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AmEx Select + Pay with Points 30% More Value on Small Shop Spends


Not sure if this is targeted, but you get an extra 30% for cash redemption on small shop spends

1000 points = $6.50

Not the greatest, but it's ALMOST on par with before AMEX points value got wiped out in April 2019

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    Thanks for the post, OP.

    Fyi, AMEX points value before the changes was:

    1000 points = $7.41

    It's still a good value for those who have no chances to transfer but to spend.

    • … and 30% bonus on top of that for shop small last year. Oh well.

    • So what is actually worth claiming for with AMEX points now after the drop? Or have I missed the boat? I've still got 100k+ points and I don't know what to do with them.

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        If you're patient enough then keep accruing the Amex points and transfer them into Marriott's Bonvoy points to purchase a holiday package deal at right time.

        At worst, you could also top it up to speed up the redemption (aka buy some points).

        Since the huge overhaul in previous months, it lost lots of their face value but that's what available now in the market.

        • What about transferring to Singapore Airlines? Is it worth it nowadays?

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            @Jared17: Well, it depends on your situation. The current rate for the transfer to most of FF points is at the rate of 0.5;
            E.g. Amex to Krisflyer = 2:1

            You still need to factor in the fees, route and ticket class for the redemption.

            Also have a look at other similar airlines as well as a comparison. E.g.: AsiaMiles, Etihad, Emirates etc.

            Assumption: Using Amex Explorer point conversion.

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