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Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Bluetooth $299 (in-Store Only) @ JB Hi-Fi


For those with skinny wrists. Black 42mm down to $299 same as the 46mm. Price match at officeworks to get down to $284.05 although you might have to price match and order over the phone as the stock is low at the stores I checked.

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  • Good price. 42mm doesn't go on sale much

    • Yeah i thought so too. Not sure why it is more expensive than the 46mm?

      • 46mm is most common, hence more frequent sales.

      • Also, 46mm is usually large for most wrists.

        See comparison of 46mm vs 42mm here

        Both are similar featurewise except battery life (270mAh vs 472mAh) and size. If you are happy with the big size, go for 46mm.

  • Active2 40mm bluetooth is $384 via Samsung edu store if you have an email to use.

  • Got the 46mm today from JBs. Happy so far. Quite the upgrade from my old pebble.
    Discovered none of my bank/credit cards work with Samsung Pay so had to apply for a new credit card that works. Lol.

    • Samsung Pay only works with Samsung phones and the supported credit cards. Even if your card is supported, you still need a Samsung phone for it to work which it doesn't say on the Samsung website. I know this because I have the 42mm Galaxy watch and a supported card. But it doesn't work I called Samsung and the said you need a Samsung phone for Samsung pay to work.

  • This definitely was not this price earlier today. Thanks for letting us know!

  • Lots of people are interested in this deal. Good post.
    Personally I went to JB and looked at the 46mm and just thought I wanted them to do a google version not bixby.
    Plus I already have the gear fit2 pro and always carry a phone so the features are fine for me. Hope lots of people take jb up on it before amazon sheeps it in at the same price on back order. Good deal!

  • I should say you can get google assistant on it with a little bit of fuss, so people should look at tutorials for it.

  • Fark… Gonna go early tomorrow and try get this.
    Return the one I got from Amazon once it arrives.

  • Grabbed one yesterday morning in the rose gold, just asked and they matched it but thanks for the post op, might grab one for my daughter today.

  • Costco has the Samsung 46mm for $297 after instant rebates

  • Hey JB, reduce Rosegold from $399 to $299 as well

  • Ive never had one but I'm wondering if I should just wait for a new set of google ones in like a year from fitbit?

    • I was in the same boat as you… I would imagine for Google to release some new devices, and for those devices to come down in price enough to make them a good purchase, we're looking at around 2 years.

      I'd rather a Google device, but this will be good value for at least 2 or so years.

  • Hope amazon reduce it too to $298

  • Officeworks wont price beat over phone as their system is apparently now already updated to $299. Wasted an hour on phone with them.

    First lady said JBHifi version is different model with no Bluetooth so had to call the store. lol, smartwatch with no BT plus JB website clearly showed BT… but she insists diff model & I didnt want to insult her so I waited for her to call them. OW system cut me off after 20mins on hold.

    Second call, they told me its $299 now. One hour now and the OW online price still was $398.

    I think they give "You are Special" stickers & pat on the back to employees that manage to deny price beats.

  • Managed PBT at officeworks, hassle free. 283.10.
    My first bargain, thanks ozb.

  • A shame no LTE versions have gone on sale. The wife was wanting one for running/cycling so she could leave her phone at home and still stream music and be able to communicate in an emergency.

    BTW - does the non-LTE version have storage capacity to play music?

    • Yes, both have 4GB.

      I'd have bought an LTE, but Telstra only offer their One Number service to iPhones and Samsungs, unfortunately. From what I've read, the LTE would be useless with my P20 Pro.