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Priority International Postage $9.99 ($4.99 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Amazon is offering $4.99 Priority International Postage for items shipped and sold by Amazon US.

This is a faster postage method than the Expedited postage that they offer for free already for Prime members.

It means that anything ordered from the 5-10th of December which is the promo period should arrive in time for Christmas.

• The promotion is valid from 7:00 a.m. (AEST) 5th December to 7:00 a.m. (AEST) 10th December.

• This promotion entitles customers to receive discounted Priority International Delivery ($4.99 for Prime members and $9.99 for Non-Prime members) on all eligible items from Amazon US.

• The promotion is valid for a limited time only. Amazon reserves the right to cancel it at any time. Only items shipped and sold by Amazon US will be eligible for the offer when you checkout those items during the promotion period. If you do not purchase eligible items within the promotional period, you will not receive discounted priority delivery.

• The promotion applies only to eligible items shipped and sold by Amazon US. It does not apply to any products sold by other sellers (including third party sellers and Amazon AU). For example, if the promotion applies to cookware offered by Amazon US, the same cookware offered by other sellers on the website may not qualify.

• The discounted Priority International Delivery applies only to members. It does not work on

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  • +22

    Tbh the regular internation shipping is pretty damn fast, got one US package in 3 business days

    • +25

      Really? it usually takes 2-3 weeks for me :(

      • +1

        They definitely clear customs 300% quicker than eBay items. 1vweek usually

      • Compared to Ebay its light years faster

    • +1

      Depends entirely on what carrier the item you order gets shipped through, but I've experienced this once too. Ordered something and it was shipped by FedEx, showed up 3 days later… but recently everything's been sent through "i-parcel" and takes roughly 2 weeks for me.

      • +2

        That’s the case for US customers of Amazon too.

        When I lived there, it was a total lucky-dip. Shipped by UPS? It arrives tomorrow. Shipped by USPS? Goodbye parcel… wait two weeks and submit a claim for non-delivery.

        Amazon uses its algorithmic wizardry to randomly choose how to ship the parcel… you have no choice. So, even if you know a particular carrier has issues with non-delivery or late delivery, you have no way to stop them being used.

        • I figured as much, that's honestly a bit shitty. At least Amazon support seems good enough with "missing" or slow deliveries though, at least in my experience.

    • +64

      Or if you're unlucky for it to be picked up in AU by Fastway couriers then you might be waiting weeks if it ever arrives!

      • +8

        It won't arrive

      • +2

        Definitely depends on where you live. I had fastway couriers this week and got the item within 2 days.

        • +7

          You can't be in WA then…

          • +2

            @CheapGit: Correct. SEQ.

            • @Kozhutki: Huh, yeah same experience as you here in SEQ.
              Fastway shipped my recent stuff out within 2 days also, was very impressed. Faster than the other companies in my experience.

              • +1

                @Stoibs: Parcel arrived from Sydney to the local depot overnight. It’s now been 3 days without being delivered, even though it’s been “out for delivery” since the first day. Absolutely terrible. This happens every time. Unsure whether incompetent, or they have mountains more parcels than delivery drivers so they’re always behind.

          • @CheapGit: I must be lucky. Fast way with Amazon was same week delivery for me.

            • @ChickenAdobo: ChickenAdobo that comment almost deserves a down vote ! LoL
              In all the times I've had something delivered with fastway, only once has it been delivered on the due date.

        • You can't be in VIC then…

        • I had fastway couriers deliver a parcel on a Sunday… work that one out

      • +9

        Just experiencing this. 'Cannot deliver', even though I was at home. Nothing left in post box. Their main depot number stays engaged and they haven't responded to my email. Terrible service.

        • +2

          Happened to me a few weeks ago, and the end result was just them delivering it the next day. It's an error in the system so customer support told me. No attempt was ever made because the item wasn't even in the state yet. They were as confused as me when I rang.

          • @BradH13: Interesting. Amazon customer service just told me it would be delivered tomorrow (2 days past the original date). Will see if that happens.

        • Had horrible service before with the courier they used for my Amazon US order — Fastway.

        • I had this happen to me several times although not the exact same message.

          "Sorry we missed you" no one was home to collect , etc etc.

          Was home the whole fooking day no parcel letter nothing of course it was Australa post.

          Had to go pick up my item from the post office, although amazon was nice about it on live chat i was offered an extra free month of Prime.

