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Samsung Galaxy Note10 256GB $1049.30, Note10+ 256GB $1189.30, Galaxy Buds $174.30 Delivered @ Samsung Education Store


Samsung Black Friday Sale

  • Galaxy Note10 256GB (Single Sim) - $1049.30 Delivered
  • Galaxy Note10+ 256GB (Hybrid Sim) - $1189.30 Delivered
  • Galaxy Note10+ 5G 512GB (Single Sim) - $1399.20 Delivered
  • Galaxy Buds - $174.30 Delivered

Also available:

Galaxy S10 Range

  • Galaxy S10e 128GB - $839.30 Delivered
  • Galaxy S10 128GB - $944.30 Delivered
  • Galaxy s10 512GB - $1189.30 Delivered
  • Galaxy S10+ 128GB - $1049.30 Delivered

Unfortunately the Samsung Galaxy Buds Promotion ended yesterday.

Original Deal Post

Mod Update 9/12: Deal available again.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • +6 votes

    This will be a hit amongst school kids and struggling uni students.

    • +1 vote

      lecturers, professors, staffs…

      • +1 vote

        Rods, too.

      • -1 vote

        Professors are on $160k minimum

  • +1 vote

    S10E is still more expensive than what I paid shortly after release.


    Will be additional $150 off on $1000 spend tomorrow

  • +1 vote

    This is pretty bad.. For reference note 10 was $980 on government portal just last week.


    Any way to buy from this store as I don't have an .edu email anymore (been years since I've tafed) ?

    • +1 vote

      Sign up for one of the free UTas courses listed on this site!

      • +3 votes

        Big brain comment


    To get a Note 10+ or a Oneplus 7T and buy something with the savings…


    I'm thinking of getting a Samsung Galaxy Active Watch and Galaxy Buds.

    Is it possible to claim TRS with the Samsung Education Store over $300?


    This deal is not anything special and the EPP deal is rubbish too this time around. No go for me.

    • -1 vote

      Agreed. These are not very good deals by Samsung. Boycott until they come up with something good.

  • +1 vote

    S10e is cheaper at Officeworks at $797 - if you can find stock


    HarveyNorman Blackfriday Price

    Samsung Galaxy Note10 256GB - Aura Black $888



    Samsung Galaxy Note10 is down to $999 now on Samsung EPP store.


    Any chances of a good deal on note 10 plus on Monday?


    Hey guys, i have a question. From my research over the past few days this is currently best price for the samsung note 10 plus, no other place has a sale on for it. I am really tempted to get it however everyone is saying this is not a very good deal. Since boxing day is a lot bigger sales event than black friday in Australia, will the sales be better then? I can't decide if i should just pull the trigger now and be happy with $1,186 in case the sale on boxing day is worse or should i expect a bit more? Any help is much appreciated!

    • +1 vote

      Looks like you're a little late to the party, the Note 10 could be had for $850 from few stores on Friday.

      If you're not desperately in need of the phone now, then yeah you might be better off waiting for a similar deal in future

      Edit: just saw you're after the 10+, apologies