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[Amazon Prime] North Bayou F160 Dual Monitor Full Motion Desk Mount $57.75 (25% off) Delivered @ Amazon AU


The North Bayou F160 Dual Screen gas strut balanced Monitor Mount is back on as an Amazon Lightening Deal by Popular Demand. 17" to 27" Monitor from 2.5kg up to 7kg in weight with 75 x 75 or 100 x 100 VESA mounting patterns.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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    Description states up to 7kg yet the amazon title says 6.5kg.

    Not a good start.

    • FWIW my monitors are 8kg and its been working great

      • That's good to hear. I was just pointing out the error here. Rep states arms have max load of 7kg. The title of the product on amazon states 6.5kg.

  • Why is the your other deal $2 cheaper is this a different stand?

    • Nope, but that one is expired.

    • Sorry, forgot to update the price. This has been adjused not to $57.75. Goes live in about 11 minutes.

  • When does it start today?

    • +1

      Hi, it is scheduled to start at 12:30pm, so in about 15 minutes. Cheers.

      • Seems still seeing the $77

        • Yes, me too. I've sent a note to Amazon account manager to ask what the delay is. Last time it was about 10 minutes behind so I'm hoping it will update shortly.

  • Still $77 :(

  • Competition for this one, hope a few in stock.. :)

    • Yes, there are quite a few available but Amazon limits to one per customer and the total number to a few hundred. They have not replied to my my request for an update on when the deal goes live. Very frustrating as they gave me the times and then don't stick to them.

      • Would create a "discount promo code" fix this?

        • Sorry, I don't know what that might do as the deal was organised by Amazon who called me yesterday wanting to run the Lightening Deal again. It might suff something up when the deal actually goes live.

      • Damn, needed 2, for plus one as well. Hope he doesn’t steal mine from me when I get it. Needs his own amazon account.

  • It's working now. Thanks OP!

  • The Deal is NOW Live! Happy bargain shopping.

    • Still $77 when added to cart
      Update: Price updated, ok now.

    • Bought. Thanks :)

      • Did you see it as $57.75 in your cart?

        • Item Updated a few minutes after main page price. So ok for me.

          • @Coops1: Great to hear it is working as it should now. Cheers.

          • @Coops1: Hi Coops, I might have just managed to increase to Offer Quantity. If you need another one, you may be able to do so. Cheers.

            • @ScreenMountsAu: Thanks. Number one son had his own amazon account and ordered as well. You will have 2 orders for the same address. :). Btw - he already has dual mounts, but these look good he said.

  • Any recommendations on monitors to go with this deal. Primarily for office/study purposes

    • Sorry, just so many and constant new models and updates. I just use two ASUS 24" Monitors and very happy with them and paid about $150 each.

  • Thanks. Took a few refreshes but managed to nab one.

  • Is this brand better than the Kogan one that was on sale not long ago?

    • +3

      I guess I'm hardly in a position to be unbiased but I know there are good ones and bad ones out there. Given the crazy low failure rate, (most of which are still user error) I've got to say North Bayou is among the Best. Gas struts are batch tested to 6,000 cycles and pivots all adjustable and sturdy.

      • +1

        these come up quite often and many are happy with them including myself.

        I have been using a double for past few months and added a single arm over the weekend BF sales.

        • Cheers I ended up buying one.

  • Ordered the single and double on Friday and Saturday.
    Both turned up today and are an absolute treat

    • Whats the advantage of these over just normal stands, assuming you don't want to do any rotating etc?

      • Biggest thing for me was more desk space, with no stands I can utilise more of the desk, and I believe it looks a lot cleaner as a setup.

        Plus the free movement of placing them wherever I want when I want

  • Can you get extension kits for these to make them fit in recessed monitor mounts?

    • Hi and thanks for the question. North Bayou don't make any accessories for these monitor mounts, so unfortunately no, there are no extension kits available.
      I can't say I am 100% sure just what you mean by recessed monitor mounts. If you possibly mean the recesses on the back of the monitor, where you might need spacers to fill the gap between the VESA bracket and where the screws go into the screen, then yes, the kit includes those 4 spacers. If I can help with more detail, please let me know.

      • Yes sorry that is what I mean - I own this kit and I do not have those spacers?

        Mine strictly only came with the mounting clamp for the desk and the mounting bracket to mount it by drilling a hole in the desk.

        Is there anyway to get these spacers? Product was bought from yourself through Amazon. I can provide an order number if that assists?

  • Anybody used one of these with 2x27"s? If so any issues with it at all?

    • I have 27" ultrawides, wonder if they fit, anyone tried?

      • Okay, just want to jump in to see if I can assit.
        First thing is to check that your screens have VESA mounting points - yes, great. They are probably 100 x 100 so no issues there.
        Is the weight of the screen between 2 and 6.5kg each? If yes, then that is the second issue under control.
        The next aspect is reach that needs to be considered.
        The maximum distance between the screen mounting points on the F160 is 912mm, at which distance there is no room for movement towards or away from the user as the pivots are maxed out. Your 27" screens are going to be something like 640mm wide give or take.
        This means that they will fit onto the F160 and still have some degree of flexibility to line up correctly and move around a bit.
        The way the pivots work on these mounts provides lots of flexibility but as screen size increases it limits the available room to reposition.
        With your screens the arms won't come quite as far forward as they would with 24" screens attached, so it will become more important to position the base correctly to ensure the final viewing position is at the right viewing distance. Particularly important for people wearing glasses.
        So please be aware that the F160 will probably hold your 27" screens with no problems, but just be aware that you need to think about positioning a little bit more carefully when installing.
        I hope this detail helps.

        • Thanks for the detailed reply!
          Definitely have VESA, screens (nearly 10yo ASUS which just won't die) are just over 7kg with the base attached and 642mm wide according to google so should be be fine once they're removed.

  • NEWS UPDATE: Amazon just relisted the Lightening Deal for the Single Arm Unit F80 Model at the same price ending at 11:30pm tonight. If you missed out on one of those from Saturday, now is you last chance. Just $29.96 for a handful of hours.

  • Oh sh1t, I missed out :(

    • Still running on the F80 Single arm. The F160 Dual Arm has ended.

  • Time for another dual screen stand deal I think

    • Another Boxing Day Special from Amazon. They really love this stand and it is their #1 seller in this category. The F80 Single arm model goes live on Amazon tomorrow at 7am and runs until 4pm. The F160 Double arm goes on special at 10am until 7pm tomorrow or until stocks run out. You asked for it!

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