          • @Tehcookiemonsta: I don’t bother getting things delivered anymore at my home I just do parcel collect, saves on registered post as well

        • Amazon's call back or chat support is awesome. Never disappointed. Let them chase the courier company.

      • +14

        Fastway is a total oxymoron! I always cringe when I see it's coming via "Fast"way.

        • +3

          Maybe part of why they're rebranding.

          • +1

            @rith: lol - that is an absurd and confusing new name. What a horror show! Sounds like a Middle Eastern oil company. The were better off with the oxymoron. lol

      • +3

        They should be called Slow-way couriers.

      • If you were unlucky to get Fastway like me, the parcel only took a few days to get to Sydney. "Out to delivery" with Fastway for a suburb in Sydney on Friday. Then never heard from them for a few days. Created a ticket for Fastway to track the parcel. Their standard response time to a ticket is 48 hours. So 3 days later I got a message they were still looking for it. Then another few days later the parcel finally arrived. All up it was in the hands of Fastway in Sydney for 8 days before delivering.

      • The last four or so packages I have received which have been from Fastway, have taken as long as 4 business days for a SYD-SYD parcel. They are absolutely the worst.

      • +1

        I've never received any deliveries sent by fastway. About 20 now all returned. Hours wasted on the phone to Amazon.

      • What Fastway? The ones I've been dealing with call themselves Fartway.

      • TIL there's a company worse than Couriers Please

      • Never had a problem with Fastway. The local guy is great and I get deliveries in 4-7 days from time of shipping from the US.

      • Fastway are almost as bad as Couriers Please. CP seems to hire Jetstar baggage handlers to professionally rough up your packages for a few weeks until they deliver it.

    • I've had some crazy fast deliveries and then there's times like now where my order from Black Friday still hasn't been dispatched.

    • +8

      Not anymore. Only when I get stuff from a proper carrier like UPS, it shows up in days. But lately the domestic part has often been handled by Fastway, including for some domestic non-Amazon sellers. Fastway is absolutely terrible. Domestic deliveries take 2 weeks to get from East Coast to WA. My deliveries from the US would arrive in Australia within days, then weeks to get to WA. I had to chase Fastway because a package was stuck in "Sorting" in Perth for 5 days without moving.

      I hope Amazon dumps Fastway soon.

      • +2

        The only saving grace of fastway is that I can complain to amazon when is late and they will refund me the product but sometimes (not always) the product still arrives anyway just very late.

        • +1

          Yep, this has happened to me 3 times now.

          Hit them back up the first time it happened and Amazon just told me it's already been dealt with, so "keep it or destroy it".

        • Really? Amazon never refunded me the product. They did waive the shipping costs one time when my item didn't arrive on time

          • @DisabledUser27274: Strange have had it happen about 5x now. Maybe it depends on what you buy as these were all sub 20 dollar items.

        • But this is kind of pointless with their delivery estimates.
          I mean…

          Order placed: 26th November
          Estimated delivery: 17th December

          3 weeks delivery estimate, that's a bloody long time..

          • @AL008: You are right. They simply provide a ridiculously long estimate. I noticed this too.

        • That is a dog thing to do though

      • Also having a horrible experience wiht Fastway now. Not down to my local courier though at it hasnt got to them yet. Purchase and paid 20/11. Item says posted by seller and tracking info with Fastway but item just says its still in melb and staying there since 21/11 - now 05/12. Have tried to contact them a lot but no answer.

    • It's pretty slow. My order on 30 Nov still hasn't been shipped. Live chatted with customer service this morning, and they said would chase up

  • +1

    The title and quoted text has me confused. Is it $4.99 or $9.99?

    • +1

      $4.99 if you have prime. $9.99 if you don't I believe

      • Maybe the OP should update the title to reflect that.

    • $4.99 for Prime members and $9.99 for Non-Prime members

      Looks like the pricing is cheaper if you have prime.

    • $4.99 for Prime members
      $9.99 for Non-Prime members

      • +1

        What again?

        • +1

          I think it’s $4.99 for parcels with 2, 3, 5 or 7 items, and $9.99 if you have 1, 4, 6, 8 or 9 items in the parcel?

          That seems to be the case from the description.

    • $4.99 w/prime, $9.99 without prime.

  • +1

    NICEEEEE had a few items I wanted to buy but shipping was $80 USD each!! Just checked and it dropped to $5 bucks. Thanks OP

    • +2

      What are you ordering? Nice postage saving.

