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Giant Inflatable Bin Chicken $47.96 + $6.95 Shipping @ Frothies


Just noticed Frothies has a Black Friday sale and everything 20% off but the big inflatable ibis is more than 40% off.

Go swim in some bin juice atop of this amazing thing.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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    post of the day

    • Decade.

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    Finaly something worth buying

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    Can it run Crysis?

    • +7

      Obviously not, but I'm pretty sure in 6 months they'll have it running Doom.

  • wtf

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    Pink flamingos are sooo passé

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    Far too expensive for a pool toy, however it's an upvote for me, for funniest post.

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    After a short dash in the sun will make itself at home… in the bin

    • No on top as scarecrow to his mates away

  • what a price

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    Nothing says Christmas like a bin chicken

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    This seller gets a vote for me for the description alone…

    "I bet you never dreamed of riding a noble bin chicken steed into the sunset, did you? Well now's your chance. Buy a blow up bin chicken today and ride it like you stole it."

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    The woodpecker bird likes pecking wood
    The bluebird's a bird that sings pretty good
    Sparrows are a bird that are pretty cool ay
    But the ibis is a bird that drinks bin juice all day

    A crow is a bird with a heaps mad squawk
    A cockatoo's a bird with a sick mohawk
    Chicken is a bird that tastes good and lays eggs
    And ibises are bin juice drinking dregs
    A goose is a bird that's chilled like a duck
    An ibis is a bird that's a picnic wrecking (profanity)!

    Doves are birds that represent purity
    Ibises wreck picnics and disrupt the community
    Penguins are birds that fall in love and mate for life
    But ibises love nothing cause they're dead inside!
    Swan is a bird that's graceful and that
    And ibises aren't birds they're feathered bin rats

    It's the ibis
    Bin juice drinking gronks
    Yeah the ibis
    Their beaks are gross and long
    It's the ibis
    Picnic wrecking jerks
    Yeah the ibis
    They're the worst birds

  • +6

    Bought two. Now need to find a job and a house with a swimming pool.

    • Xmas present for the in-laws sorted

    • Just take them to the beach like the girls I saw with pink flamingos in the (fairly calm) surf last summer.

      When they got distracted posing for photos and drifted out past their comfort zone, the panic on their faces was priceless. It made me wish I had a camera with me too.

  • Doesnt feel like a bargain … bought 2

  • Glorious

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    Does it have band 28?

  • Hahahahahahhahaha upvoted.

  • -1

    Where is the nozzle?

  • +2

    This post is a breath of fresh air amongst today’s insanity.

  • I feel like chicken tonight

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      Bin chicken or no deal!

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    Endorsed by Jack Black (scroll down - bottom left pic)

  • Benny the bin chicken mascot of the dirty bird aka kfc

  • Sorry I don’t get the joke? Can someone please explain

    • +3

      do you live in Australia?

      • +16

        Sorry I don’t. I live in Perth

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      The majestic ibis is commonly referred to as the bin chicken by disrespectful Australians because they are frequently seen eating out of rubbish bins due to humans destroying their natural habitat.

      • +1

        Thanks for that. I must live in a area with no these birds around

        • They definitely eat bin juice. But only because they’re displaced from their natural marshland habitat due to climate change + human urbanisation

          • @Cyrup: Displaced? There's many times the population there was before urbanisation, they've done extremely well out of white invasion.

            Most Australian species are suffering, the bin chicken is not one of them. They, like many other species that have adapted to urbanisation, are part of the process pushing out other species. Not their fault, just the unfortunate effects of a sudden and strong evolutionary pressure.

        • Also voted Australia's favorite bird

        • They are beginning to infiltrate Perth as well… you can't stop the bin chicken scourge.

    • This will bring you up to speed - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4dYWhkSbTU

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    All hail the bin chicken

  • Upvoted purely for it being an inflatable bin chicken lol.

  • Far too expensive for a secret Santa present unfortunately.

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    They're free at Hyde Park

  • delet

  • Thought they were called bin turkeys?

    • +1

      trash turkeys i believe

    • It depends on your local Australian dialect

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      They taste more like chicken.

  • Thanks op, bought 3 for my son's 13th birthday.

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    The ibis is beautiful, people judge it so harshly. Would you prefer pigeons?

    • +3

      Is the pigeon inflatable?

      • +1

        Excuse me all trash birds are majestic.

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      I just wish we had the Scarlet Ibis. Those things are pretty!

      • Just looks like a regular bin chicken that found it's way into a discarded Faber-castell highlighter pack.

        • Maybe, but only the Australian White Ibis likes bins really, I don't think even the other Australian ibises do.

  • +5

    Heres an inflatable bin to complete your set

  • Finally I can stock up on some HONK

  • Thanks OP, I bought 1 and will re enter the competition for Australian bird of the year

  • I reckon we need a extra counter apart from pos and neg and which be purchased to get idea how actually Brought it

  • +2

    Bought one. My 12 year old has a mortal fear of ibis. This will be awesome

  • Up there with our Kangaroo and Emu! The BIN CHICKEN

  • Up to # 7 on Black Friday Deals lol .

  • Something doesn’t look right with that bin chicken.

    This one looks better and cheaper

    • Uncle Reco just ripped off the guy who came up with the idea on Reddit and launched a Kickstarter. I'd refuse to support them just on that principle.

    • unless i'm missing something the one you linked is more expensive and from what i can tell doesn't look as good quality-wise. as for the kickstarter one, you couldnt even sit on it by the looks of it.

  • Brilliant!

    I don't have a pool but want an inflatable ibis. Maybe someone could make one that holds a beer or beverage?

  • What a rip off, most of those inflatable plastic floating bird things are waaaaay cheaper. I love me a bin chicken, I even have a sticker on my car as tribute, but not paying this overly priced "bargain".

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