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Apple MacBook Pro 13" 2.3GHz - $1199 from PCCaseGear


Just browsing the PCCG website and 'OH! the irony!' they have listed a macbook to their site.

I have no idea about MAC prices but this sounds cheap..

from their website:

$200 off RRP! (while stocks last) 13-inch, 2.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB 1333MHz memory, 320GB hard drive, Intel HD graphics 3000, built-in battery.

at DSE it is 1399 ( so; it's better than that.

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  • damn, its so expensive to stay with mac, i thought the sandy bridges were $500+ on average :/

    • are you talking about the price of a complete system or the price of a sandy bridge processor?

      • at $500 i would assume for a whole system (probably an i3 or if ur lucky an i5 system for that price)

        • yeah - the cheapest you'll be able to scrape together a sandy-bridge system (and don't forget windows) is about 600. However - you would be better off spending upwards of $800 as the i5's are just so much better than the i3's.

        • Clock for clock the i3's hold up well, but most laptops have a locked bios :(


          One on the right has very similar specs to this MBP

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          Lenovo's are always going to be cheaper than macs - build quality is definitely an issue especially on the non thinkpad range which they bought from IBM

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        I actually think Apples 13" models are quite competitive to those companies with comparable sized models.

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        Just food for thought:

        HP makes $52.00 in profit for every PC they sell. Apple makes $370.55. In short: Apple makes more money from the sale of one Mac than HP does from selling seven PCs. Quoted from Matt Richman

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      refurbished vs new?

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      new vs refurb?

      edit: beaten :)

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          All Apple products have warranty with Apple themself, not the reseller.

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    For a Mac, this is a good deal, although I don't know if PCCG is an authorised Apple reseller. If not, no free Lion for you.

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    something else worth noting is that this model has the thunderbolt port which means two things;

    1. its not old stock
    2. Thunderbolt is apparently good for upto 10GBps which is pretty epic
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      and with what device are you going to use your thunderbolt port with. Fair enough it is faster than USB3.0 but probably not cost effective, specially if you are a heavy ext HDD user and have a big collection. While your USB2.0 Cases can be swapped for a USB3.0 easily and cheaply, the premium that Apple HDD attract is not worth it to most people other than Video editing Professionals.

      • I fail to see your point. the_schelf was just pointing out that this model does have Thuderbolt and you start ranting about it for no apparent reason?

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        The point is all that Glitters is not Gold.
        Having 10GBps transfers speeds isn't all that given the high cost of accessories for it.

      • Sony have released their Vaio Z with an external graphics card using LightPeak (same technology as Thunderbolt but with a different name).

        Pretty sure Sony/Apple use different plugs, just because they're bastards and want to lock is in with their team…

        Apart from that, I can't think of any other devices that would be using the new plug.

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    prople.. just walk in a apple store and tell them you saw this price
    and they will happily price match.. =)

  • Didn't DSE have 10% off Macs last week?

    • Yes but this is $200 off, so just under 15% off.

  • A few big ones off the normal discount has to be good

  • not there any more. Anyone got a new link?

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