    • +3

      Was that $80 USD even with Prime? Surprising..

  • Does anyone know how returns work for these items ?

    • You'll have to fill out the export form at Australia Post and pay for shipping, and then contact them for shipping refund.

      • thanks

      • +1

        They added a prepaid label option lately, you done have to pay for anything, just go to any parcelpoint location and drop your parcel there. Much easier

        • +1

          They do this for domestic returns but haven't seen it for international yet.

  • +1

    It only works with all previous items that had free shipping with prime right? That is only about 1 in every 1000 items.

  • One thing I was planning on getting came up for $5.49 instead of $4.99 for shipping

    • +2

      Me too… seems like it's 4.99 + GST on shipping.

  • +3

    Why is the amazon au search SO bad

  • That if they also send it out quickly. Have an order that I placed on the 30 November from Amazon US, still showing as preparing for shipment today.

  • Hey need to order item from amazon us but seller is third party how can get deliver to cheap way in Australia

  • Boo. Just paid for something international yesterday

  • Could be a good option. The regular Prime international shipping really fluctuates. Somethings have gotten here in 3-4 days, some 3-4 weeks.

  • Soooooo, does this mean that I can buy an instant pot?

    • +1

      Only not buy the US model it is the wrong voltage.

      • Voltage converter won't work?

        • sure [edit: it will!], if you have a step-up one.

    • I got mine from amazon uk a couple of years ago when they used to deliver. Same 240v and change the plug. Maybe try one of the uk department stores that deliver to Au.

  • +1

    What are some good deals?

  • -1

    I truly don't understand Amazon US/International shipping. It's such bullshit.

    I want to buy an AmazonBasics Hooded Cat Litter Box, Standard ($31.35 AUD). It's an Amazon branded product, stored in an Amazon warehouse, shipped by Amazon Export Sales LLC.

    Yet to ship this item to Australia costs $132.17 AUD AmazonGlobal Standard Shipping, $157.56 AUD for AmazonGlobal Expedited Shipping or $174.45 AUD for 'Shipping' (does not explain what method it is).

    How the hell is it this expensive? There are a number of other items like this from a foldable clothes rack (lightweight and low-profile), 3M Laptop Screen Protector (grams in weight, flat and A4 size profile), etc. etc.

    Where do they come up with these bullshit numbers? If it's because it's "3rd Party" why do the price gouging include Amazon products?

    • If you select priority shipping on that item now it actually comes to $9.99 shipping it seems.

      Seems like amazon has tended to exclude some items that have expensive shipping costs for standard / expedited, but it seems like this priority offer overrides that.

      • There's only those three options: Standard, Expedited and 'Shipping'… no mention of Priority.

        I'll try playing around. Still regardless, I don't know why it's so freakin' expensive for things that aren't that heavy/bulky/etc.

        • +1

          Are you trying to deliver to a post box or parcel locker? I've found that to get the priority option you need to make sure you've got a stress address as your delivery address.

          And yeah it's weird, I've also found that they exclude cheap items that are popular, such as the BIC 60 pack of pens, it's really odd how they figure it out.


      • Also is this on or via ?

  • +3

    Something I had my eye on which had a ~$250 standard postage charge (Too bulky for Prime free shipping) now has $9.99 express post! Good time to buy those heavy US items.

    Anyone know of other bulky items that are normally super expensive shipping?

    • That item has free regular delivery with prime?

      • The $9.99 shipping is for non-Prime members. The free delivery is only a limited-time offer and is only available for Prime members.

      • Not normally. It's not prime eligible (the smaller version is, not the 1700 Pro)

  • Anyway to edit a Cyber Monday deal and pay the extra $5?

  • I thought amazon prime would offer free shipping internationally anyway?

    • +2

      Yes, on the standard and expedited, this promotion is on Priority option. Much faster

  • Excuse my ignorance, but do these US items get an additional tax after the sale when it crosses into Australia? I bought a few cheap photography accessories and then had a random $47.35 charge. I would have to look through the statements, however it was something like international customs charge or similar.

    • +1

      Amazon charge GST now so you have to pay the 10% at checkout.

  • Do you need US or AU Prime membership to get the $4.99 shipping?

    • -1

      The deal is only for Prime members.

      • Besides Prime video streaming is there really any point in paying for US Prime membership now that most things that can be shipped to Australia is sold on anyway?

        • AU Prime Memerbship has video streaming as well

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