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Telstra $30 Pre-Paid Sim Starter Kits $10 @ Telstra


Sim starter kit with data only :

Comes with 12gb plus bonus 13gb on first recharge = 25gb.

Includes a single SIM in all sizes: Full Size, Micro and Nano

Works in 3G, 4G and 4GX compatible tablets, iPads and mobile broadband devices

28 days expiry to use in Australia

Includes bonus data on your first recharge

Recharge by 17 Feb 2020

While stocks last, deal ends 23/12, only two per customer.

Thanks to ihavoc for spotting the $30 unlimited calls sim kit also being on special

$30 sim starter kit with unlimited calls and SMS:


Data Bank - Save up to 200GB of unused data when you recharge before expiry.

Get 10GB bonus data on your first three recharges. First recharge by 17 Feb 2020, remaining two recharges by 18 May 2020.

Unlimited calls and texts to standard Australian numbers.

Unlimited standard international calls to selected destinations.

$5 Extra Credit for international calls and texts, roaming and premium SMS.

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    Can't you activate it as voice SIM anyway?


    Both appear to be on special. The linked product is the Mobile Broadband starter kit. But the normal calls + data sim kit (e.g. for Prepaid Max) is also on promo at $10.

    I did get stuck trying to pay for it via PayPal tho. The page just kept looping and refreshing.


    Stupid question… But does first recharge (and hence bonus 13gb) come when you activate the Sim or is it stated when you recharge the Sim ie pay for next month's usage?? What would the total cost be then?

    Sorry but I've never used prepaid before and needs options for a temporary 4g wireless router to connect our security cams to whilst we're overseas for a couple of weeks.
    Fyi we don't have fixed broadband at our place as it's being renovated at the moment.


      Good question! It seems ambiguous, so we'll wait for someone else who's in the know to answer. Otherwise, you could probably reach out to telstra live chat if you have free time :).

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      You get the bonus data on activation. The starter kit comes with $30 pre-loaded credit that counts like a $30 recharge.

      If you're after data have you had a look at this offer from Kogan mobile here?


        Same as above applies for Boost too, you get bonus with first sim starter pack.

        Kogan and Catch give more data for your $, but for some it's Telstra all the way lol.


    when it need to be activated ?


    Did anyone else's "bonus" data not load? My data usage isn't showing, but I used, at best, 1gb in the first day, and now whenever I type a website in, it takes me to a Telstra page..? (it was working fine after activation up until this point)


    How long did the sim take to get delivered? I placed an order on the 14/12 and the only email I have received so far is the order confirmation one.

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