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Portable Laptop Stand Desk $14.49 + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ AstiVita Amazon AU


Have one of these and they're great, currently 50% off.

  • 4 Adjustable Table Angles - Great for either sitting up to work or laying back to relax
  • Perfect For A 17 Inch Laptop Notebook!
    (L x W x H): 65 x 30 x 27cm
  • Foldable Legs For Easy Storage! - Take it anywhere
  • Durable Non-Slip Protective Leg Covers

Edit 730pm: Available in black. Main link updated.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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    I agree - these are great little units!

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      From the Amazon page:

      Comes with our special 12-month warranty Australia Wide.

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      I bought my dad one and it's a tank. Did you use it to Jack the car up?

    • +9 votes

      Please send us a message through amazon and we will refund you! The table comes with 12 months warranty.

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    my gf loves the one I got for her, but the only problem is - you can't adjust the leg height. She uses it on the bed and the laptop is up a lot higher than it should be. Otherwise it's a fairly decent product for the price - I've had no issues with mine

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      My girlfriend's legs are similarly non-adjustable…

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        You need to find yourself a bionic woman.

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      Similar. It doesn't really matter how tall you are - I'm 6'2" and it still sits too high up for your wrists to be comfortable using it (for typing on a laptop or eating a TV dinner!)


        It matters how long your torso is

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    I eat dinner off mine lol


      Same! Lol.

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      My kids use it to eat from, very well made for the price.


      you mean in bed? Is there any other way to use these things?

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    Bought this unit in a previous sale and it works well for me. Proper solid and recommended. Use it in bed for the laptop and also to prop up a sketchpad for when I'm feeling bohemian.

    In saying that though I agree the table height might be too high for many. I'm 5'11, but my partner is well below that height and it sits too high for her to use comfortably. Its also sturdy to the point that it might be a little heavy for some.

    Two cents.

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      Spot on! 5'3 here and it is too high for me to use comfortably. I also find it a little too heavy to rest on my legs for too long.

      Very sturdy though, it's well worth the price.


    Is it one quantity max?


      Yes, all lightning deals on Amazon are one per customer.


    Just ordered one. Thanks :)


    Ordered one! Cheers
    Good for when I work from home


    Any variant that has the mouse on the left? :(


      I couldn't find a lefty version either :(

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    Does anyone use it for a laptop stand on a desk?


      It's too tall and bulky for that.


    Still waiting for the black one, unless you don't have them anymore.


    Its alright for the price. Own a one.
    But would prefer something better.

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    It's very large and very heavy.


    Nice, got the black one. Thanks OP.


    Yeah sits up too high and too bulky


    Thanks OP, got one.

    Also, funniest review on Amazon: "I originally bought this thinking it would be ideal as a family dining room table. I typically have to seat around 7 people for dinners at my house and this unfortunately wasn’t large enough. I’ve found that it does come in handy if you use it to sit your laptop or reading book on though."


    Big, heavy and legs are not even! Wooden colour : (


      Poor finish. Top corner chipped.

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        Please message us through Amazon and we will provide a full refund!