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[PC] 62.5% off Revo Uninstaller Pro $12.47 USD (~$18.38 AUD) @ Color Mango


Perhaps the best uninstaller app out there for Windows.
Uninstalls Windows apps without leaving a trace.

Normal price: $24.95 USD

Other versions:
Portable version, unlimited PCs, 1 year updates: $14.97 USD, normal RRP: $29.95
Portable version, unlimited PCs, 2 year updates: $22.47 USD, normal RRP: $44.95

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  • I just use the Windows Uninstaller and its free !!!

  • I've used revo in the past for pesky installs that windows uninstaller couldn't see and it works great.

  • CCleaner is free? Does this do anything different?

    • Didn’t hackers successfully breached CCleaner's security and added malware into the app?

      • They sure did, but that only affected version 5.33 and there were very few confirmed cases of the included backdoor actually delivering any payload to compromised computers.

        CCleaner is still safe to use and has no freeware or paid alternative that I know of, that's as comprehensive, fast and reliable.

    • Yes, it's an entirely different product. CCleaner is predominantly a temp/junk file removal utility that frees up space and removes obsolete registry keys.

      Revo Uninstaller is a dedicated software uninstallation utility that is designed to remove all traces of virtually any installed software, including some software/updates/components that are not visible in the Windows Uninstaller and/or cannot be removed via the Windows Uninstaller, and it removes software in their entirety far beyond what the built-in uninstallers will typically do; meaning after running the built-in program's uninstaller, it then scans for any related files/folders, registry keys, shared components, services, etc and removes them as well (the program also interfaces with a regularly updated uninstall logs database that catalogues all popular software and programs and traces every single change they make to an operating environment, so that Revo will typically be able to simply follow an uninstall log to efficiently remove a popular program in a very short amount of time, rather than having to complete manual scans). Revo Uninstaller can remove software even when the built-in uninstallers fail to run, the software installation is partially uninstalled/corrupted and/or other issues prevent the software from being removed via normal means.

      Even though CCleaner now includes a rudimentary uninstallation feature under 'Tools' (that merely runs the built-in uninstaller for whichever software you select) and Revo Uninstaller has some rudimentary clean-up features that allow it to remove some common temp files, neither is a substitute for the other.

      I've been using both of them in conjunction for years with no issue and they compliment each other very well, as CCleaner misses tons of obsolete registry keys and unnecessary folders after various software has been uninstalled and Revo Uninstaller doesn't free up nearly as much space as CCleaner can.

      See my old post here about Revo Uninstaller.

  • Does antivirus software provide this functionality too?

  • Does it defrag your ram as well?

  • But then how do you uninstall this?

  • I use the free version, which is portable. Good enough for me.

  • There has been 75% and 80% on various deal sites….but I guess this will do for someone who can't wait…for that slim chance…

  • I see the discount still works