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Bose QC35 II Quiet Comfort Noise Cancelling Wireless Silver $338.40 Delivered @ VideoPro eBay


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Use Code PITCH20 to get it down to $338.40

From their description

'100% of our product range is genuine, local stock and comes with full warranty and support from the Australian manufacturers/distributors - no grey imports! This warranty is typically 12 months however; please feel free to ask one of our friendly sales staff for more information.'

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    same price at amazon

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    These are great and I really enjoy mine. My son's pair are down to about 10 hours maximum use about 18 months after purchase so outside the guarantee period - he uses his at least 4-6 hours a day so probably an extreme example but when checking his options I discovered that battery replacement costs about the same as a new pair. Bose seems to have the view that these are disposable - bugger that for a joke. I won't be buying anything without an easily replacable batter from now on and can't recommend these unless you don't mind tossing them when the battery dies.


    I remember over 1 & a half years ago that I will wait until these drop below $300 before purchasing. Everyone said that it would as well. I would still be waiting. At the time I even purchased it at this price or lower. Crazy.


      I'm in the exact same boat. And in true OzBargain fashion, I am staying true to my initial claim and waiting until I can find them for under $300. It's gotta happen soon… right?