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Hulu (US Streaming Service) $1.99 USD (A$2.95) Month for 12 Months - Smart DNS/VPN Required


Offer for Hulu (ad-supported) plan only: $1.99/month for 12 months, then $5.99/month. Ends 11:59 PM PST on 12/2/19. New and eligible returning subscribers only

Offer valid for new and eligible returning subscribers (who have not been Hulu subscribers in the past 12 months) only. Not combinable with any free trial of the Hulu (ad-supported) plan or any other promotional offers or pricing (including the Disney bundle); not redeemable via gift card. Any plan switch after redemption of this offer will result in forfeiture of the discount pricing.

Might be worth reading last years deal for tips - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/419632. I have had success subscribing with my Citibank MC Debit.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • I'm not paying for ads, no matter how little it is.

    • I actually find the US ads interesting/amusing in the most part.

      • I found some of the American ads a bit of a novelty at the start but as time went on they were just annoying. I'm not going to renew from last year. A lot of the stuff I watched there is on SBS on demand now, e.g. Harlots, the looming tower and Letterkenny. Admittedly SBS streaming quality isn't as good though.

      • The medication ones are wild. All cheers and smiles from the onscreen talent dancing around as the voice over talks about how you shouldn't take it if you suffer from X Y and Z and that doing so can cause internal bleeding, stillbirth, death etc. all nonchalantly.

      • Aww you're making me nostalgic for my Hulu subscription. I found it hard to sit through a full length TV commercial afterwards, you can cram so many medication side effects into a 15 second spot

    • Agreed. I find them extremely annoying. I paid Hulu for two months (1.99 each), but I don't find anything amazing there, and I agree that paying for ads is just unacceptable (for me, anyway). I would probably pay 12 (AUD) to have Hulu (no ads) + Dinsey+ together in the same platform if that was an option.

    • Are the ads just on TV shows? I usually just watch movies. Literally just put on "escape from alcatraz" and it started playing without any ads at the beginning…

      • It’s on everything - tv shows and movies. But some shows/movies seem to have less than others.

  • Not eligible on either of my previous accounts sadly. Might have to sign up with a new one.

  • Good deal if you have adblocker.

  • Oh damn, can I create a new account but use the same card? My existing .99 sub just finished!

    EDIT - Yes, you can. I subscribed using another email, but using the same AMEX card (just put an extra "0" at the end of your postcode).

  • They went up in price this year. Last year it was .99c

  • Pay and get ads? Say no more!!

  • maybe its the boomer in me talking but I just torrent stuff instead of paying for bitrate crushed streams lol

  • Signed up, but Apple won’t let me change my country to USA to download the Hulu app waaaa

    • You need to create a US account and then switch between account. pretty easy, if you hold down the home button on siri remote.

      • I’ve changed my region before to USA, downloaded the app and changed back to Australia without a problem.
        But worked out why its not working this time, I had to enter a payment method - and when I checked my email I had numerous emails from my bank saying the “transaction” looked suspicious and was blocked.

  • Canceled my recently expired account that had the 99c deal and signed back up again through an email I received for an account I haven’t used in years. $2.95/mth sure beats $8.50.

    • I paid my last month of 99c a week ago :( so this month is $3 USD - still better than the regular $6USD

  • I thought you are paying not to watch the ads….

  • do you need vpn everytime you watch on Hulu? or just when signing up?

  • Been a subscriber for years. People exaggerate about the ads. I'd say there's more to watch on Hulu than the rehashed movies and a few Netflix speciality shows.

  • Anyone with Surfshark VPN knows if this works with it?

    • I tried it with Surfshark and the two episodes or two shoes I tried streamed.

      • I may have spoken too soon. I've had issues with watching the streams after that initial setup. Not sure if it's the VPN or uBlock or both.

  • Anyone know if they do promos on the addons. HBO for example?

  • Looks like I missed out on the deal as mine went through a couple of minutes late. I was having trouble setting up the payment method and it seems I got the free trial for a month, and then it looks like I have to pay $5.99 a month afterwards. Any idea if Hulu have deals on more than once a year, or have I likely missed out for the year? Do you guys think it's worth $5.99 a month? I guess I will have to see what it has, but I only have Netflix so far to compare it to. Anyone know if Hulu has much content that other streaming services don't have, or the quantity they have compared to other streaming services?

    Also, to answer the question someone else above asked, I tried my VPN (Surfshark) to stream and I chose a server in Seattle and it seemed to work. Speedtest.net gave me a speed on 71Mbps when I ran a speedtest with the VPN https://www.speedtest.net/result/8818171745 , so not sure if that is fast enough, but yeah, the quality didn't look like 1080p to me. It didn't look like SD either, but also didn't look like full HD either with the VPN, so I"m not sure if it's the VPN, or if Hulu isn't quite 1080p on some of their content. I was going to get a Smart DNS service, but not sure which one to get between Smart DNS Proxy or DNS4Me. There's a good deal on with Smart DNS that is listed here on OzBargain, but I'm not sure if I should go with that or pay a bit more and go with DNS4Me, or just stick with the VPN for now if it works through the VPN.

    Also, I have uBlock Origin extension installed in my web browser and I didn't see any adds with the couple of shows I tried watching, so maybe uBlock Origin blocked the adds?

    There was also an option to bundle Disney+ and ESPN+ (I think it was) for $12.99 a month. Anyone know how that would work if I don't have an account with either? I am considering Disney+, but I was just going to get the Australian version.

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