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Mac App Bundle: Includes Parallels (1yr), Windscribe 2 Year Subscription, Rapidweaver, & More. USD $24 (~AUD $36) @ StackSocial


Price is $59.99 USD without using the code.

Bundle includes: Parallels Desktop (1 year license), iMazing, Aurora HDR 2019, RapidWeaver 8, XMind 8 Pro, Banktivity 7, NetSpot Pro, TextExpander, PDF Expert, Disk Drill Pro, DeltaWalker Pro, Live Home 3D Pro for Mac and the 2 year Windscribe pro subscription.

The bundle lasts for 15 days but I believe the code expires tomorrow. Decent deal if you want a VPN along with some decent apps like Parallels, iMazing and Rapidweaver.

Be sure to use the coupon BFSAVE60 to save 60%

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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    Can we trust them? They have very bad reviews.

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      I've purchased from them twice before and there are other deals posted here from that site recently. They've had sketchy stuff for sale but should be fine for software licenses. I purchased this now and the 3 codes I've used have worked.

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    I can trust StackSocial, bought many from them. They sometimes have fantastic lifetime deal.

    I was about to jump on this as I was eyeing on Parallels for a while; but be very careful as this is just a one year license. The software will stop working and demand a $79.99/yr renewal after that. I don’t think you even get a perpetual license to keep using the current version (v15).

    Parallels is very bad with their licensing model. I strongly suggest VMWare Fusion/Pro. You can use it on as many Macs as you own and they are perpetual license.


      Updated. Good to know. Don't really use virtualisation software on my mac so wasn't interested in Parallels but I know other people like it. I've heard some bad things about them and I was wondering why that was, I guess this explains it.


      You can get a perpetual license also via seperate purchase. Unfortunately they’re probably only good for 24 months anyway as they don’t seem to maintain OS support past that mark for any given Parallels release, assuming one updates their OS annually.


      Ok fair enough but not really deserving of a downvote.

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      Very sneaky about that being a 1 year subscription… it was not prominently mentioned at all (hidden under "specs") and I fell for it :(

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        Nothing sneaky about it - nothing was "hidden", and the the normal Parallels license is a subscription anyway, so why would you expect it to be any different here when the price is significantly lower?

        Some people will complain about anything 🙄

        • -1 vote

          No, I disagree. Parallels used to be just perpetual licenses. They added subscriptions as an option in one of the last few versions. The past bundles with parallels were this same price, but included a perpetual Parallels license, so there is past experience that disagrees with you too.

          It's well known that subscription licenses are not of equivalent value to perpetual licenses, so its common for these bundles to prominently state when something is a subscription compared to when it is a perpetual license.

          Some people will complain about anything 🙄

          Yeah, you do you mate. I don't believe I'm whinging; I feel I was deliberately tricked. They state "Important Information: Subscription" but yet put that important information in a second tab, rather than anywhere more prominently. I'm certainly not the only one who was taken by surprise - many other on macrumours felt this way too. They added the disclaimer about it being a subscription to the bottom of the main description too only today. I checked the description carefully yesterday, and it was not mentioned there.

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            I don't believe I'm whinging; I feel I was deliberately tricked.

            Oh god, cut the drama 🙄

            They added subscriptions as an option in one of the last few versions.

            Yes exactly - for several years now the subscription model has been in place, with a higher amount payable for a perpetual license. Several years.

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    Was going to jump on this for Parallels… but… one year licence? really? Nooooo.


    Imagine paying for software, or even funnier, imagine paying for a temporary subscription to use the software.
    Can you just use Virtual box?


    Thanks OP - grabbed me this deal, there's some handy stuff in it.


    Too late :( code's not working


      Yeah it's unfortunate, I don't think that code was supposed to be accepted for this bundle. You can try BFSAVE40 or CMSAVE40 and still get 40% off but that's around $53 AUD which IMO isn't a great deal.


    Thanks, missed the original deal, grabbed one at 40% off. Not bad honestly if you are on PD.

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