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Sony Alpha A7III (Body Only) - $2099 + Free Shipping @ Camera House


Sony A7 III (Body Only) - $2,099 - Save $500

Free Shipping with code: BFSHIP

Also available for Pickup in Store across our 60 store network.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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    The A7R III for $2999 + $100 gift voucher + 2.8% cashback is not a bad price either.

    Edit: Same price with $180 gift voucher here:

    • A7R III price is tempting but it should be lower than that. This price is only a few dollars less than the time before A7R IV introduction. Seems Sony is still looking to make a profit out of IIIs.

      • It's still a terrific camera though and a big step up from the A7RII. The IV is too expensive for what it offers by comparison, a relatively small incremental improvement to the III.

        • By stacking the 12% Cashback, you could buy the RIII for $2700 two weeks ago. It seems the profit margin is still there.

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    Surprised no one has put one up for $1,999 to get it under the $2k barrier

  • Stack with Amex Sony deal when pricematching Sony and it dips below $2k. Finger on the trigger… waiting for them to approve!

    • are you emailling sony directly ?

      • Option to do so on their website. Click on the A7III and scroll a touch and there should be a price match request button.

    • Is there a way for me to get the extra $100 off from AMEX Sony deal as I do not have an AMEX card at this moment? Happy to apply for one :)

    • +1

      Someone will do it for Black Friday I reckon

    • I received a response that the price match falls under their exclusions. I then noticed that they removed all standalone a7III from their website and bundled an extra battery such that it's not a like for like price match.

      • gotta love it

  • does Amex give you $100 cash back ? or is it $100 in gift voucher etc?

    • You need to have activated the offer on your Amex account

  • Somehow, Sony doesn't have any gift card promotion like last year. so lame

  • What do you guys reckon about this one? https://www.teds.com.au/sony-a7-mark-3-bundle. Its a $10 more but it included a $100 gift card

    • "Sale price includes $100 "Gift Card" discount, offer ends 24/12/2019"

      • aaaa, damn it. Snicky, haha

    • they just updated their price to 2209..

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    $2,099.00 - $200 (PRINCE200) + $9.95 shipping = $1,908.95. Finally sub $2000 Sony a7iii


  • @camerahouse : will you price match :D