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[PC, XB1] Halo Reach on Xbox Ultimate Game Pass


Not a new deal for the pass but for those unaware and wanting to play the Halo re-release on PC that dropped this week, this looks like the best way instead of the $50 or so on steam:

3 Months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate $1 (97% off) @ Microsoft Store (New Users Only)

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    Some will argue this isnt a deal but I totally forgot about it until I saw this post, thanks OP!


    Does this have multiplayer and cross system multiplayer?


      There's cross play between XGP and Steam, but not to Xbox.

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        Not yet! Definitely a pending feature though

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        Yeah I noticed. Goddamn aim assist for controllers is ridiculous. It's basically an insta headshot.


          Yeah it's ridiculous how much some people are defending it.

          To put it into perspective, i've had many times on kbm where i'm aiming at an enemies head and I either completely miss most shots or get body shots. Timing my shots feels like it barely helps in a situation where I quickly die to 3 or so dmr headshots.

          On the other hand, i've had just as many times on controller where i'm aiming next to an enemy or on their chest and get headshots. Timing my shots on controller is pointless, I can spam away and land headshots at range.

          Imo the only real benefit kbm has is in Infection where tracking isn't important and it plays out like a traditional twitch fps. Also when you're within melee range and someone comes from above or behind you, kbm is easier. Aside from that, controller has a noticable advantage in my experience.

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    Website needs a PSA section.


    Thanks OP.
    Are you just pointing out that Halo Reach is included in Game Pass Ultimate, or is there some separate Halo deal for PC?

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    I have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, but was having trouble downloading Halo: Reach from the Windows Store.

    Specifically it said something about how I didn't have any eligible devices.

    I applied the 1909 feature updates and suddenly it let me install the game. If you're on Windows 10 and having similar issues, give that a shot.

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      Game Pass for windows always requires you to be running latest version of Windows for games added "after" the update
      I noticed i can install older pass games without 1909 but halo requires 1909


      Try running it from the console companion app in the my games section. That's what worked for me


    reach was great loved the last stand …

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    Surely M$ loses money off this game pass. Especially since they have all their new games in there.

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      It's an experimental subscription style service (like Netflix for games). You pay a fixed monthly fee to get temporary access to a library of games defined by Microsoft.

      The $1 is just an introductory offer to get people to try it out.

      If you Google for "AMD xbox game pass" and "Discord xbox game pass", you also find they're partnering with them to distribute free 3 months of access to more people (people who buy the pass are also eligible for 3 months of Discord Nitro and 1 month of EA Access as well).

      The normal price for the PC Xbox Pass is $11 AUD. Same for the console Xbox Pass. You can also opt for the "Ultimate Pass" which combines both for $16.

      Subscription style allows Microsoft to cherry pick some lesser known games and put them on the same stage as bigger games that are usually the ones that attract people to subscribe in the first place (e.g. Gears 5, MCC, etc).

      More people would be willing to give the lesser games a go once they've gotten over the bigger titles since they're already included in the subscription, vs paying for every title individually where most will go for the bigger names and smaller guys have trouble getting people to buy their game in the first place.

      Obviously if you're interested in only a few select titles, it would be better off if you bought them outright (all game pass titles are 20% off if bought while subscribed, Steam Christmas sales are also coming up).

      This $1 for 3 months of access is excellent value even if you only use it to trial Halo Reach and don't try anything else.

      Me personally, I have since found out that I'm not a fan of Wolfenstein 2 and I love Dead by Daylight (or I don't actually like it and am just hooked to its simplistic yet addictive gameplay mechanics).


      Think Netflix. Lots of big-budget TV shows, but only a few dollars a month for access. That's the kind of thing M$ wants to do with gaming I imagine. Windows is everywhere, so it's an amazing platform to build subscriptions upon.


    It's a bargain… until everyone signs up and their servers slow to a crawl and you can't play the game for entire days because they haven't rectified the issue. Then it's just a lot of wasted time.


      From the FAQ:
      "Games from the Xbox Game Pass library can be played while the PC is offline,but for no more than 30 days before the PC must reconnect to the internet to verify an active subscription. Most games with a campaign mode will be playable offline, but games with network co-op or multiplayer features will not work while you’re offline."

      So you can still play the games even if the servers have problems.


    Not to bag on Gamepass, I agree that it's an amazing deal. Just for the sake of being clear, Halo Reach alone isn't $50 on Steam. It's 11.45 AUD on Steam for each individual title.

    The $50 is a bundle for people that want the full MCC collection (Although, Halo Reach is the only one out on pc right now).

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