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Kogan FREE $30 Voucher When Using PayPal


Hey guys, saw this deal at dealstream.com.au.

Basically you go to the paypal deals website:

Put in your paypal address and it will generate you a unique code.
Then when you checkout at Kogan.com.au, you can use that code to take 30 bucks off anything you buy.
Money for nothing :)

Only potential issue is that its kogan ;)

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    "Please note, the voucher is valid until 31st August 2011…it can only be used for product purchases and not shipping…this voucher is not valid for products marked as "On Sale" or for LivePrice specials."

    Did a quick checkout…shipping to Perth was $24, making this a code for $6 : (

    Edit: Tried with a smaller product (Optical Cable) - shipping still $17.


    NOTE: This voucher is not valid for products marked as "On Sale" or for LivePrice specials.


    Doesn't seem to work with Gift Vouchers either… :(

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    kogan, nuff said


    Looks like you have to buy something from Kogan to get the voucher in the first place, then buy something else to use the voucher!.
    Shipping costs alone ought to soak up the majority of the deal!
    Disappointing.. I've been keeping my eye peeled for the next LivePrice on their Deluxe DAB+, Internet Radio, iPod Dock.


    In the secure website descriptor in my address bar, it says the paypal-australia site is Paypal Pte Ltd. Is that a spelling error, or is Pte come kind of company descriptor in Singapore?


      Paypal is going through Singapore for tax(avoidance?!) reasons, but it's still a secure page, if you really want to go local type in paypal.com.au/au

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        Not really concerned that its in Singapore. More concerned that I am used to dealing with Pty companies and I am not familiar with Pte. Looks kind of like a dodgy spelling mistake off a phishing site? (although if someone has managed to redirect all the links from Paypal to their site, they deserve money :P)

        In Singapore, a proprietary company would be named "Relays (Private) Limited" abbreviated to "Relays Pte Ltd".

        Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proprietary_company


      Correct, singaporean equivalent of pty ltd.


    Not worth it, as it is not applicable on sale items and live price. They have sale items having more less on the voucher. I will give it a -


    I've got the code but it's not working for me. Used the code on the Kogan checkout page. Perhaps because of this clause in the condition?

    "only customers who have been sent the offer by email from PayPal"

    Nevermind. My item was "On Sale".


    If you buy 3 $8 3m HDMI cables, shipping comes to $17.1 for Melbourne, so $5.70 per cable. Cheaper than MSY, but still more expensive than eBay.

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    PVR for $25. I LIKE

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    Choosing Paypal… = reward?! MINDSPLOSION.

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    Want something from Kogan? Just buy from their eBay store when they use auctions. they hardly sell for 50% of their rrp cause thats how much they are worth.

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    Shipping kills the deal

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