in.

  • heee howa on her.. make fire rain on her!

    I hate people using phones while driving.

    These (profanity) not only put themselves in danger (don't give a flying rat's crash landed arse) but they are a danger for others (me concern).

  • Put in the insurance claim. If the impact was what you said it was (head jolt) then some clips could have broken and over time the bumper could start sagging. Often the damage is on the inside, not the outside.

  • Claim it on your insurance. They will hound her for damages and she can try lying her way out of that. Shame you showed the footage… would have been good to see her caught in a juicy lie on a recorded call and have to explain

  • I got rear ended earlier this year and on the surface the damage appeared to be very minor. The insurance assessor pointed out the damage to the steel reinforcement behind my bumper which had been bent like a banana.

    Tldr: damage could be worse than it appears.

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    Love your simulation of the crash here, definitely go to the police with your evidence as the next person might not be so lucky and have dash cam footage. Wish the message would get thru to people about not using your mobile phone well driving!

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      Yeah I will Goto the police. What tipped me was that crash on the M5 and the poor kid who died.

      Looks like the samish scenario but with a truck.

  • Just submit an accident report to the police. When she doesn't submit hers they'll sort it out.

  • did you post it on here? she is probably an Ozbargainer.

  • Question - are you happy with the performance of your Dashcam? Do you wish you had a better one or did this do the job just nicely?

    Dob her in for sure. Looking forward to updates!!!

    • Yeah it's pretty good saved my ass already which might skew my judgement somewhat. Got this one for 580.

      I guess the main downside is I need a way bigger SD card to handle parking mode and 2 channels.

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    That's pretty scummy of her to deny any wrong doing like that, then refusing to give details.

    At that point I wouldn't bother discussing the details of the accident any further and insisted on getting details then putting it through insurance. If she refuses turn her into the cops for not giving details + a few demerit points for being on the phone. She deserves all of it.

    But yes, report it to the police and post a video of it on ozbargain for future case studies (blank out the personal details of course)

  • Please report this. Can't stand people using their mobiles while driving. She gets more negative points for trying to weasel her way out of it.

    Also, love the video. Must have been a massive screw!

  • It's infuriating that during the early days of mobile phones the severity of using them while driving was really emphasised, and the evidence of them being a killer distraction was strongly established. Nowadays phone playing while driving has become normalised and is now considered to be 'a teensy bit naughty' at the very worst by perceived wowsers, and most people (genuinely I believe it's most) use their smartphones in the hand while driving on a regular basis, and don't think it's even remotely wrong.

    Report her in the hope that it'll influence a change of behaviour (it probably won't but these things should still be tried). My greatest fear in the world is being accidentally killed by someone doing something selfish and moronic.

    • What happened to that poor kid on the M5 has convinced me to dob her into the cops. Just need to make time to do it.

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    Report her and get your rightful compensation

    $1000 fine for being on the phone in QLD now

  • +1

    I just got into a minor collision.

    The other person wouldn't exchange details until I called 000.

    After that wouldn't admit fault.

    Also claimed their car had no damage so the collision didn't happen.

    Got pissed off at him so I went to the cops. At first they weren't interested but I have them the video and told them they can do whatever they want with it. They had a quick look at the video and then got interested, took some details and now I'm hoping they'll tell me if they got a ticket.

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