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[NSW, ACT] Free 2 Hours House Cleaning Services for Firefighting Volunteers (RFS) in Canberra / Greater Sydney Areas @ Mr Guru


A big thank you to these brave and hard-working people who had done their best to save our life and property.
Mr. Guru Canberra
Sydney Cleaner Hire
would like to offer 2 labor hours free cleaning service to our heroes at the Great Canberra & Great Sydney area.

You'll be required to supply an RFS membership card number

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  • everyone on here will have a robot vacuum soon

  • Free 2 Hours House Cleaning Services for Fireman in Great Canberra and Great Sydney Area

    What is the fireman's name?

  • Do park rangers that fought the fires get this service too?

  • A great offer, but isn't this targeted? (and so it should be)

  • Yeah I’ve never known a typical house cleaning job to take 2 hours, but if your place is trashed there’s some value I suppose

    • Depends on the size of the house and what they're actually cleaning. A quick vacuum and mop? Sure, that should be under 2. A full dust, bathroom clean, windows, etc. could be well over 2 on a 2-3 bedroom house.

    • I work as a house cleaner for my uni job. 2 hours cleaning is the minimum.

      The formula is multiply each room/bathroom by a half hour. That's the total hours you need to clean your house properly.

      So 2 bedrooms and 2 apartment will take you 2 hours,minimum

      • For schools I know we are given 9-10 minutes to wash and wipe down desks, empty and replace bins and vacuum floors minimum every day..per room.. It is a near impossible task but that is the metric I keep being told and hearing..

        Then on top of that you have to wash windows, glass doors, dusting and cobwebbing as needed since those are more situational but yeah emptying bins and clearing dirt off the floor is pretty important.

        Desks you can do every other day or also as needed since usually if you clean a desk completely it should hopefully last a day if you are lucky with no pencil and glue marks and what not.

        Toilets are another story basically mop floors, toilet brush the toilet bowl and wipe down seats over and under and around the toilet itself and replenish soap and tissue and usually some cobwebbing and wipe down mirrors and basins.

        But as with anything scooper and broom any garbage first.


  • This deal is 🔥

  • Does this also include the culprits in rfs? Surely they should be excluded from this deal.

    • ffs - a tiny, tiny minority of the rfs.
      what's the percentage of fire bugs in our population compared to the percentage of fire bugs to volunteers in the rfs?

    • btw - if you don't have anything positive to say about the rfs please don't bother commenting.
      Just to put my comments in perspective - yes, I've been a volunteer and it's a hard, dangerous and unpaid occupation.

  • I'm all for these kinds of deals as they are a very nice gesture but as an RFS volunteer myself I always feel weird about claiming them. Like, I'm a firefighter where's my free stuff?!

    • Most RFS/CFA I've known have been self-sufficient and wouldn't ask either, maybe that's why companies can offer freebies without going broke?

    • Frostee, there should be more like you - that said you should ask the MP's/Pollies etc who do 3/5th of SFA and are happy to bleed the general public dry for everything they can get for as long as they can. They seem to have nailed the 'no shame' gene.

      That said you make a good point and many folks don't like claiming any 'freebies' but I think you should indulge yourself every now and then as with that attitude you're clearly not one of the folks who 'spoils' a generous offer by overdoing it.

      You don't get a helluva lot else for your efforts so don't be shy in taking whats offered in gratitude for your priceless efforts. :-)

    • Im an RFS volunteer in QLD but I too would feel weird getting that. I wish the government would do a little more in the way of thanks to all volunteers.

    • This seems like a common attitude.

      I'm in lions, and we recently had a community thank you day for the rfs. At least half the community turned up and we raised over $9000. We also invited our two local rfs captains to a meeting to present donation cheques to them. They were both so… I think humble is the best word. Very grateful but almost embarrassed. They're not used to being heroes and role models. It's more than times they got recognition. Great guys and girls.

  • Can you clean up the Parliament house with corrupt State MPs?

  • Ironic thing is that this is more on a personal remuneration level than the State/Federal Govt gives them (us, as joined a few weeks ago) to risk their lives, lose income via days off their own work and do incredibly difficult and unpleasant work.

    Good on the cleaning co - surprised other businesses aren't doing similar or that RFS has organised a 'benefits'/friends of RFS program for its unpaid and underappreciated workers. :-/

    • Don't know about under-appreciated Nikko but I'd add grossly/culpably under-resourced. Govts behaving like Nero. Put fed and state politicians on the front line until all fires are extinguished is the best answer.

      • $$$ in remuneration or resourcing is the only way to know what any Govt really appreciates - otherwise they'll just heap platitudes on you when it looks favourable in the public's eye and forget about you until you're next needed.

        Agree 100% with your last point. :-)

    • In our community, a thank the rfs day was held recently. Sausage sizzle (donated sausages, bread and drinks by local supermarket ) and a donation box. Raised $9,000.

  • Sexy French maid outfit better be included