$15 off Your Next Order @ My Muscle Chef


$15 off your next order - Looks like they have released some new meals too! :)

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My Muscle Chef
My Muscle Chef


  • +1 vote

    I was pleasantly surprised at how good the food tastes and how much protein they packed into each meal.
    Customer Service was excellent as they replaced my entire order for free after the delivery guy left it at the wrong house which caused it to go bad.

  • +1 vote

    I used to use this lot last year - boring mash. Now, though? They've definitely upped their game, and I'm happy to buy them again (particularly as I'm no longer buying YF).

    Colleagues at work commented the chickpea tagine smelled really fragrant, and it was spicy enough to cause my nose to run (really liked it). There's a lot of really good vegetarian/vegan options, and they are probably one of the few places that offer a kangaroo option.

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    So 10 meal minimum per order and $15 delivery fee.. I'll pass

  • +1 vote

    I eat these every day for lunch. They are a lot better than YouFoodz meals in my opinion. You do need to check the calories of the meals as some aren't that healthy if you're watching your weight. The Smokey BBQ Brisket would have to be my favourite from them.

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