eBay Black Friday AirPods DEAL is FAKE !!! (with evidence) - not the product

I found out that today eBay's Black Friday AirPods deal is fake. I have evidence.
At 10:00 AM, the AirPods is SOLD OUT, and they said 100 units are sold. However, on the listing, on the top left of the listing picture, it said 5 sold in last hour :) (Forget to take pictures, but I showed to my brother)
At 2:00 PM, the AirPods, one again, SOLD OUT, and they said a total of 200 units are sold. But then, on the top left of the listing picture, it said 6 sold in last hour, BUT, on quantity, it said 11 sold in 24 hours :))) Please check attached pictures.

Please check link:
1/ https://ibb.co/6nR5qPY
2/ https://ibb.co/WFq0HFw

Then I'm too bored to check again at 4 PM.

I can say that, they said 100 units, but actually are 5 (at 10 AM), then 6 units (2 PM), so don't be upset if you can't grab one.

And is there any authority I can contact to report them?

Edit: I don't understand why English is you guys first language but you guys could not understand what the title means. The DEAL is FAKE, not the product, OKAY?

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