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Hawaii Return Melbourne $304, Sydney $308, Brisbane $476 (Expired), Hobart $482, Adelaide $508 on Jetstar @ IWTF


Jetstar are having a sale on flights to Hawaii, USA. Lots of travel dates available. Jetstar is a budget airline so bags+meals are extra.

$304 Return Melbourne to Honolulu Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
09/Sep 16/Sep $304 View Flight
11/Oct 18/Oct $304 View Flight
14/Oct 21/Oct $304 View Flight
16/Oct 23/Oct $304 View Flight
18/Oct 25/Oct $304 View Flight
21/Oct 28/Oct $304 View Flight
23/Oct 30/Oct $304 View Flight
25/Oct 01/Nov $304 View Flight
28/Oct 04/Nov $304 View Flight
30/Oct 06/Nov $304 View Flight

$308 Return Sydney to Honolulu Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
05/Nov 12/Nov $308 View Flight
21/Nov 28/Nov $308 View Flight
19/May 26/May $308 View Flight
21/May 28/May $308 View Flight
23/May 30/May $308 View Flight
25/May 01/Jun $308 View Flight
26/May 02/Jun $308 View Flight
28/May 04/Jun $308 View Flight
01/Jun 08/Jun $308 View Flight
02/Jun 09/Jun $308 View Flight

$476 Return Brisbane to Honolulu Flights. Click Here for more travel dates. Expired
Depart Return
19/May 26/May $476 View Flight
26/May 02/Jun $476 View Flight
02/Jun 09/Jun $476 View Flight
16/Jun 23/Jun $476 View Flight
19/May 25/May $476 View Flight
26/May 01/Jun $476 View Flight
02/Jun 08/Jun $476 View Flight
16/Jun 22/Jun $476 View Flight
21/May 26/May $476 View Flight
28/May 02/Jun $476 View Flight

$482 Return Hobart to Honolulu Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
01/Sep 08/Sep $482 View Flight
08/Sep 15/Sep $482 View Flight
02/Sep 08/Sep $482 View Flight
09/Sep 15/Sep $482 View Flight
02/Sep 15/Sep $482 View Flight
09/Sep 22/Sep $482 View Flight
01/Sep 15/Sep $482 View Flight
08/Sep 22/Sep $482 View Flight
02/Sep 22/Sep $482 View Flight
01/Sep 22/Sep $482 View Flight

$508 Return Adelaide to Honolulu Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
09/Sep 22/Sep $508 View Flight
08/Sep 22/Sep $508 View Flight
02/Sep 22/Sep $508 View Flight
01/Sep 22/Sep $508 View Flight
01/Sep 08/Sep $519 View Flight
02/Sep 09/Sep $519 View Flight
08/Sep 15/Sep $519 View Flight
09/Sep 16/Sep $519 View Flight
01/Sep 09/Sep $519 View Flight
08/Sep 16/Sep $519 View Flight

Can I use my own dates? Yes - just click the link closest to your preferred dates and then change the dates once the search has completed.

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  • +1 vote

    Very good


    What is the best time to travel to Hawaii climate wise?


    Hi OP: Might wanna fix this on your site:

    Did you know…
    The Airport Honolulu Hotel located at 3401 North Nimitz Highway, Honolulu is the closest hotel to Honolulu airport.
    Jetstar has the quickest flight from Melbourne to Honolulu taking 21 hours and 20 minutes
    Honolulu has the IATA airport code of HNL.



      Well, at least we got HNL right :) Flights are usually a bit quicker than 21 hours….

      Thanks for that. I'll check it out & get it fixed.


    Just booked. Awesome!

  • +8 votes

    Flights are cheap but….

    Accomodation is extremely expensive. The prices you see advertised as usually the cheapest room, exclude taxes, exclude service fees and exclude parking.


    I went on a similar flight deal last year,
    Stayed in an Airbnb to reduce costs - travelled around a bit for 3 days seeing the sights, but a cyclone hit and was stuck in the apartment for 3 days…
    Bad luck i guess, but I agree, flight = cheap, accomodation = mad expensive


    I just booked a few days ago and this new deal (with all original inclusions from original booking) works out about $200 cheaper. Any chance I can dispute it with Jetstar? Would it be worth the time?


      i know i'm in the bloody same boat - fken annoying


      nah argued with my cousin in philippines, no luck they said do it online
      ok tried online and price difference was like 2k, wtf

      stupid jetstar thanks for having another sale
      its like they kicking me up the ass

  • +1 vote

    Dates fell in line with what we were planning so jumped on this deal.

  • +4 votes

    VRBO is the local version of Airbnb, and has some very good 'value' options for accommodation, particularly on Big Island and Maui. We went in April based on a similar Jetstar deal booked in early 2018.


      I've been a VRBOer for many years and it has always done me well, especially in the States, including Hawaii. But VRBO have now (maybe 2 years ago or so?) adopted the commission approach of AirBnB which sucks because VRBO now get in between you and the owner - previously it was a person to person deal. Still recommend VRBO for Hawaii.


    Good price, went there one month ago, i'd say airfare is the cheapest part of that trip.
    Bought a pack water, 30 or 40 bottles, in Costco over there, ticket price $4.99, end up paying close to $10, there's something like bottle tax..

  • -1 vote

    They've changed the rules over Airbnb many previously allowed are not, and the currency is mad expensive.

    The flight will be the cheapest part.


    well this is annoying for them to have another sale and now i could've came back on a saturday instead of a thursday fk me

  • +1 vote

    (profanity) yeah, pat myself on the back for holding out on the previous Hawaii deal. Got exactly the dates I'm looking for!!


    Their web site has been "OzBargained". I'm getting this error message:

    Service Unavailable

    HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.

  • +1 vote

    12 hrs on Jetstar. Welcome to hell.


    it's showing 2/jun to 9/jun as $408 return.
    all other dates also the same.


    I don’t see $303 from Melbourne. I see $418 return


    I have just clicked on the link and found a cheaper deal at $296 however when I selected the advertised deal I got another much higher price. It stated the a new higher price $492.


    Thank you OP, literally just bought 9 tickets for a family holiday!!


    I clicked every Brisbane link and none came up that prices, all were around $600-$700.

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