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Ryzen 9 3900X Gaming PC [X570/16G/240G NVMe/750W 80+ Gold]: From $1699 + $29 Delivery @ TechFast


Hi folks,

This deal is very similar to the previous popular Ryzen 9 offerings, with a few tweaks-
1) Bundled 750W 80+ Gold PSU (was Bronze)
2) Bundled 16GB 2666MHz RAM (was 3200MHz previously and upgrade is priced at $29 as per Black Friday pricing)
3) Bundled 240GB NVMe m.2 SSD (previously 480GB 2.5")
4) Case is now the Deepcool Matrexx 55 with 3 installed 120mm regular fans intaking at the front (case comes with 1 x 120mm at the rear so we are installing 3)

R9 orders purchased prior to Black Friday should all be dispatched tomorrow or Monday at the latest - they have taken a little longer to come in due to increased demand and short supply at this time of year but are being finalised now.

Spec: Ryzen 9 3900X | GPUs from Biostar RX 580 to RTX 2080 Ti | 16GB 2666MHz RAM (16GB 3200MHz upgrade +$29) | 240GB NVMe m.2 | X570 MB (bundled likely from MSI - guaranteed upgrade to Asus Tuf WiFi +$59) | Gigabyte G750H 80+ Gold PSU | Deepcool Matrexx 55 Case

$1699 with Biostar RX 580 8GB
$2049 with RX 5700 8GB
$2199 with RX 5700 XT 8GB
$2449 with guaranteed MSI Ventus XS 2080 Super
$2899 with RTX 2080 Ti 11GB

after 3900X-580-DEC + $29 shipping

Link: https://techfast.com.au/products/amd-ryzen-9-3900x-rtx-2080-...

Happy to assist with any enquiries as always.

Reminder of current deals:
R7 3700X Gaming PC: From $999 with RX 580
R5 3500X GTX 1660 Ti: $721
R5 3500X RTX 2080 Super Black Friday Still Running For Limited Time: $1499
Ultra Budget Athlon 3000G: From $299
all + $29 delivery


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  • The base model Matrexx 55 doesn't come with any fans. However at $55 from MSY it's a serious bargain case. Just built and sold a system in one a few days ago.

    Surprised you guys are still persisting with those crappy Kagami cases when they're only $6 cheaper than the Matrexx 55…

    • I'm confused, this seems to come with the Matrexx 55?

      • Yeah, this is a $1700 system. I'm talking about all of their other, cheaper models.

    • +4 votes

      We had the manufacturing rights for the case before Kagami and the price is far less than Deepcool. Plus available quantities are in totally different realms.

  • RX 5600 & RX 5500 should be flooding the DIY channels soon this month. The RX 580 should be replaced soon by the end of next month.

    • Mind, the only real difference will be price and power draw (thus cooling). The price difference won't be relevant with techfast, their 580 prices will probably be around the 5500 prices now, and the power draw/cooling isn't super relevant thanks to them being fairly light on the power draw as is.

  • any chance of getting steady supply of 3950x by 1st quarter next year?

    • Hard to say. We weren't in first allocation and no word at all on next. You would imagine so, but it depends entirely on production and regional allocation after that.

  • Please make 3600mhz ram available on the 3950x builds next year!

  • Any chance of the Deepcool E-Shield case as an option? I still use my blu-ray drive.

    • Not this side of Christmas, no. We may look at alternative ATX case options in the new year but I couldn't guarantee features like optical drive bays as it will depend on available quantity more than anything else.

  • What happened to your eBay store :(

  • Repeatedly given incorrect shipping dates. 3 times already.( "It's going to be sent tomorrow" " it's going to be sent next week","realistically it's going to be early next next week"). Still nothing.

  • Does the X570 supplied come with 2 x 16 pcie for SLI?

    • The base model X570 can vary so I can't guarantee it will have 2 x 16 PCI, but the upgrade to the Asus Tuf WiFi X570 does.