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GoPro HERO8 + 32GB SD Card $512.99 ($484.49 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Pushys eBay


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Thanks for herbo who post this in a previous deal reply.

This price combines with PILGRIM down to $484.49 for eBay Plus members.

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  • Great price, but I'm actually not a fan of the new design. I'm probably gonna pick up another H7B since they're a bit cheaper now.

    • I planned to get the H7B bundle, which was $478 in JB.

      But finally, I choose H8B because its 1080p living stream, which H7B just supports 720p.

    • I have a H7B currently and was looking for an upgrade. May I ask what issues you have with the new design?

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        Mainly the fixed lens cover - you break that, and the camera is now broken. Plus if you want to use it in a super-suit it's one more glass surface between the sensor and whatever you're shooting.
        I think the built-in folding mount doesn't really solve any issue either - seems an unnecessary change.
        Overall, the design changes don't really make it any better in my opinion, break compatibility with some existing accessories, and if you damage the front lens cover, make it more expensive to fix too.
        Might be a worthwhile upgrade if you really need the new Hypersmooth or some of the add-on bits, but for me the value isn't there.

        • i see! Thank you for explaining that.

        • I think there is two solutions for your concern.

          1. Get the protective housing. If anything happens, it will mainly on the housing. But some people don't like that because It cannot take the advantage of those new mods when the housing is on.

          2. If you use the camera on extreme sports, it is not a bad idea to subscribe gopro plus. Gopro promises that whatever happen to your gopro, you will get a new one as long as your are a plus member. So problems solved.

      • They purposefully modified the shell slightly so that you'd have to buy new accessories.

        If you currently have a 5 and are looking to upgrade, then the 7 does a great job at 90% of general user requirements.

        The 8 isn't a big step up from the 7.

  • Bing Lee have them back in stock also, that deal may interest someone that lives near a store and wants to C&C, and non-ebay-plus people:

    (No free SD card though)

  • Anyone tried price matching @ JB HiFi?

  • Hi Guys. In terms of pure video quality (Day and Night), will it take better videos compared to let's say Google Pixel 4. Like dynamic range, colour, sharpness, noise levels, etc?

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