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Sennheiser HD 6XX Open Back Headphones $195 USD ($300AUD~) Delivered @ MassDrop


Looks like they opened this deal up again! No special link this time

Great headphones best in it's price range. Bonus earpads too.

Remember cashback and $20 off for new customers!

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • $195 after $20 off?

    • They're $180 USD on sale plus $15 USD shipping to Australia.

      Then you take the $20 USD off if you are a new customer and redeem the offer via email they send you.

      • US $175 delivered for new customers. That's a good price. Now I'm tempted

    • USD $180 (A$265.84) is the price i see.

      • +1


        180 is the listed price
        20 is the new user discount (if applicable)
        15 is the shipping

        All USD.

  • Drop do not ship the 6XX to Australia anymore :( They have sold the rights to an Australian distributor who have inflated the price to AU$379. So this deal only works if you use a USA freight forwarding service.

    • Wow, glad I got in when I did. Over $100 more expensive is ridiculous. Typical for us though.

    • I noticed HD58X Cyber Monday deal also will not ship to Australia. Other items do ship so pretty sure we can thank (not) Addicted to (overpriced) Audio for it. Don't forget Drop also offered bonus earpads valued up to USD$60 during the HD6XX deal. Looks like Drop forgot their target market.

    • Confirmed now on Drop that A2A have exclusive rights on the HD6XX and HD58X so you can't buy them from Drop anymore. I'd suggest making your opinion on this loud & clear on the discussion threads for each product.

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