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Logitech G920/G29 Racing Wheel for $298, Shifter $55 @ Harvey Norman


Logitech G920 (for Xbox One and PC) and G29 (for PS3/4) are on sale for $298 at Harvey Norman (RRP $499.95, though most places sell them for between $350-$400). Delivery is +$20 for me in Victoria.

Been keeping my eye out on this for a while; bought a TechFast PC and keen for a steering wheel to accompany NFS Heat.

Seems like a good mid-level racing wheel, with good reviews. The only thing stopping me from proceeding is that Black Friday isn’t truly here yet; perhaps others (i.e. Amazon) will join the party and offer better prices. If not, hopefully this Harvey Norman sale lasts for a little while after.

Link for the G29: https://www.harveynorman.com.au/logitech-g29-driving-force-r...

Shifter to suit either - $55

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Highly recommend this product, awesome wheel, great force feedback, high quality construction on pedals and wheel, easy to use and setup. Brake pedal resistance is very high however, so most just use clutch pedal for brakes unless driving true manual (in which case you'd want to buy the shifter too).

    • If your out of warranty you can open the pedals and remove the rubber stopper on the brakes. The spring on the brakes will still give enough resistance.

  • Could i use this to learn how to drive a manual car?

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    • Haha well it's a start at least but it would be a lot more forgiving than if you were really driving

    • No, it is nothing a like. Except the actions, there's a lot of feedback missing and the games aren't programed to act like 100% real cars.

    • I think it depends on the game - I have a feeling I have stalled the car on PCARS 2 so thats a start lol

      Anything that helps with muscle memory with using the clutch and gears is a positive, but the feedback just wouldn't be very realistic.

      I have this wheel and I highly recommmend it, however I personally think you need a wheel stand to go with it.

    • It is possible, you'll need to take proper lessons though as well. A friend of mine only had one lesson with driving a real car and passed his probationary licence wihh 95% of his experience coming from driving games. That being said he's probably a rare case.

  • any recommendation of what the best racing games for this?

  • Thanks. Purchased.

  • I want this for GT sport and race sims but my last Logitech wheel died just outside of warranty hmmm

  • Free 1 Hour* Click & Collect

    4 hours and still waiting for the one person in the store to process online orders.

  • Shifter is $58 with free delivery from Amazon.

  • This has not ended yet - deal is still live on harvey norman website