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GoPro HERO7 Black $384.99 Delivered @ Pushys eBay (Price Match $379.05 Pickup @ Officeworks)


Original Coupon Deal

Pushys has this on their store for $399 (RRP $529), combined with the PLAY100 deal, takes it down to $384.99. Seems the best price at least this year.

Also price match $379.05 Pickup @ Officeworks (thanks gnarlyman), but you'll need to show them from Pushy's website:

Was on the fence with recent Hero7/8 Black deals, and just pulled the trigger, thought I'd share. About time I gave back to this community who have saved/made me spend so much.

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  • would it not be $379.05 at officeworks, 5 percent off?

  • Will Officeworks match a coupon?

  • Picked up GoPro 8 for $100 more same-store,
    This is probably a better deal, shame the HyperSmooth and TimeWarp 2.0 can't be backported.

    Really does seem substantially better on 8 than 7.
    Don't know if it's worth the 100 though.
    If anything the 7 looks to be better build quality.

    • you can't change the lens on the hero 8. So if that gets damaged, it might cost you more than $100 to fix (if it can be fixed).

      edit:From DCRAINMAKER

      Next, the lens itself is now twice as strong according to GoPro. They did that by increasing the thickness of the glass from 1.3mm to 2.0mm, however in the process of doing that they removed the ability to detach the lens. Previously you could remove the lens if you broke it. Now you can’t. GoPro says that if you subscribe to their $5/month GoPro Plus service then any damage is covered no questions asked, though given the previous lenses used to cost about $20 or so, that seems less than ideal. Though, GoPro Plus also backs up all your media as well as gets you 50% off accessories – so that’s worthwhile there if you buy lots of accessories.

      • Not the same, buy they are releasing this cage

      • Thanks for this did not know about Go Pro plus, heard that GoPro will have to potentially replace the whole unit instead of just the lens.

        Sounds like it'll be worth buying Plus for my partner anyway.

        Storage has always been an issue in our house, so id be happy to pay $5 for backup/cloud service alone.

        • me neither but worth reading the T&C + conditions for the replacement. Don't want it to be like travel insurance with a lot of exclusions


          No questions asked but….
          "Exchange up to two cameras per year for the same model (Fusion and HERO5 or later). Fees apply. Damage replacement available in these countries only."

          no mention of what the fees are though

          • @pippohippo: For the Hero 8 it’s a USD79 replacement fee - might be slightly higher for here in Australia. H7 Black is USD69.

            There must be a local price list somewhere, I just haven’t found it it yet.

            EDIT: Found the Aussie price list. Hero 8 wasn't on it, but H7B is AUD119 to replace, so H8 will likely be another $10 or $20.

      • Also to carry back all the useful information. A 30 day trial can be applied using any email address for when said damage occurred.

        My gopro Hero 5 decided to not turn on anymore after a couple of years and support chat said to sign up using the trial to get a replacement. So subscribing $5/month isn't necessary unless using the back up all media perk

  • Where do people get a good price the accessories, and which ones?

    Sad I missed out on the deal the other day with the shorty pole, head strap, extra battery and SD card.

  • I've never been able to price match an eBay price at Officeworks. Good luck.

  • Is there an accessory to stick it to a helmet ? Or I need to buy accessories ?

    • It comes with two sticky mounts in the box - one flat, the other curved. The curved one can normally be used to mount the GoPro to a helmet.

  • So I went to office works and they wouldn't price match eBay - they would amazon though so I ended up getting the gopro 8 for around 521.50

  • *googled difference between silver and black

  • No stock in a lot of the stores in NSW. Went to taren point and seems like they had plenty.
    Counter guy was congratulating me on getting the price beat… Thanks OP Dash cam sorted.

    • I would've recommended against it as I have heard of overheating issues with GoPros used as dashcams due to the sun/heat exposure and associated lack of airflow in a car.

      • Given different cars to drive every 1-2 days for work. Always wanted a goPro. So i thought y not? Its not going to be a permanent dash cam. Probably 1 hour of total use a day. Looking at yi dash cam as a possible replacement though… can't beat the cheap price.

        • fair, if you have mixed use and also use it as an action camera, I reckon that's smart. I drive 25,000 a year so I see it differently