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Velocity Double Status Credits at Coles during December (up to 20 Status Credits)


Earn up to 20 Velocity Status Credit at Coles during December.

You normally get 1 status credit for every $100 spend at Coles, Liquorland, Frist Choice up to a maximum 10 status credits per month. But during December you get 2 status credits for every $100 spent.

Great for those who are close to getting silver, gold or platinum status and don't have any flights.

Need to link your velocity account with Flybuys and scan your flybuys each time you shop at Coles.

GO down to "Special Offers" in the link for Terma and Conditions.

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  • How do I link my fly buys to my Velocity card?

    • go to the Flybuys website you can do it there

  • Is that $100 per txn, or cumulative over the month?

  • If linked, do you get Velocity points instead of Flybuys points, or do you get both?

    • No, you still get Flybuys points. But once you have linked, you can earn Velocity status credits for your shop (normally $100 spend = 1 SC, but during this promo you can get 2)
      The partnership also allows you to transfer Flybuys points to Velocity at the rate of 2000 flybuys = 870 velocity

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    Great for those who are close to getting silver, gold or platinum status and don't have any flights.

    You still need to fly a minimum number of sectors to gain or keep your Velocity status. For silver it's 2 sectors, 4 for gold and 8 for platinum.

  • Very nice after the double status offer on flights a couple of weeks ago :)

  • Does cumulate in the family or your own card only?

    • I think it's based on the account.

    • If all your Flybuys cards are connected to the one flybuys account, then yes, it's the total spend across all cards on the one account. I have 3 cards on my account and it has always done this.
      So you'll collect 2 status points for every block of $100 you spend over the month of December on a single flybuys account.

  • Does this include Cole express fuel?

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    Sorry. What velocity status point?

      Status Credits help determine your Velocity membership level – Red, Silver, Gold or Platinum. They are different to Velocity Points in that they can only be earned in a few ways. The more Status Credits you have, the higher your membership tier. Each Status Credit you earn is valid for 12 months.

      There are four levels of Velocity membership that determine the benefits you receive when you travel. When you first join the program, your default membership status is Red (entry level). From there, you can upgrade to Silver, Gold, and then Platinum.
      As a Platinum, Gold or Silver Velocity member, you will receive all the benefits you expect from a world-class global frequent flyer program, plus a unique range of benefits tailored with our Platinum and Gold Velocity members in mind. The higher your level of membership, the greater the benefits you will receive.

      more info:


      • Thank for taking time to reply

  • Great for the Xmas shop!! $500 ish!!

  • How long it takes to get the status points credited?

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      They're credited on a monthly basis, depending on your previous month's spend. Should be within the first two weeks of January for this promotion

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