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65% off iPhone/Samsung Clip on Camera Lenses from $34.65 (Was $99) @ AspectLenses


The Aspect clip on lenses for iPhones. Wide angle and zoom lenses.

Prices with discount:

Wide Angle Pro: WAS $99 -> NOW $34.65
Telephoto Pro: WAS $99 -> NOW $34.65
Both Lenses: WAS $179 -> NOW $62.65

Cases available too

Delivery $4.95

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    A hundred bucks??
    Can't be worth that much.

    I think the examples in the video are fake. No real demonstration is shown.
    Anyway my phone already has these lenses built in so it doesn't matter.


    Nobody is paying $100 for a clip on lens lol. I think if you're looking for phone lenses do it right and go with Moment/Sandmarc lenses. I have a couple Moment lenses and combined with Pixel 3 have completely replaced my old mirrorless setup and they can be bought used for about $100 each.