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[eBay Plus] Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones Black / Silver $296.65 C&C (or + Delivery) @ The Good Guys eBay


Seems like only Silver is discounted. Black now discounted as well! eBay Plus required to achieve price in title.

Black Silver

Silver is now $298 at [Amazon](https://www.amazon.com.au/Sony-WH1000XM3-Cancelling-Headphon...)

Original Coupon Deal

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  • Are these good?

  • Damn thats nice.
    Managed to use the amazon deal this morning at Office works and pick’em up for 275.50
    This deal would work the same way I imagine. :)

  • It shows 314.10 even with discount

  • My bad, i was signed in with wrong ebay acct which didnt have plus lol.

    Nice deal, since amazon one wen5

  • Shame I already got the XM2…

  • Why isn't the bose qc35 ii on sale as much?

  • Officeworks price beat with therealdeal.com.au gets them delivered same day for $308.25

    No eBay plus needed and cheaper if you want them delivered. No deal here.

    • The ow price beat must include shipping. So 325 plus whatever they cost to ship which from memory isn't cheap so not sure you can get them for 308?

  • I bought this colour earlier this morning from Amazon. If you ask me silver looks better than black. Too many people have black nothing unique about that

    • The only and very important negative with silver is that it looks dirtier sooner than the black one. It looks better otherwise, no doubt.

      • Yes very true. As long as you shampoo your hair everyday and don't have dirty fingers when you touch it should be fine. Not for everyone.

        • Agree, definitely not for those who don't wash their greasy hands after having food and instead 'clean' them with tissues/ paper napkins.

  • i held off last year because I had XM2 and thought this year there would be XM4. Kind of disappointed that there isn't. Might have got this a year ago since prices have not really decreased since a year ago.

  • $246 with my ebay plus voucher - and it's Friday afternoon. Winning.

    • How did you get the voucher?

      • It was the ebay+ joining offer. Paid $49 and got a $50 ebay voucher. So in a way i still paid $300 for the headphones and got ebay+ for free. Ill let you know in a year if it was worth it 😊

        • I think Amazon Prime offer of Amex ($40 back) is really worth it if you buy stuff (even the cheap items such as books, toys, etc) from the US and get shipping free. Not sure how effective eBay Plus is.

  • Thank you! I'd pretty much given up on a sub-$300 pair after this morning's Amazon sale until this showed up. $301 w/del
    Finally a proud owner! :)

  • Thank you, just used the free ebay plus trial. Hopefully I get them C&C tonight :)

  • Sony Australia just listed a "box damaged" black version, for those without eBay plus who only get 10% off this deal, it works out to be a few dollars cheaper delivered https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/283692842914 .

  • Just to share if u r head g to Swiss. It's $199 chf for black Friday!!!

  • Been eyeing them for months now and finally picked up a pair. Thanks!

  • Has the deal ended even though it says it ends on 2/12? Got a plus trial but it doesn't apply any discount.

    I can only use one of the PILGRIM ($341) and PRINCE200 ($370) coupon.

    Can't seem to apply the ebay plus PITCH20 (20% off) coupon neither.

    Is it only available during the day or something?

  • Can we charge it using the same type C charger that we use for mobile? Any issues with voltage / amp?

  • Thanks OP I got one,
    Any one else still waiting for a pickup confirmation email from Goodguys? I bought mine on Friday with a Saturday pick up. Still waiting for email and no reply to messages.

    • Yep still waiting. Ordered over the weekend. Only have the order being processed email.

      I called good guys twice - they say they're crazy busy. My order hasn't even been dispatched yet.

      Never again with good guys online. I have orders from Amazon delivered after a day or two.