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VitalStrength Hydroxy Ripped Workout Protein Powder (Choc or Vanilla) 3kg $68.99 Shipped (Save $46) @ Chemist Warehouse


Good quality whey protein powder with added fat burners.
I buy the vanilla as it can be used to make protein cookies, brownies, balls etc.

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    You certainly won’t be getting ripped at this price

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    "added fat burners" lol. It's actually called being in a calorie deficit.

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      No such thing as a 'fat burner' but, themogenic supplements are real; though I didn't check if any where in this product. “Thermogenic” literally means heat-producing, so they work by raising your body temperature and supposedly increasing your metabolism and stimulating fat breakdown.

      Caffeine, green tea, capsaicin, garcinia cambogia, yohimbine, and bitter orange are some of them.

      Saying that, caffeine tablets are crazy cheap. Nicotine is also a very good way to lose a bit of extra fat (obviously don't smoke cigarettes; 2-4mg of nicotine gum a day is great).

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        incorrect. Smoking kills muscle.
        The whole Supplements Market is total money making business made out of nothing and provides very little value than what a normal regular diet should provide. The term "Thermogenic" is total BS. you eat anything and it creates a "Thermogenic" process.

        I do however agree on the caffine tablets, cheap as chips, but all people have to do is set the alarm earlier.

        It's all calorie surplus or deficit or maintenance.

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          Who said ANYTHING about smoking?! I actually said DO NOT smoke.

          I said take 1x 2mg-4mg nicotine gum a day, NOT SMOKE. Low dose nicotine has been PROVEN to increase fat loss WITHOUT muscle loss.

          Nicotine appears to have a role as a fat burner due to its mechanisms, which for the most part increase adrenaline and then work through beta-adrenergic receptors (the molecular target of ephedrine); this increase in adrenaline mediates the increase in metabolic rate which is significant but short-lived with moderate usage. The increase in lipolysis (how available fatty acids are to be burnt) appears to be mediated by other, possibly pro-oxidative, mechanisms and not by adrenaline.

          This increase in catecholamines also underlies many benefits of nicotine on cognition (attention and focus mainly) while the acetylcholine mimicking may promote a nootropic effect inherently.

          It also has a host of other benefits

          • Increased focus and memory from presynaptic nerve terminals of dopamine, acetylcholine & glutamine secreting neurons.
          • Increased lipolysis from catecholamine release.
          • Anti-Depressant effects from dopamine stimulation.
          • Nutrient Partitioning Effect from increased blood flow to skeletal muscle.
          • Decreased Hunger.

          Again, for anyone who missed it. DO NOT SMOKE, EVER. I never have and never will. Cigarettes are FULL of harmful chemicals and WILL kill you. Nicotine at HIGH DOSE is addictive (smokers usually consume 80mg-400mg of nicotine a day); you will NOT get addicted to nicotine at <10mg a day, PERIOD.


    Not suitable for already skinny people?

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    Few scoops of this a day and you will be letting them rip all day


    I play tennis often. Will this benefit me in any way. Just the standard protein one.


    To those who have used these, how does this compare with ON GS and BN?

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      I've had the choc flavour and I thought it tasted terrible to be honest, though YMMV.

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      I’ve purchased chocolate a couple of times (smaller tubs) and like the flavour. Trying myprotein at the moment and their choc brownie flavour is no where near as good.


      Compared od On extreme choc, this one is less chocolatry and more milky flavour to it. They both taste good

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      You might benefit from some research too. Half of your statement is misguided. This is most likely either Australian or New Zealand-sourced milk powders. In both cases:
      - No added hormones are permitted
      - Antibiotics are only used to treat sick animals and any milk from is excluded from human consumption.
      - The process of creating whey or skim milk powders involves heat regardless. It’s unavoidable.

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        Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients.

        Sigh, "most likely" …

        Comments based on personal experience working on farms here, the USA and England.

        Never heard of "cold-gelling whey protein concentrate"?
        But yes you're right, heat is always used, but the worst effects of heat in the WPI manufacture is in the drying method.
        Heat = quicker but more destructive, cold = longer but more expensive.

        Bottom line is you get what you pay for and in this case added WPC & fructose in this product is a big red light as to the quality of the product regardless as to the quality and manufacturing method used for the WPI.


          Please point me towards some of your high-quality WPI because I’m genuinely interested in how it is actually made. I hope you haven’t been fed a whole bunch of bro-science by some over-priced supplement slinger.

          Cold gelation has nothing to do with the isolation of WPI. If you’re talking about cold membrane filtration vs ion exchange mechanisms for isolation, then the only difference between the two is that ion exchange is a cleaner WPI but has reduced GMP fractions which are otherwise retained in MF/UF membrane filtration. I’m unaware of any science that demonstrates a significant difference in performance outcomes between the two but I’m happy to be wrong if you can show me the peer-reviewed research.

          Also - if you’ve ever worked on a farm then you should know that perpetuating this sort of stuff about food production systems hurts farming communities. This just doesn’t happen in Australia. I know this is only OzBargain but I get sick of seeing this scare-tactic stuff about food keep getting resurrected over and over again.

          Source - work in dairy manufacturing.


            @TheDoctor: Bigger sigh

            I never linked cold gelation to WPI production - that's on you.

            I clearly stated the worst effects of heat in the production of WPI is in the drying method used. Pity you can only respond spruiking your own wiki knowledge.

            You're kidding yourself if you think that in the EU and USA, hormones and antibiotics are not used and if this product only used AU or NZ WPI then they would clearly promote that instead of the ambiguous "Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients."

            But go ahead and ignore the addition of WPC and fructose in this "good quality" product and just focus on what you think I don't "know"

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