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Bauhn True Wireless Earbuds $59.99 @ ALDI


Looks like a bargain?? Is their Bauhn brand any good? price is good.

10m Bluetooth range
3.5 hour playtime
1.5 hour charge time
Multifunction button to play music and answer calls
Available in Black or Gunmetal Grey
Solid connection Bluetooth 5.0
Comfortable fit
Siri and Google Assistant
Lightweight (5g) and comfortable earbuds
80 hours standby time
Control play, pause, accept a call, reject call, next song, Siri/Google assist call
Easy to pair
Stable and mature AIROHA chipset
Bluetooth 5.0
Built-in MEES microphone for crystal clear voice calls
Charging voltage: 5V
Battery: 2 x 50mAh polymer lithium
Speaker: 6mm, 16ohm+/-15%, 94db+/-3db, 2mW

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  • Is this any good?
    If so I'll be lining up at my local Aldi.

    • Bought a pair last year, I may have been unlucky but one of the ear buds repeatedly dropped out, returned them a few days in. Aldi return process is great though.

      • Okay i thought so thanks

        • +1

          I brought a pair between 8 to 12 months ago and found that they dropped out whenever I lifted my arm over my head (can't remember if it was left or right). A number of others online experienced the same thing. They were returned a week later after lots more testing.

          • @MrJohnnyB: If I lifted my arm and something fell from my ear, I'd check myself out. I don't know.. but it suggests maybe your hand is a lever to your ear opening up every time you lift it.

            • @foreverphoenix: @foreverphoenix LOL just to be clear, I meant the sound/connection dropped out momentarily. But maybe I'll get myself checked out anyway ;)

              • @MrJohnnyB: I know - happened to me also - but I just couldn't help post after your comment lol

      • If only one of them fell, don't you think it may not have been the earphones?

  • +3

    Twice as expensive as it needs to be.

    QCY T2C often 29.99 ish. Probably the same inside.

    • +2

      …probably not - my QCY's have a Qualcomm chipset (i.e. the company that makes the chips for about half the Android phones out there), whereas these have an "AIROHA" chipset, whatever the hell that is.

      OP, if you're not in a hurry you might want to look elsewhere.

      • Airhoa were good cos they were in edifier TWS2 that I had. Bluetooth 4.2 but yeah.

        That being said, as you say Qualcomm is king and these cheap earbuds at Aldi and whoever wants to jump on are last year's generation.
        We are getting eight/ ten hrs out of the latest Qualcomm bunch.

    • ^This there are many cheaper models.

      The only way one could justify buying these is Aldi 60 day return which allows you to give them back if they are not satisfactory. But I don't think people should be buying this at this price without any evidence that they are good.

  • +1

    60 day return policy - strong buy

  • +1

    Crap product. Bought these last year (or whatever the version was last year). They stopped holding charge and began to randomly fail after about 2 weeks.

  • +1

    There are plenty of decent TWS earbuds in the $20-40 range now… the only downside is that you are not buying from a b&m store.

  • +7

    I am not Bauhn it.

  • I’m hearing these t rebadged Sony’s

    • Can't be - these use an AIROHA chipset, whereas the Sony's use their own proprietary chipset (at least the ones I've seen).

      I doubt they'll use Sony mics or speakers, either.

    • Yeah I heard that too. still thinking they are worth a shot as the return policy is so good.

  • Aldi return policy is second to none….buy, try and return if you don't like them

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